RCIPS disputes response to hate speech

| 11/09/2020 | 86 Comments
Cayman News Service

(CNS): The RCIPS has taken issue with a report on CNS because the service appears to be uncomfortable with the headline and quotes by the police commissioner Derek Byrne implying he did not think a collection of unpleasant and unnerving comments about the LGBT+ amounted to hate speech. Although the article quoted the commissioner directly from an emailed response, the RCIPS alleges misrepresentation and distortion.

CNS had asked the commissioner about comments being written and circulating widely on social media by a number of people opposing LGBT+ rights, including well-known local pastors and other community leaders.

The comments have been described by LGBT+ activists as “exceptionally disturbing and dangerous”, and CNS described the comments as hate speech, given the context. In the report we quoted the commissioner’s email response directly. Nevertheless, the police have now accused CNS of misrepresentation because the commissioner did not use the phrase “hate speech” in his direct response, though we did not say that he did.

“The Commissioner of Police did not mention ‘hate speech’ separately or collectively in any responses nor did he say that ‘hate speech’ in the general sense is not a criminal act as suggested by the local media publication in the article,” the RCIPS said in a release Thursday evening, challenging the CNS article.

However, the police commissioner confirmed to Noel Cayasso-Smith, from the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation, that there are no hate crime laws in Cayman. The commissioner also told CNS clearly that the sample of comment we sent were concerning and potentially problematic, but were not in breach of the Penal Code as they were not implicit or explicitly directed to any specific person.

“While there is no specific reference made to ‘Hate Speech’ contained in our legislation, there are many criminal offences contained in our legislation that provide considerable protection for our community against harassment, alarm, distress etc. which provide the legal basis for the investigation and prosecution of such crimes,” the police said in the statement Thursday, adding that the RCIPS was committed to “values of respect, courtesy, integrity, professionalism and service to all members of our Cayman Islands community”.

The police have also said that the commissioner has not received any complaints of a criminal nature made by anyone impacted by the posts.

However, CNS understands that members of the activists group, Colours Cayman, have contacted the governor directly, as they said they no longer have a contact within the RCIPS that they feel comfortable reporting hate related crimes to. They have now called publicly for an investigation into the hate speech.

CNS also understands that Cayasso-Smith had raised his concerns with the RCIPS that the foundation’s fundraiser later this month may be targetted.

“As a service we take any complaints regarding any content seriously and any such complaints received will be fully and thoroughly investigated to the full extent of the law,” the police said in a statement, as they encouraged anyone affected directly by any criminal act to contact them.

The police said the matter would be kept under review and monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that the criminal law and Penal Code is not breached.

The RCIPS communications unit made a direct complaint to CNS and asked us to “make appropriate media corrections to the article”. However, in our communications we were unable to illicit from them any specific or actual inaccuracies in our report, just allegations of misrepresentation in the headline.

There is no doubt that the comments reached the threshold of hate speech but it is also clear that, despite the efforts by the RCIPS to redefine the situation, the current laws relating to this appear to limit the ability of the RCIPS to deal with hate speech and veiled threats at a group rather than specific individuals.

President of Colours Cayman, Billie Bryan, said it was “unacceptable” that the statements encouraging the hanging of gay people do not rise to the level of a crime. “Threats of hanging, however dressed up, or suggestions of how to ‘eradicate’ LGBTQIA+ people by any means go well beyond causing alarm and distress to our vulnerable community — they are exceptionally disturbing and dangerous,” she said.

She added that by not accepting that the comments reached the level of a crime, unintentionally or not the commissioner had given the green light “for people to harass, alarm and distress an already marginalised community without any criminal consequences”.

While the hate speech continues to proliferate on social media, it is also being broadcast on radio. During an edition of CrossTalk this week, where Deputy Leader of the Opposition Alva Suckoo was a guest, a caller was allowed to say that “anyone who is involved in the queer and lesbian lifestyle should be put in front of a firing squad”.

The caller was not challenged by the member for Newlands, who has been a leading opponent of LGBT rights.

Colours has since asked the RCIPS conduct a thorough investigation into any evidence presented to them regarding potentially criminal behaviour.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “CNS also understands that Cayasso-Smith had raised his concerns with the RCIPS that the foundation’s fundraiser later this month may be targetted.”

    Really Nolly, come on, you and I both know better than this and this is only stirring the pot to draw attention.

    There has been at least two well attended drag queen events at the Kimpton and people from all walks of life cam out an enjoyed the evening. You were there Nolly, did you or any of your other performers feel threatened or were they “targeted” in any way? Absolutely NOT!

    Please, I believe in equal rights and I will support the LGBTQ Foundation but to draw attention so as to possibly incite violence is unnecessary and uncalled for..the only thing this will do is drive away the very people that would come out to support the organization as they wouldn’t want to be caught in any altercation.

    Nolly, no one has bothered you and no one will. You are one of us, gay or not, Caymanians don’t live this way..and before anybody gets going on the Christians vs. Gays bs. please leave me out of it. We Caymanians have lived peaceably all these years and we should continue doing that instead of generalizing each side and making believe that one side is any better than the other..

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said. Common sense at last!

      • Anonymous says:

        CNS’s comment section is always filling with vitriolic speech towards someone, Caymanians, expats, gay, Christian. The anonymity gives people carte blanche to spew levels of hatred and evil that amaze me are even worthy of posting. So NOW we are supposed to think what is being said in the community is hate speech. Its just the CNS comments section in person that is all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you read the direct quotes from the whatsapp group? Did you read the quote from the Radio Cayman show?
      I can only assume not, because with the increased rate of knife crime on the island and the threatening language being used by a very vocal few, I firmly concur with fear of events being held in future.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bise would probably disagree with the peaceably assessment if he could. Complicit in hate would be fairer, given it took eight years for someone to finally come forward and testify against the gruesome bragging of the Caymanian murderers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our Governor said that every little thing is going to be alright..nothing is going to change…

    He needs to step up now and try to bring us back together..

    Broadcasting on social media that he is vacationing on the Brac while we are tearing ourselves apart limb for limb isn’t what is needed and not the Cayman I know. This is like Trump saying I know how serious things are but I will continue to play it down..

    So scared for my little islands right now..

    • Anonymous says:

      “Tearing ourselves apart limb for limb“. “So scared for my little islands“. This can only be a woman with a phone, bless her.

      Calm down dear. It’ll all be fine. I’ll give you a “Like” if it makes you feel better.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gordon Barlow (12/09/2020 @ 12:14 p.m.) wrote that one ought to be careful before calling anything hate speech. Wise words spoken…

    Labeling words as hate speech becomes just another useful tool for suppression, a favourite of totalitarian regimes. Look no further than China…and as Gordon pointed out, in the US. Have no doubt, what is going on in the US is pure Marxism at work, no different than the Marxism that exists in China. The Marxists/progressives in the US no longer speak of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, but rather of Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, the environment, among others, groups that they have infiltrated and whose program they have co-opted as a means to an end.

    Personally, I believe that racism exists in the US, in some cases, extreme forms of it; though one could also argue that reverse racism and discrimination exists as well. Marxist claims of systemic racism however does not explain the success of the large Asian and East Indian communities in the US – for example, not being over represented in police shootings, teenage pregnancies, in criminal prosecutions, in jail, etc. Many from the Asian and East Indian communities came from war torn countries, with nothing but their clothes on their back – they too came from extreme poverty and abuse. Also, despite this systemic racism, Marxists are also unable to explain why Asian and East Indian communities are over represented in Colleges and universities; not only in colleges and universities, but the best of colleges and universities. In fact, Asians they are so over represented, that they are now openly discriminated against when it comes to university admissions. For example, most recently, the Department of Justice found that Yale illegally discriminated against White and Asian applicants in admissions. Harvard, and some of the other Ivy League schools face similar charges.


    But you’ll never hear this from the Marxists. And you’ll never hear that black on black crime should be the first thing that needs to be addressed, along with some of the other inequities facing the black communities in the US. You’ll also never hear from the Marxists of the main role played by the Arab/Muslim world in the present and past slave trade. Where is the Marxist outrage towards this – there isn’t any, as it doesn’t fit their narrative. Why aren’t the Marxists discussing today’s modern slave trade?


    Destroying/erasing history, including historical monuments is also part of the Marxist movement. Just like ISIS has done more recently, this has been practiced by Marxists throughout history. It is currently happening in Hong Kong, as well as in the western world. The French president spoke out strongly against it, claiming that for better or worse, the nation’s history and monuments are the nation’s history; and therefore, will be staying put.

    As Mr. Barlow appropriately warned, be careful what you start banning…Some liberals in the US have recently found that out – the very same tools that they have started and supported, are now being used against some of them. The Revolution devours its children.

    • Joseph McCarthy sends his regards says:

      Its abundantly clear you have no grasp on the meaning of Marxism, so might I suggest doing some research around McCarthyism

      As you’ll eventually discover calling everything you dislike Marxist regardless of any evidence in reality doesn’t automatically win you the discussion
      It just makes people who pay attention know not to take anything you or anything you say seriously.

      The GOP has been doing it in the US for decades, it doesn’t work, Trump tried it in 2018 and lost control of the House of Reps, and he is trying it again right now and is on course by almost all available evidence on course to be removed from the White House and seriously set back his party’s chances of holding the senate despite a 6 seat majority currently held

      • Anonymous says:

        I do hope your prediction is accurate.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol. Apparently you have a lot less of an idea of what you’re talking about. I had a very healthy dose of unwanted Marxism in my younger formative years and experienced things that nobody should experience. Consequently I am quite familiar with the topic, and I can assure you that what is happening in the US is very much what I have described.

        I suggest that you take your own dose of Marxism to help you with your complete ignorance on the topic. Talk to any former Eastern bloc residents and they’ll tell you the very same thing that I have just told you. 90% will agree with me and see the very same danger signs which most westerners are completely oblivious to.

        Btw, next time you decide to dispute anything that I share, have a point. Stating that I am wrong does not make it so.

      • Anonymous says:

        Reach around?!? Ohhh research around…my mistake.

      • you are so naïve says:

        I reject your comments. Trump is the only hope for America at the moment. To buy into the Dems’ arguments is to be a fool.

    • Straight Caymanian says:

      It’s wrong for you or anyone to boldly suggest that my ** Caymanian ** friends and family be executed because they found love with another adult. Full stop.

      Write a book on if you want, I really don’t care.

      • Anonymous says:

        Comprehension skills much? I didn’t suggest anything of the kind. One of my siblings is gay – suggesting that gay people be executed is 100% wrong. I support ALL good people of this world to the fullest, gay, transexual, homosexual, black, purple, yellow, blue, or not. What I suggested is that one ought to be very careful when it comes to immediately classifying words as hate speech. I’d prefer that we not start burning books, erasing history, and banning free speech.

    • Oy vey. SMH. says:

      @13/09/20 at 1:50 pm. I see what you are doing here and you are very clever. I would suggest that anyone reading your drivel also read Charlotte Alter’s Time article on the dangers of so many people believing total, absolute nonsense, particularly nonsense on social media from unvetted sources. A link to the article is below. A sample of it here:

      “Democracy relies on an informed and engaged public responding in rational ways to the real-life facts and challenges before us. But a growing number of Americans are untethered from that. ‘They’re not on the same epistemological grounding, they’re not living in the same worlds,’ says Whitney Phillips, a professor at Syracuse who studies online disinformation. ‘You cannot have a functioning democracy when people are not at the very least occupying the same solar system.’

      The article in its entirety here:

      I read CNS because I believe that they try to uphold journalistic ethics in their articles. The comment section however, is entertainment and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you think the original commentator is wrong, CNS will be more than happy to provide you with a platform to dismantle his/her argument. Simply stating that the commentator is wrong proves the original commentator’s point. For all intense purposes it fits the standard/typical liberal modus operandi. When liberals cannot win arguments they:

        a. label people as racists
        b. claim that they’re wrong

        without providing any proof of either A or B.

        • Say what now? says:

          Dude you sound like an angry white man who feels he is losing his privilege.

          And it is “intents and purposes”.

          • Anonymous says:

            Lol. Dude, and you sound like WhoDatIs, hiding behind his mommy’s skirt. Correction noted. Meant to type intensive purposes, but was in a hurry.

            • Say what now? says:

              Looks like I struck a nerve. Don’t worry little buddy. You’ll get your privilege back when you return to the States.

              • Anonymous says:

                Struck a nerve? Lol. Bless your little delusional mind. XXXX Still no coherent rebuttal, just your average unintelligent Liberal attempt to attach false labels to people? Thought so. The public misses your deranged rants WhoDatIs, a good laugh to brighten up one’s mood.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ditto to 11:48 a.m. Dismantle the argument or stfu.

  4. Anonymous says:

    COP is just realizing that the lunatic fringe is in charge.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I really wish that CNS would spend a little less time focusing on these LGBTQ issues. In my mine, by constantly doing this, it is stirring the pot so to speak. What is done is done. let’s move on and try to get along with each other rather than pitching one group against the other.

    Say what you like before this Governor and Premier decided to deal with these issues were no way as decisive as they are now. People that were long time friends are now not speaking to each other or blocking them on facebook or just plain being nasty anonymously on CNS or on the talk shows.

    I feel like I am living in America with the Black Lives Matter, Antifa, MAGA and the like, fighting amongst themselves. What next should we expect marches, rioting, burning of buildings and killing of police officers and gays? Is this what we want for our islands?

    Come on Cayman, this is not us, are we going to let this issue continue to divide us until we start killing off each other?

    CNS: We cannot ignore serious threats against a minority group, public statements on the matter, legal challenges or the CoP issuing a release that criticises one of our articles. The CP Law is still in the news because people keep it in the news. Perhaps you should talk to the opposition and those campaigning against, or preaching against, the law. We would love for everyone to move on, but we are also getting criticised for not allowing enough discussion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Proverbs 16:28

    • Anonymous says:

      I get the feeling that maybe about the same 250 people read these articles, about 30 are interested or stupid enough (like me) to comment, and on a good day about 100 post Likes or Dislikes.

      I also get the feeling that this site, which prides itself on its liberal credentials (and good luck to it for doing so), is becoming an echo chamber in which reside fewer and fewer people, bellowing at each other about fewer and fewer topics.

      CNS: You can believe what you like but we are still getting about 10,000 visitors on a typical weekday and our readership has not showed signs of slowing down. The trouble is, if you reside in a certain bubble and ten people tell you they’re not reading CNS anymore, you think that’s indicative of the population. It’s not. There are a couple of people who comment a lot and lots of people who comment a bit. Feelings are not fact.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thumb up to comment. Some folks log in 10 times a day.

        CNS: Nobody logs in except us (Nicky and Wendy). If someone visits the site 10 times a day they are counted as one unique visitor.

        • Anonymous says:

          People will always try to discredit legit news sources when they don’t like the truth. See Trumps antics in the US for reference. You do a great job, CNS

          • Anonymous says:

            Seriously, you really believe there is no bias to the reporting done by CNS or any of the other news media for that matter. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that publishing the so called “nice” or politically correct headlines and articles will do nothing for a news outlet other than to send it into bankruptcy.

            Take a look at the Cayman Compass right now, when they were under Brian Uzell they were for the most part fair and impartial, then along came Legge and turn it on its head. James Bergstrom, continued to follow that legacy only to find out what Leggee did and that was that you couldn’t survive without going on the attack and being negative. They are now begging their very own readers to pay to read their drivel. Good News doesn’t sell newspapers or get ratings for blogs. This is a proven fact.

            Everyone has their favorite source of news but understand that you should take each one with a grain of salt. Do your research and get to the truth. Never let anyone sway you one way or the other until you have proven them right or wrong..

  6. Anonymous says:

    It has started. The hate groups and individuals that have been emboldened by the governor’s use of section 81 are out for blood. Anyone that does not sufficiently agree with their agenda will be targeted for extermination. Thank you governor Martyn Roper.

    • Anonymous says:

      your anger is misplaced

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no anger to be misplaced. The calls for people to be fired or charged with a crime simply because they have exercised their freedom of speech is grotesque. It should however have been expected and should have been factored into the decision to use section 81 instead of working towards a negotiated solution.

        I fully agree that same-sex couples should have the same protections and rights under the law as heterosexual couples. That said, the way it was achieved shows a lack of respect and regard for Cayman culture and the strongly held beliefs of many Caymanians. Also, do you think it is accurate for anyone to say that essentially nothing will change for the majority of people in the Cayman Islands?

        • Anonymous says:

          l” do you think it is accurate for anyone to say that essentially nothing will change for the majority of people in the Cayman Islands?”

          Umm – yeah? Do you want to explain how allowing gay couples to have legal rights in their relationship will affect anyone from the majority heterosexual community ?

          • Anonymous says:

            As I mentioned previously, I am in support of same-sex marriage. That said, putting homosexual unions or marriage on the same legal footing as heterosexual marriage provides the needed legal standing for homosexual individuals or couples to impose their cause and beliefs on heterosexual couples (especially those with strongly held religious beliefs) and their children. A good example of this is the recent mandate in the UK for homosexual relationships and sexuality to be taught as normal alongside that of heterosexual relationships and sexuality. I don’t see a problem with this personally but it is less than completely honest to say that legalizing same-sex unions or marriage will not eventually have an impact on those individuals or couples that have strongly held religious beliefs. My point is simply that we need to talk about these issues with complete honesty.

            • Anonymous says:

              What kind of impact are you talking about here? Please explain with complete honesty, as you say. How on earth a heterosexual marriage in good standing is going to be affected by me and my partner’s legally acknowledged relationship?

              • Anonymous says:

                Please calm down and take the time to read the comment again. It outlines a clear example of how the children of heterosexual couples with strongly held beliefs are now being forced to learn about certain things in a way that is not in keeping with their beliefs. This is the inevitable end result of homosexual couples having the same legal standing as heterosexual couples. It is fine by me but at the same time I can understand how some people or groups of people could be negatively affected.

                • Anonymous says:

                  I’d say ‘being forced to learn’ about same sex love and equality is a good thing.

                  Because it’s real and it’s in the world and putting on blinkers has never worked.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    That’s your opinion. Other people have different views and just like they should not be permitted to force their views on you you should not be permitted to force your views on them.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    Parents need to protect their minor children from real things all of the time.

              • Jonathan Adam says:

                8:46am, I am not the person who wrote the comment which you have replied to. If you are willing and able to have this discussion without indulging in a vicious, vile and hypocritically derived bigotry, and if you care to, I will attempt engage you in discussion. I will not attempt to speak for the writer.
                I will try to look at this objectively and will ask you to please do the same to the best of our abilities. I think that it is quite obvious the point which was made, and I am not sure, but it seems that you may have intentionally ignored said point.
                The issue which the writer referred to is that of an influence within education systems which is far outside the belief systems of those who do not share one’s views and opinion/position in regards to this issue and/or subject. As such, the question is surrounding what many would and/or will see as an indoctrination as opposed to education.
                Yes, I am fully aware of the argument which can be made that would immediately switch the onus onto the other side of the divide and it is relevant as it pertains to unjustly forcing one’s will upon others. Are you of the opinion that the position which you hold should be unilaterally imposed upon a child, via an agenda specific narrative within a school house setting/curriculum, regardless of whether or not said narrative is aligned with the philosophy and/or deeply held beliefs of the parents of a student in said school system?
                I really do not think that you needed that elucidation, and I probably did not pose the question as clearly as possible but I tried as best I can, however, this is one of the concerns which those who do not share your views have questions about. A highly subjective narrative which more often than not sees the political/philosophical opinion and/or positions of the teacher them self being pressed upon children as a way of furthering one’s own self interests/agendas at the expense of the moral and/or ethical parameters which teachers are and/or should be guided by is an issue which deserves attention, as opposed to simply being propagandists and/or indoctrinators of one narrative or another.
                One should not need to be reminded that the act of forcing ideas and opinions on someone, or someone’s children, who is not allowed to question them is neither liberal nor is it within the parameters of any acceptable moral and/or ethical compass regardless of one’s belief system, philosophy and/or sexual orientation and/or personally held political position. I am genuinely interested in your thoughts on this matter. Thank you.

                • Donneh Whittaker says:

                  Jeez dude, I really tried to refrain, but has anyone ever asked you for a tl;dr? 443 words to ask one single question?

                  Rather my child be taught that such lifestyles exist in a formal setting than be shown a lewd video by a peer. In one setting you have a professional teacher, the other you have two unsupervised boys watching two adults indulge in homosexual pleasures – talk to me about confusion then.

                  Yes, I monitor my child’s internet access and care enough to give “the talk”, but not all parents do. It only takes one friend.

                  • Jonathan Adam says:

                    Donneh, seems to me that regardless of the verbosity, you have not grasped the question or the issue at hand. Anyways, thank you for your input. It is noted.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When people go on the radio and say ‘batty man affi dead’ no one says anything. But if it was the other way around, there would be an uproar. There’s literally music that talks about killing gay people. And we let this type of music play at pirates week and batabano. It’s outrageous.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Too many unrighteous people in this world knowing that there must be more to life, yet firmly transfixed on this physical plane clinging to ideas, philosophies and religions that make absolutely no sense at all.
    Governments and news media promoting negativity that keeps the spirit component of humanity in darkness.
    Too much fear, anger, pride and negativity keeps us at a sub-optimal spiritual level.

    Even science holds clues as it should. A radio tuning circuit will have a capacitor, resistor and inductor that can all be varied. When they are tuned to the right values, the circuit begins to oscillate or vibrate at the same frequency of the original signal.

    Our purpose here is to tune our three components, spirit, soul and body to the divine frequency and manifest that truth to those around us.

    There is no room in the kingdom for lies, deceptions, selfishness, fear, murder, envy, gossip, etc. As children of light, why do we embrace darkness? We must press on until we find the Truth.

    Truth will be found of all those who genuinely seek. Those who do not care will get what they deserve.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who sponsors or goes on crosstalk is being avoided by my friends and family since neither of those men spoke up about how terrible of a comment that was.

  10. I think we all have to be extremely careful before calling any words “hate speech”. I am a strong defender of equal rights for same-sex unions, but I am also a strong defender of free speech. Saying that gays etc should be put up against a wall and shot is a very nasty thing to say, and it betrays a nasty mind; but it’s not “hate speech”. It’s hyperbole, which is defined as “exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally”.

    Labelling every hot-headed comment as “hate speech” opens the door to banning all kinds of criticism – as we see every day in reports coming out of the USA these days. A French politician of long ago is famous for saying “I disagree with every word my opponent has said; but I would defend to the death his right to say it.”

    The statement on the radio was not meant literally, and the Chief of Police is 100% correct in denying that it qualifies as “hate speech”. If the speaker had said “Let’s all get together this evening, armed with guns and knives, and kill all the gays we find in the streets”, that would be an incitement to violence, and a genuine threat, and a matter for the Police. It would be something to worry about. Not that silly off-the-cuff piece of bigotry.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree,

      “Saying that gays etc should be put up against a wall and shot is a very nasty thing to say, and it betrays a nasty mind; but it’s not “hate speech”. It’s hyperbole, which is defined as “exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally”.

      I cannot fathom how this is not hate speech. This is exactly the epitome of hate speech – and If you condone/defend it, you are complicit.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There are anti-abuse and anti-discrimination provisions in many of our laws, terms of acceptable use, and grounds for termination. Certainly reason enough to intervene long before they escalate to immediate threats and hate crimes as experienced by Bise and others. The lack of awareness of these by the officiating CoP is very unsettling.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The RCIPS response is completely unacceptable. There is also deafening silence from Ofreg on the “acceptable use” violations and ongoing operation of CMA.ky website domain. Same with “acceptable purpose” thresholds on non-profit status. It will be up to victims and advocacy groups to file notice of violations and then wait out another wave of inaction and silence until this corrupt regime changes.

  13. Wendy B. Scary says:

    Thin skin and petulance seem to be required traits for those in positions of authority. Just put on your big boy pants and answer the questions as they are put to you. How hard can that be?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Diminish me of the police response to looting after Ivan. “We have not received any complaints of such activity, therefore it did not happen.”

    For the most part we didn’t have electricity, vehicles or phones. Half the police disappeared. How the hell were we supposed to make complaints? And when the hell did the lack of a complaint become an excuse to ignore overt law breaking?

    • Concerned says:

      You do not need a physical person to complain for offences against the state. Public order matters are generally against the state. Some of them require a person of reasonable firmness to be present at the scene – it does not require an actual named individual. It does not require a complaint. The evidence is the radio recording or the social media post. I am almost certain if a person posted the same diatribe about politicians the Commissioner would act. He has no leadership skills, just bluster.

  15. enough with the church-sponsored hate says:

    Bigots, like it or not, GAY CIVIL UNIONS are now here. And GAY MARRIAGE will come next year, wait and see. You are NOT going to succeed in stopping it. Nor is Cayman going to be stupid enough to leave the UK over it. Bigots, you do NOT represent a majority of people on Cayman. The majority will take the changes in stride, and if you had a lick of sense, you’d do the same. As for the churches: Shame, shame, shame on you. You should be leading the country to new levels of tolerance and understanding. Instead, you fan the flames of anger and ignorance. (Apparently, hatred is a better glue to bind the flock together than love, huh?) This is exactly the reason that so many people nowadays decline to go to church. Note: Freedom of religion does NOT mean freedom to foment hate and bigotry–!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It will come alright and all that it brings with it.
      Be careful what you wish for.

    • Rick says:

      The reason so many people do not go to church is exactly because some churches and religions changed their principles to attract more people. The Word of God is universal and everlasting because truths do not change. Your anger and hatred is understandable. It is responsible for most of what is wrong in today’s world and is anticipated in the Bible, which is why Jesus was crucified; the truth hurts, is offensive and causes the wicked to become murderous. But it is never-the-less the savior of mankind and must be spoken.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thing is, had someone called into Rooster and suggested a mass shooter walk into a church to cut down on the amount of opposition to the bill, you would NEVER hear the end of it.

    Betcha CoP would’ve investigated then!

    Gotta give Kenneth credit. He was in an interview with Quincy and Quincy read out a comment on the live which read “batty man fi ded” – Kenny immediately cut Quincy off and asked not to repeat such statements to avoid association.

    Alva Suckoo and Woody didn’t even flinch when they heard the caller suggest homosexual CAYMANIANS be executed!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Many of those who represent our Islands as sitting MLAs have no sense of duty regarding the expectations and requirements of public representation. By and large they are under-educated, under-exposed, beneficiaries of an under-educated electorate. They have no clue as to proper protocols and decorum attached to the holding of elected public office – even in a small populace. Worse, few of them even try to “up their game” while in office (other than perhaps learning the procedures of the House – which they must) so as to even portray any degree of what could begin to fall into the realm of “statesmanship”.

    For any sitting politician to ignore that caller’s comments on a public talk show forum is appalling and inexcusable. Where is Mr. Suckoo’s apology?

    As for Woody Dacosta – he’s a prima donna wannabe anything which would lend him some credibility! Happened to stumble into this job but clearly has no clue how to do it properly!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hate speech defined: To disagree with the leftist worldviews, lifestyles and group-think.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The CoP, like many other people within the community, is scared of these newly formed advocacy groups and their ability to target and destroy individuals that they don’t feel are sufficiently in support of their cause. CNS has been very good at upholding the principles of free speech. However, it is my opinion and observation that they don’t take a neutral position when reporting on these issues. Same-sex couples in my opinion are deserving of equal treatment under the law. That said, the way that this whole thing was handled by all involved is shameful and regrettable.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “The caller was not challenged by the member for Newlands, who has been a leading opponent of LGBT rights.”

    This should read:

    The caller was not challenged by the member for Newlands, who has been a leading opponent of LGBT rights or the Host of Cayman Crosstalk Woody DaCosta”

  21. Anonymous says:

    The RCIP have lost the confidence of many law abiding members of the community. Not only is their record of effectiveness worrying, they too often seem to shirk their role and responsibilities. When it is possible to violently assault a person and not only not be arrested but allowed to travel freely, we have a problem. During lockdown, explain why a Minister’s wife was not prosecuted for breaching protocols? Come to think of it, explain why there is so much overt back room dealing and apparent corruption, and nothing is done?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Okay Boomer… Maybe it’s time for the old man to retire. I think the modern world has passed him by. #CaymanKind

  23. JTB says:

    Did the commissioner take advice from the DPP or AG before reaching this conclusion?

  24. Anonymous says:

    More and more it looks like time for Byrne to go. He just can’t get out of holiday mode and lead.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Wendy!

  26. Al Catraz says:

    Okay, can someone explain whether I understand this correctly.

    If I said it would be desirable to kill police in general, that would not be an offense because I did not specify a particular police officer? In order for it to be an offense, I would have to specify a police official, and not merely say that any or all of them should be killed?

    And, to be clear, I am by no means advocating such a horrendous and clearly deplorable thing. I am attempting to understand the law.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Most employers would take action against staff posting these types of comments on social media accounts. If these people can be identified and called out I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them lose their jobs. So if the police are not up to dealing with hate speech like the rest of the civilized world then perhaps employers can set an example and take the lead.

    • Yo dre I got something to say says:

      I didn’t know being homophobic was hate speech?

      I’m all for equality but whatever happened to free speech? The right to voice your opinions?

      I’m with the police on this one. It isn’t hate speech it’s the right to voice your own opinions.

      • Anonymous says:

        Suggesting hanging gay people is not homophobia, it is criminal behaviour and is verging on conspiracy to commit murder. This is especially when the suggestion is made and then followed up with further alternative means of getting rid of gay people, such as by stoning to death. The police was aware of this context and that is what makes this matter so utterly unacceptable.

        In any event, how would you feel if someone suggested hanging churchgoers? Is that ok?

        • Anonymous says:

          Well shit i didnt know they we’re going on about hanging gay people.

          What a bunch of idiots.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was taught not to discuss politics or religion with others who may not share my views. I doubt everyone would be so bold if they had to sign their names to their comments….myself included

  28. Anonymous says:


    Ain’t nobody going to do them anything smh

    They need to calm down

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