Cops to revisit murder scene

| 30/01/2015 | 1 Comment

(CNS): Detectives from the West Bay Police Station will be conducting a walk-through this evening of the scene where David Ebanks was shot dead last Friday night. An RCIPS spokesperson said officers will be visiting the Kelly’s Bar area on Birch Tree Hill Road at 10pm and will be there until midnight, hoping to jog people’s memories about last Friday’s killing. The police say many people were present last week when Ebanks was murdered but so far no one is willing to give evidence.

Police are appealing to anyone who can assist with the investigation to speak with the officers at the scene tonight.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    XXXXXX Couldn’t comment on that article because CNS does not have that feature when there is a court case article but for the consideration of CNS management it would be a good thing to put there because you have an anonymous comment site and persons could post information related to the case that they would be reluctant to take to the police due to the non confidence of confidentially.

    CNS: We are prevented by law from publishing comments about defendants in an ongoing court case. However, if anyone wants us to pass anything onto the police we are happy to do so. If you don’t leave your email address and post from a hotspot, your identity will be absolutely safe.

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