About CNS Viewpoints

Commentaries (Viewpoints) published on any Cayman News Service Ltd reflect the views of the author and not those of CNS or any staff member of the company unless written by us, in which case it will be labelled as such. In the interest of free speech, we will sometimes publish viewpoints that we do not agree with at all.

Commentaries can be submitted by any CNS reader on any subject and will be selected for publication based on how well they are written, among other considerations, and entirely at our discretion. Please send submissions to info@caymannewsservice.com.

We do allow writers of Viewpoints to use pseudonyms, since we live in a small community and some people do feel that they will be victimized for holding certain views. Other writers have indicated to us that they believe if they use their real name that the focus of responses will be on their identity and not on their points of view.


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