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But if we did, this is what they’d say. Because we are not owned or dictated to by Dart, the Cayman Islands Government, MI5, the WHO, PACT, PPM or whatever crackpot theory people come up with from time to time. And we do not sell ads if they come with strings regarding editorial content, as one government entity proposed recently. Really!

We’re not going to put our online content behind a paywall, as many media houses do, which means that everyone with access to the internet can continue to read our news for free. And we’re going to keep covering topical issues, like threats to the environment and over-development, without fear or favour. How much is that worth to you?

Now and again, we get accused of printing articles for a fee, which is tiresome and absolutely not true. Just because you don’t like the article doesn’t mean it’s not legitimate. However, we do sell “sponsored content” space, which is clearly marked as such, for businesses or entities that want their press releases published — or ones with deep pockets who feel inclined to support us. Ahem.

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We’re still here

Other media houses come and go, but we’ve been publishing the news here in the Cayman Islands for 15 years. And we do this by keeping costs to a minimum. No expensive offices, flashy cars or unnecessary staff. In fact, there are just two of us at CNS — co-owners Wendy and Nicky — and between us, we cover all the jobs of a media house, working from home. The total assets of CNS are two laptops and a website.

So, we don’t need much, but we do need a minimum amount to keep CNS going, and if just some of our regular readers donated enough to buy a T-shirt that doesn’t even exist, it would really help. Maybe one day, we’ll actually get some printed.

We offer a huge thank you to everyone who has put a little something in the CNS Tip Jar, especially those who have been very generous or have made this a monthly donation. It truly warms our hearts and will help keep us going.

So, if you appreciate our efforts, if you don’t want everyone to get their news from Facebook or filtered by certain interested parties, or if you are concerned about the direction of the Cayman Islands and want to support a truly independent news source, please consider buying a make-believe T-shirt.

Meanwhile, this clip never gets old.

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Wendy and Nicky