Activists’ beach access case remains stalled

| 19/02/2018 | 61 Comments
Cayman News Service

Beach access sign on Grand Cayman

(CNS): Efforts by a local group of activists trying to push government into registering a number of beach access points around Cayman before they are lost forever remain stalled, as the court has still not responded to their appeal against a legal aid refusal last month. A new batch of documents was posted this weekend on the website Cayman Beach Watch outlining the issues that the group, Concerned Citizens, has over the government’s refusal to register these important access points.

The government has now established a land commission, which will be examining the problem, but while at least one official member of Concerned Citizens was appointed to that new board, the activists are still concerned that the government is dragging its heels on this issue, as a result of pressure from land owners.

A spokesperson for the group said this weekend that until the campaigners get legal aid, they have no money to fund the legal action needed to take government to the court to force its hand and address the issue, which has won broad support in the community.

The group is seeking to protect and register hundreds of the public’s long used rights of way to the beach, foreshore, canals and the sea around the island, as they believe developers will continue to block and take away this access.

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  1. Shhhhhhhhhh. says:

    A Land Commission? Hmmmmmmm. How many members? How selected? How paid? Or will it be voluntary work? Who will they report to? Will reports be made public, and when? What terms of reference given?
    This must be a transparent operation, or else what?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “For the Record”, Mr “OC”, please invite Mr Joe and Miss Julliana to discuss. Now That would be interesting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps we are just so conditioned to Politicians doing nothing and then barking up the wrong tree, that we didn’t notice the landscape had changed.

    For any circumstance where a Minister or Governmental Department has failed to serve the public interest, whether those be in regards to FOI stonewalling, or specific maladministration or performance complaints, they ought to be filed with the Ombudsman Office, per the Ombudsman Law 2017.

    Sandy Hermiston, the first Ombudsman posted for a seven year term, began in September 2017 and is in charge of of a team that is responsible for following up and protecting the public interest. By my reckoning, if she’s not already the hardest working person in the Cayman Islands, she ought to be – correcting decades of inaction and combatting a culture of widespread unaccountability across Cayman’s number one employer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing worse than purchasing a high end condo and then having riff-raff misconducting themselves feet from one’s balcony. There needs to be much better protection of property owners’ privacy and proper restrictions on where people can and cannot go.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s always wise of course, to check out your proposed investment for matters such as this before you buy?

    • Anonymous says:

      The mentality of the owners is just sickening. Every person in these three islands should enjoy the beach. Gabby said, ” the beach is mine, I can enjoy it any time”, just be respectful, civil and courteous to one another.
      Our problem begun, when the not so genious MLA changed the beach from the vegetation line to the high water mark.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. Such restrictions may have saved us from you.

  5. 6:12. I am sorry to say it but you are so correct.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why has government after government refused to deal with this issue? It would seem very straight forward to resolve and then move on and deal with something else.

    There is something missing here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Receipts of money changing hands…

    • Anonymous says:

      Because once you resolve the straightforward beach access routes (road to sea) you then walk into the difficult to resolve ‘where on the beach can I sit?’, i.e., where does private property end and ‘public right of access’ begin? question.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not one piece of sand on the beaches should belong to anybody. The only folk who should have exclusive use of and access to all beaches is EVERYBODY!

  7. Anonymous says:

    typical ppm… the do nothing government.

  8. West bay Premier says:

    I bet that if about 2,000 of the voters from West bay to East end all marched to the LA Building and gave them politicians a demand to have the public beaches access sorted out permanently before the end of 2018 , then you will see action . The people of C.I need to rise and show the Government their strength before the next Election .

    • Anonymous says:

      Very true, now the job is to find those 2,000 Caymanians who actually still have a backbone with the fortitude to fight against Government, to claim and defend against them taking away that which is rightfully theirs.

      If you are willing to be identified as one of the 2,000 Caymanians who still have a backbone, then send an email to

      Your Great Great Grandchildren will thank you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gutless, spineless, and somehow under the thumb of beachfront owners, and developers. This issue is not going away, and could prove very embarrassing to CIG.

  10. Michel says:

    This should be a no brainer. Secure those beach access. I don’t understand why the Govt. is dragging their feet. Save what we have left and pass the legislation. Unna have children and grand children too. It’s time to have a vision of our future.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Only after Dart as secured all the ocean front they want, made necessary changes to existing and pending right of ways , will new ones be registered. We keep forgetting who is in charge now.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your problem is that you are going to have to prove each of those historic accesses. Good luck with that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    These activist should focus their efforts on taking back the West Bay Road Public Beach for all Caymanians and residents.

  14. Jotnar says:

    If the activists were to send a list of people supporting the approach by electoral district to CIG, it may magically affect the speed of progress on the issue. Although given the vested interests perhaps not – 20121 probably seems awfully far away to MLAs at this point

    • Diogenes says:

      Nothing wrong with optimism, but let’s not pretend that the CIG isn’t already aware of this issue, and the public opinion on it
      They know exactly what they are doing

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, Government is paying back Dart for all of his “Contributions” by doing whatever he instructs them to do.

  15. Diogenes says:

    Don’t worry, I am sure the LA will address this issue,
    after the 2021 election

    • Anonymous says:

      You still won’t be elected then amigo.

      • Diogenes says:

        Haven’t run in the past, have no intention to run

        I am a Left leaning progressive (not PPM “progressive” an actual progressive)
        It would be a cold day in hell before I got elected in Cayman
        Not that I have any intention to sell my soul to get elected to the LA

        No thanks


  16. Anonymous says:

    Please let us know how I can help. This is foolishness. We shouldn’t have to fight to fighting to swim on our own beaches.

    • Dunz says:

      Barbajan, people sorted out the same problem very quickly and peacefully.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is true. When Barbados had similar problems in the past with people building on and blocking beach access, their government initially did nothing. But the Bajans made it known they wanted their beach access back by quietly protesting on the beaches (and pulling down the walls and blockades that had been built) and their government listened.

        However it seems to me that we can perpetually complain and point fingers of blame here in Cayman but when it comes to taking positive action, seems nobody can really be bothered.

        Come on Cayman!

  17. Anonymous says:

    No tickee, no washee.

  18. EYES WIDE SHUT says:

    Ministers Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Joey Hew are responsible for the current do nothing atttitude by this government. Like their predecessor in Cabinet one must understand the grip that others hold of this political figures who all lack the intestinal fortitude to do the right things and simply enforce the relevant laws and regulations. Recognizing the prescriptive rights is the starting point that gives everybody the solution but these ministers like the ones before them are compromised.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If the issue has broad support in the community then surely it should be something the local politicians should be addressing…would it be better to try get the voters in the community to force their elected officials to do something?

    • Diogenes says:

      If you think public support has anything to do with policies our government get behind you haven’t been paying attention

      The only time they give a damn what the voters think is in the 6 months preceding the election
      They are counting on the widespread political apathy and partisan divisions in the electorate rather than winning voters with policies and proposals


      • Anonymous says:

        Voters didn’t choose the eels that slithered and back-stabbed their way to forming this unity abomination last May, but who would replace them? Voters can petition for no-confidence and call another election at any time. However the criteria for eligibility limits the field to something resembling the status quo every try.

        • Jotnar says:

          Actually voters did vote for these eels. They may not have realized how slippery some of them were, or that former enemies would happily twine together, but every single MLA, whether the Premier or an “independent “ now serving as a councillor or whip, was voted in. Unfortunately we have a small pool of eligible and willing candidates, and a hard core of politically adept operators

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