Suspects charged after weekend of violence

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Cayman Islands courthouse

(CNS): James Douglas Ebanks (58) from West Bay was remanded in custody by the Summary Court on Tuesday after he was charged with grievous bodily harm in connection with a machete attack in a yard in Neon Close Saturday night. But in a separate case, Dez Kyshon Missick (23), a primary school chef, was bailed on strict conditions despite the crown’s objections. He appeared also charged with GBH over an assault on several people in the Fete nightclub car park in the early hours of Saturday. Missick allegedly used his own chef’s knife to assault two women in an altercation in which another man was assaulted and Missick was also injured.

Both men are due to appear in the Grand Court on 16 September. Given the severity of the charges against the two men, the cases must be heard in the higher court.

Ebanks is accused of chopping Elvis Presley Ebanks on the arm with a machete after an altercation in a yard. The wound was so severe that when the victim turned up at the police station bleeding profusely from his forearm, the police were able to trace the trail of blood back to where the crime occurred and arrested Ebanks.

Police are still looking for those responsible for beating a man in East End so severely he remains in a coma at the Shetty hospital. He was found unconscious outside Pirates Cove bar in the early hours of Saturday in what turned out to be a violent weekend.

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