Police round up gang of fraud suspects

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ATM scam(CNS): A gang of five foreign nationals from Romania, the UK and the United States have been rounded up by officers from the RCIPS Financial Crimes Unit in a suspected ATM fraud. Police said that they received information on Tuesday from a local retail bank regarding fraudulent ATM activity and enquires led to the arrests of four men and one woman yesterday evening at the hotel where the suspected fraudsters were staying.

The gang members, who are understood to be in Cayman as visitors, include three Romanian men, aged 27, 40, 42, a 22-year-old British man and a 26-year-old woman from the United States. They were all arrested on suspicion of theft and obtaining a money transfer by deception.The woman also faced drug charges relating to the possession and consumption of Ganja.

All five remain in police custody, police confirmed Wednesday.

Earlier this year three men and one woman from Romania and one Hungarian were all jailed as a result of another ATM scam on retail banks, in which the group had used cloned cards to draw cash from ATMs from individual bank accounts from all over the world. The group had revealed in their admissions that the scam had been coordinated by a Russian man who was never arrested.


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