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Cops in Barret killing off gun duty

| 24/01/2017 | 15 Comments

(CNS): The police officers who shot and killed a suspect in an early morning operation on 6 January have been given the option of taking personal leave or doing desk duties, RCIPS officials have said, as the investigation into the events surrounding the death of Norvell Barrett continues by independent officers from Bermuda. Barrett (34), who was a Jamaican national, was in Cayman illegally when police tracked him down to a house in Windsor Park, where he was shot and killed by armed officers.

Believed to be armed and dangerous, the man was shot when he reportedly came out of the house with a gun.

The Bermuda officers who are conducting an independent investigation into the killing have completed a preliminary report. They both returned to Bermuda last week but officials here said that they will be back in Cayman next month to conduct follow-up technical examinations once all the forensic evidence is processed. At the conclusion of their investigation, a file will be presented to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for review, the police said.

“Measures have also been taken to ensure the welfare of RCIPS officers directly involved in the incident, who may take personal leave or be assigned administrative duties until the inquiry into the circumstances of the incident is completed, as required by RCIPS policy and procedure,” the police said in a release. “The inquiry into the incident is being conducted in a thorough and independent manner, in line with accepted post-incident procedures and international best practice.”

Barrett had served time in Cayman after he was convicted of an armed robbery at a Shedden Road gas station in George Town in 2010. He was deported after serving only part of a nine-year sentence, which had been reduced from 12 years to nine years.

Barrett was believed to have returned to Cayman illegally last year. Police had released an alert looking for Barrett and describing him as potentially dangerous just two weeks before he was shot dead at the house in George Town.

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Comments (15)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Past time to drain the swamp.when they come they dont want to leave. Even when they are deported they arrive illegally. I guess it is said, “this is heaven, let me die”. They just can’t stay away.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Such nice comments on here, that good old Caymankind feeling….


    • Just Saying says:

      Please 4:59 pm, in Jamaica a man is shot and killed if he tries to nick a woman’s handbag and the police would thank you for not letting the thief go. There is one crime you don’t committ in Jamaica and that is stealing and if you are robbed by an armed robber, you better be happy to get away with your life. Barrett was a harden criminal and if he wasn’t killed he would have eventually become a killer. It was obvious he had a thing for Cayman or I should say, Cayman Islands dollars. He needed to be taken out one way or the other as he wasn’t able to stay away. Police, for once did what they are being paid to do, protect the island from criminals like him and as for the others, let this be a lesson to you. We got our own to deal with, we don’t want or need your kind.


  3. PPM Sniper says:

    What happen to Barrett needs to happen to many who come here with their criminality and with their get rich quick scheme to destroy our little island.


  4. Anonymous says:

    If any government employee deserves 2 years paid vacation it’s the one who pulled the trigger in this case! The rest of them on “mandatory leave” should be fired or made to work for their money!



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