Current Members of Parliament

The results of the May 2017 General Election did not give any party or group the ten seats necessary to form a government. Therefore, the Progressive Party, with its seven MLAs (now MPs) led by Alden McLaughlin, formed a coalition government with the three successful CDP members, led by McKeeva Bush, and Independents Tara Rivers (a long-time ally of the PPM), Dwayne Seymour and Austin Harris. Bernie Bush has since left the CDP and “crossed the isle” to join the opposition.

Although as leaders of opposing parties McLaughlin and Bush had been long-time political foes, often acrimoniously so, the Government of National Unity has held together, with the single exception of B. Bush.

M. Bush, a former premier, was given the prestigious position of Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, which he still holds despite his conviction for a violent assault on a female bar manager.

McLaughlin is serving his second term as premier but cannot hold the office for three consecutive terms. So, whatever the results of the 2021 elections, the Cayman Islands will have a new premier.

Moses Kirkconnell is deputy premier. As well as McLaughlin and Kirkconnell, the Cabinet comprises Roy McTaggart, Joey Hew, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Rivers and Seymour. The four government back-bench MPs, Barbara Conolly, David Wright, Harris and Captain Eugene Ebanks, hold positions as ministry councillors. Conolly is also currently deputy speaker.

Arden McLean is the leader of the opposition. Joining him as part of the official opposition are Alva Suckoo, who is deputy leader, Anthony Eden (who has said he is not running in the next election), Chris Sanders and Bernie Bush. Ezzard Miller and Kenneth Bryan also sit on the opposition benches.


  1. Alden McLaughlin
  2. Moses Kirkconnell
  3. Roy McTaggart
  4. Joey Hew
  5. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly
  6. Barbara Conolly
  7. David Wight
  8. Tara Rivers
  9. Dwayne Seymour
  10. Austin Harris
  11. McKeeva Bush
  12. Capt. Eugene Ebanks


  1. Arden McLean
  2. Alva Suckoo
  3. Anthony Eden
  4. Chris Saunders
  5. Bernie Bush
  6. Ezzard Miller
  7. Kenneth Bryan

Ex-Officio Members

  1. Deputy Governor Franz Manderson
  2. Attorney General Samuel Bulgin

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