DeCou challenging new PPM leader in GTE

| 05/04/2021

(Press release): Independent George Town East candidate Emily DeCou, has announced The 3 E’s platform for a holistic national overhaul, vowing to begin the formation of a Holistic Sustainable Development Plan in her first 100 days.

A proud multi-generational West Bayer, DeCou’s campaign platform, known as The 3 E’s, encompasses Environmental Conservation, Education Reform, and Equality for All. 

“I stepped up to be an agent of the change that our beloved Isle Cayman needs. National issues have gone unaddressed for too long and have now assumed critical proportions, leading to many Caymanians struggling and suffering, and our environment being threatened and destroyed by unsustainable development,” she said.

“Unsustainable development sees many heavy burdens fall onto the community and planet,” she said. “We have a moral generational obligation to elect new leadership: good men and women with vision, dedication, empathy, and integrity, who work tirelessly in the pursuit of justice for our  people and planet, and with our country’s best interests at heart.”

The root cause of many national issues is unsustainable development, and the burdens of this unsustainable development are experienced greatly within the GTE constituency, compounding due to poor representation. DeCou noted that the unsustainable development-related issues within the GTE constituency that the formulation of the Holistic Sustainable Development Plan will seek to address include:

  1. The high (and rising) cost of living
  2. Flooding and poor stormwater drainage due to mangrove deforestation, namely within the South Sound basin, and the resulting negative effects of decreased home values, environmental damage, and risks to both health and safety
  3. Traffic congestion, inadequate road infrastructure, and unreliable public transportation
  4. Unemployment, creating a vicious cycle of crime and poverty
  5. Unaffordable housing due to Caymanians being priced out of the local property market

When considering education reform in Cayman, DeCou said that “all children in our community should be supported in having access to a high-quality, inclusive education that is modern, depoliticized, and decentralized. We pay more in the long run by not ensuring all our students have support and graduate with the skills and critical thinking necessary to access good-paying, professional opportunities in an increasingly global, complex, and interdependent economy.” 

In striving for greater equality for all, DeCou seeks to be part of government to provide an advocate for all vulnerable and marginalized community members of GTE, and vows to enact, enforce, and strengthen anti-discrimination and equality legislation when elected to Parliament. Overall, The 3 E’s platform seeks to plan for Cayman long-term, to see our country evolve into the 21st century and reach its full, self-sufficient, and sustainable potential, to start to end needless suffering, and to empower our country and people to prosper.

DeCou looks forward to opportunities to engage with voters and to share her vision for George Town East and the larger Cayman community at a series of forums, both live and virtual:

Mondays with Emily – a series of virtual Zoom meetings held on Monday evenings at 7pm where topics of discussion will include: 

April 5: Education Reform

April 12: Equality for All 

Coffee with Your Candidate: meet Emily and hear her platform and visions for Cayman with a casual conversation over a complimentary coffee. Held between 9-11am every Saturday morning leading up to Election Day at Cayman Creperie in Bayshore Mall, these coffee meetings offer Emily a chance to listen to constituents and learn about the national and community issues which concern them, and to share her proposed solutions.

Youth + Young Voters – Meet and Greet GTE Candidate Emily DeCou: Saturday April 10 from 2-5pm at the Red Cross (upstairs training room); this event will be streamed online via Real Cayman News for those who can’t attend; light refreshments will be served.

Public Meeting: Sunday April 11 from 3-5pm at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club, Anne Bonny Crescent, South Sound; please RSVP to (due to a capacity limit of 30); this event will be streamed online via Real Cayman News for those who can’t attend; light refreshments will be served.

Other events will be published on the Emily 2021 campaign Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can follow along at @caymanemily.  

Vote for Change: Emily DeCou is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Please contact her by email at or by phone at (345)324-1193.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The winners of George Town East forum was …………………… Women. Roy, Dr. Frank seems more knowledgeable and caring but he is so angry. I think GTE should choose one of the two women they are the best.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ms. DeCou, yes. The other lady, not so much. She seemed to be a bit out of touch with her comments on governemnt should forcibly remove Randyke tenants (with no mention of assistance in relocating). We know as soon as that were to happen, another brand spanking new development would happen. Also, her comment of just recently finding out that people eat parrot fish seemed to be way out of touch, or out of loop with where she is from/living.

  2. Anonymous says:

    These idiots and their first 100 days bullshit have no idea how any of this works.