Maxine runs for 7th time in the Sister Islands

| 03/03/2021

(Press release): Maxine McCoy-Moore, one of two candidates for Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman, has launched her seventh campaign for a seat in the Cayman Islands legislature, having run in every general election since 1996. She is a seventh-generation Bracker who has dedicated her life to improving the quality of life for everyone on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and the Cayman Islands as a whole.

“As your representative, I will commit to listening and working hard to represent your voice at the table,” she says. “I promise I will always have an open mind and that I will also be always working with the MP elected for Cayman Brac East.”

She adds, “One day, we will pass off the baton to the next generation and it is our duty to run harder and go further than the person who handed the baton to us.

“I wish to leave this world with a couple of Islands that are better than they were when I was a little girl growing up between Brac and Little, so that when the baton is passed on to the next generation, they will find their island nation perfected so much better than the one we currently live in.”

If elected, she will work hard to accomplish the following:


The COVID crisis has shown how essential it is to strengthen our healthcare system. If we don’t feel right physically, mentally and emotionally, we can’t pursue our dreams and we can’t contribute to our nation’s progress. In this sense, the betterment of both Sister Islands’ health facilities is mandatory to grant coverage for every citizen, from the infants to the elderly.

McCoy-Moore says that if elected, healthcare will be a priority, starting by expanding infrastructure. She pledges to work towards a new 300-bed medical care facility on Cayman Brac’s Bluff, which will be fully equipped and manned with a pediatric centre, an ER, intensive care and critical care, senior citizens home, mental health centre, and a training school for Caymanians. This facility will also serve as a hurricane shelter for those who are ill during an approaching storm. Plans include renovating and upgrading the equipment at the current Faith Hospital for residents living low land who can get there faster than they could to the Bluff health facility. 

Plans will also include a small but fully equipped and manned hospital for Little Cayman, including a decompression chamber and a full-time general practitioner, EMT’s and nurses, and a dental clinic.

McCoy-Moore also has a plan to make healthcare more affordable for everyone, especially retired seniors. Those who retire will be allowed to keep their medical insurance and it will be at a minimal cost for all over the age of 65.


McCoy-Moore says that education will also be a top priority for her, and if elected, she will advance new prospects for education and trade schools with boarding facilities on the Bluff. This would encourage talented Caymanians to participate and hold key positions in all aspects and levels of employment available in the Cayman Islands.

But her first goal is a new school for Little Cayman, from Reception to Year 12. Currently, schooling on the island is only provided up to Year 6, which she says discourages Caymanians who want to work in Little Cayman so that employers have to import foreign workers. This new school will include a sports facility for students and residents, which will encourage new settlement for families. “At present, I am aware of six or more families who would love to live and work in Little Cayman but they have children ages 4 to 14 so cannot,” she says.

She also intends to introduce a trade school on Cayman Brac for all graduating students in the Cayman Islands, who will be expected to pay minimal fees only after they start working. This will also help new families from Grand Cayman to resettle on Cayman Brac, she said.

Economy and Tourism:

McCoy-Moore’s plan to boost tourism for the Brac and Little Cayman includes increasing the number of international flights into the Charles Kirkconnell International Airport to offer travel from all Caribbean Islands.

On Little Cayman, she intends extend the present airstrip west for the and to build a new terminal with rental shops and a cafeteria, secured luggage area and a new fire station to accommodate future tourism numbers. She also wants to see a helicopter pad as well as proper lighting of the runway in case of emergency evacuations, departures or arrivals. “This will be topped off with a permanent ‘Tourism Ambassador’ booth for arrivals and departures at both airports in the Sister Islands.

Besides tourism, McCoy-Moore plan to revitalize Caymanian Heritage by encouraging local entertainments, preserving landmarks and promoting more agriculture and self-sustainability in farming and livestock.

She promises to hold meetings with local offices and offshore companies to persuade them to relocate to the Brac and/or Little Cayman, highlighting the Sister Islands’ minimal traffic, low cost of living, peaceful and safe environment, their solid infrastructure and and multiple daily flights to Grand Cayman.

To encourage this relocation, she intends to restructure the work permit process for the Sister Islands, and make sure the Immigration, Planning Department and Liquor Licensing Boards have members with a clear idea of what the people want the Sister Islands to be in the future.

In addition, to increase connectivity and integration between the Sister Islands she want to encourage inter-island boat passenger travel between the government dock on Little Cayman and Scott’s Dock on Cayman Brac, which should be extended to provide better parking of boats and have a marine fuel area so vessels can dock up and refuel. The Port Authority on the Brac should be upgraded and a proper facility built for Little Cayman. 

Security and protection:

To discourage smuggling, illegal immigrants, poachers and drug runners in the waters off the Sister Islands, McCoy Moore says there should be a coastguard patrol boat and crews located on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. She also believes there should be stricter laws regarding the harvesting of marine life.


If elected, McCoy-Moore says she will fulfill a promise that was made more than two decades ago, which is to complete the installation of underground piped water for the Eastern districts on Cayman Brac and to also put in piped water on Little Cayman.

Little Cayman needs new roads and for existing roads to be widened with a side path for joggers, pedestrians and bicycles. They must also have new signs, buffers and road safety measures to keep people safe while they travel, she says.

Cell phone coverage needs to be upgraded for certain areas on both islands with new towers. In addition, an emergency siren alarm system should be set up on the towers to instantly warn residents when there is an earthquake so they can seek safety on higher ground or shelter against the possible threat of high flood waters.

In addition, there should be a minimum of three emergency staircases built up the Bluff in front of the Layman E. Scott Sr. High School in case of a tsunami warning, and the hurricane trailers should be refurbished and placed on the Bluff edge to house the student during this emergency, she says.

Providing new infrastructures and expanding current facilities and accommodations for government workers will also be a priority for the candidate. McCoy-Moore plans to provide new or renovated government buildings and housing for fire and police departments, the coastguard, PWD, airline personnel and any other visiting government workers. The hurricane shelter should be rebuilt to three storeys and constructed of solid cement walls and ceilings with roof access, as well as a new command centre room, and a water, food and medical storage area.

To boost trade on Little Cayman, she intends to improve the Salt Rock Dock with new methods of machinery and storage in loading and offloading of cargo. The island also needs a proper dock on the north side so that, in the event of a diving incident, the person can be treated in a timely manner. The south side dock at Blossom Village Park should be demolished and reconstructed. These projects will include better boat ramps and proper lighting.

Climate change:

Preserving Cayman’s natural beauty on the land and under the sea is essential for the islands to thrive. Therefore, McCoy-Moore will work hard to preserve national and historical areas and create new ones for the conservation of heritage and wildlife, while also creating a new system for the Sister Islands garbage dumps so we can all unite our efforts in the fight against climate change by recycling waste, especially plastic, glass and metal products.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All the best

    • Anonymous says:

      Fix Scott’s dock, finish concreting the west side and take out the big loose Rock’s in the water there, so boats from Grand can come an tie up there and spend some money on the Brac

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lunacy…these are all pipe dreams sold to those who don’t realise she cannot possible deliver any of this fantasy. The airport cannot physically be extended west it won’t be allowed under international standards, govt doesn’t own the 12 parcels of land required. Caymanians who want quality education for their children are not interested i a one room Little House on the Prairie schoolhouse. Caymanians are not interested in living full-time in LC. A tradeschool on the Bluff and 300 bed hospital …this is not ‘build it and they will come.’ Who is going to support these facilities? People wake up she has no clue how to finance any of this or make it work long term..we can all dream and propose fiction but she has no way to deliver any of this.

    Support leadership that lives in firmly grounded reality and who has worked hard to sustain the Brac and LC not a dreamer who cannot read a balance sheet. She has no track record of business success in anything.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Waste of time

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hope one day you do get into office Ms. Maxine! I can tell your heart is in the right place but you run against a political monster.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like her, she has always been warm and welcoming when I have met her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Little Cayman does not need a high school – what a waste of funds. As it is, a lead teacher should be hired who can teach PE, music, etc. as in the past. Is that so hard to find?

      • Little Cayman says:

        First, you need to understand that Little Cayman can have a school that accommodates all ages, and more families will seek solitude, safety in a perfectly stress-free environment to raise and educate a family. This will also attract more Caymanians to hold jobs on the Sister Islands. The current MP is not paying attention to this for the last 4 terms.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let’s give her an A+ for effort and determination I think she now holds the record with most times trying. Wow why loose your $1000 for something you will never win unless it’s no one else in the race.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Ms. Mary Lawrence of Cayman Brac!

    Finally she became Speaker under MacKeeva….

    I wish a better fate for Maxine.