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West Bay Central

Ebanks-Wilks, Katherine (IND)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Ebanks, Eugene (IND)

Number of registered voters = 1,181

West Bay West

Bush, W. McKeeva

Unsuccessful candidate:
Ebanks, Mario (IND)

Number of registered voters = 1,267

West Bay North

Bush, Bernie (IND)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Anglin, Rolston (IND)

Number of registered voters = 1,312

West Bay South

Ebanks, Andre (IND)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Nicholson-Coe, Raul (IND)

Number of registered voters = 1,537

George Town North

Hew, Joey (PPM)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Moxam, Johann (IND)

Number of registered voters = 1,297

George Town Central

Bryan, Kenneth (IND)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Cornwall, Frank (PPM)

Number of registered voters = 1,404

George Town West

Wight, David (PPM)

Unsuccessful candidates:
McGaw-Lumsden, Pearlina (IND)
Webster, Kenrick (IND)
Solomon, Ellio (IND)

Number of voters = 1,285

George Town South

Conolly, Barbara (PPM)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Lindsay, Alric (IND)

Number of voters =1,335

George Town East

McTaggart, Roy (PPM)

Unsuccessful candidates:
Bernard, Richard (IND)
DeCou, Emily (IND)
Hislop Rowlandson, Christina (IND)
McField, Frank (IND)

Number of voters =1,459

Red Bay

McLaughlin, Alden (PPM)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Jackson, Samuel (IND)

Number of registered voters =1,320


Turner, Sabrina (IND)

Unsuccessful candidates:
Myles, Michael (IND)
Harris, Austin (Alliance)

Number of registered voters = 1,340


Panton, Wayne (IND)

Unsuccessful candidates:
Suckoo, Alva (Alliance)

Carter, Roydell (IND)
Gonzales, Raul (IND)

Number of registered voters = 1,487


Bodden, Heather (IND)

Unsuccessful candidates:
Eden, Malcolm (IND)
Williams, Jeanna (IND)

Number of registered voters = 1,466

Bodden Town West

Saunders, Chris (IND)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Frederick, Vincent (IND)

Number of registered voters = 1,591

Bodden Town East

Seymour, Dwayne (Alliance)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Bodden, Osbourne (IND)

Number of registered voters = 1,664

North Side

Ebanks, Jay (IND)

Unsuccessful candidate:
Miller, Ezzard (IND)
Broderick, Debra (IND)
Ebanks, Justin (IND)

Number of registered voters = 836

East End

Rankine, Isaac Douglas (IND)

Unsuccessful candidates:
McLean, Arden (IND)
Frederick, McCleary (IND)

Number of registered voters = 769

Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman

Kirkconnell, Moses (PPM)

Unsuccessful candidate:
McCoy-Moore, Maxine (IND)

Number of registered voters = 582

Cayman Brac East

O’Connor-Connolly, Juliana (PPM)

Unsuccessful candidate:
McKeeva, Elvis (IND)

Number of registered voters = 477

See Elections Office breakdown of winners here.

The winners are:

1Cayman Brac East – Juliana O’Connor-Connolly9Newlands – Wayne Panton
2Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman – Moses Kirkconnell10Bodden Town West – Christopher Saunders
3Bodden Town East – Dwayne Seymour11Savannah – Heather Bodden
4Red Bay – Alden McLaughlin12Prospect – Sabrina Turner
5George Town East – Roy McTaggart13George Town Central – Kenneth Bryan
6George Town South – Barbara Conolly14West Bay South – Andre Ebanks
7George Town West – David Wight15West Bay Central – Katherine Ebanks-Wilks
8George Town North – Joey Hew16West Bay North – Bernie Bush
17North Side – Jay Ebanks
18East End – Isaac Rankine
19West Bay West – McKeeva Bush

Total number of voters = 23,609
Female = 12,718
Male = 10,891

Voters by Gender

Voters by Age

Click to enlarge breakdown of age and district (GIS graphic)
Click to enlarge breakdown by gender, percentage and age (GIS graphic)

Candidates and parties/affiliations (subject to change):


  1. Alden McLaughlin
  2. Roy McTaggart
  3. Joey Hew
  4. Barbara Conolly
  5. David Wight
  6. Frank Cornwall
  7. Moses Kirkconnell
  8. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly


  1. Austin Harris
  2. Dwayne Seymour
  3. Alva Suckoo
  4. Vincent Frederick

IND – lean PPM

  1. Isaac Rankine

West Bay Group

  1. McKeeva Bush
  2. Rolston Anglin
  3. Eugene Ebanks

IND – lean WBG

  1. Raul Nicholson-Coe


Community Creates Country

  1. Wayne Panton
  2. Heather Bodden
  3. Osbourne Bodden

IND Alliance

  1. Johann Moxam
  2. Sammy Jackson
  3. Alric Lindsay
  4. Chris Saunders
  5. Bernie Bush


  1. André Ebanks
  2. Malcolm Eden
  3. Kenneth Brayn
  4. Ezzard Miller
  5. Katherine Ebanks-Wilks
  6. Mario Ebanks
  7. Michael Myles
  8. Arden McLean
  9. Elvis McKeever
  10. Sabrina Turner
  11. Emily DeCou
  12. Maxine McCoy-Moore
  13. Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden
  14. McCleary Frederick
  15. Jay Ebanks
  16. Justin Ebanks
  17. Debra Broderick
  18. Jeanna Williams
  19. Raul Gonzales
  20. Roydell Carter
  21. Richard Bernard
  22. Frank McField
  23. Kenrick Webster
  24. Ellio Solomon
  25. Christina Hislop Rowlandson

Current Members of Parliament

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