Alden McLaughlin

| 26/07/2020

Alden McLaughlin (PPM): Red Bay MP,
Premier, Minister of International Trade, Investment, Aviation and Maritime Affairs (MITIAMA).


McLaughlin has been a member of the Legislative Assembly since 2000. He served as the Minister of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports and Culture from 2005-2009, and has served as premier since May 2013.

He is a founding member of the People’s Progressive Movement, which was led by Kurt Tibbetts until his retirement in 2011. Since then the party has been led by McLaughlin.

He spearheaded the new Cayman Islands Constitution, which was approved in the country’s first referendum in May 2009. For his contribution to constitutional development in the Cayman Islands, he was awarded the MBE. in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2010.

Following the May 2013 elections, McLaughlin became premier for the first time.

Following employment as a civil servant, 1984 he joined the firm of Charles Adams, Ritchie and Duckworth, where he was made a partner in 1993. He retired from the firm in March 2006, following his re-election and first appointment as a Cabinet Minister.

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