50 contenders declare for 2021

| 01/03/2021
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(CNS): The snap election called by Premier Alden McLaughlin appears to have had an impact on the potential field of candidates for this general election. Just fifty people have formally declared for the 2021 race for the 19 constituencies, the lowest number of runners for several general elections. There are many more head to head races than expected, giving challengers a chance at taking some incumbent scalps.

But there are a couple of very crowded fields, in particular George Town East, where four contenders are throwing their hats into the ring to try and take down the heir apparent for the coalition government, Roy McTaggart.

The challengers to McTaggart, the current finance minister and likely next premier, includes former Cabinet minister Dr Frank Field. Three new political faces, Emily DeCou, Christina Hislop Rowlandson and Richard Bernard, make this race the most crowded, which is very likely to ensure McTaggart an easy ride back to Parliament.

Ezzard Miller, however, has a battle on his hands with three contenders. In this case a crowded race may not favour the incumbent as two of his contenders could be poaching his votes while the forth is understood to have the backing, if not yet the open support, of the Progressives.

Newlands is also a crowded race and Alva Suckoo may find that being the opposition incumbent is not as comfortable as holding the seat as a government representative. With former financial services minister Wayne Panton a clear danger to Suckoo, the addition of the former Department of Environmental Health director Roydell Carter and businessman Raul Gonzales may not help the deputy opposition leader hold on.

Meanwhile, David Wight is likely to be assisted by the contenders in his four-way race for the constituency of George Town West, where Kenrick Webster and former UDP colleagues Ellio Solomon and Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden are challenging him for the seat, all of whom are no strangers to the hustings.

In the rest of the seats there are three 3-way races and 12 head to head match-ups, which will make for some interesting campaigns better designed for the one-man-one vote system.

Over the next few days the Elections Office will establish the qualifications of the candidates, as there are already one or two question marks surrounding a very small number of those who have put themselves forward.

Even though the Elections Office had to bring the entire process forward by six weeks at very short notice, Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell said that the process went very well.

“Nomination Day activities ran like clockwork today,” he said. “It was a testament to the efforts of our staff over the last few weeks as they worked tirelessly getting ready for today’s logistics, preparing materials, ensuring transportation ran smoothly, and training for accepting nominations. I’m so proud of the professionalism of the entire team and would like to thank the Elections Office team, the RCIPS, the Accounts team from the Portfolio of the Civil Service, and Treasury on Cayman Brac for their assistance in making this possible.”

Contested elections will be announced by Howell on Thursday, 4 March.

See the full list of nominations on the CNS Interactive Map.

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  1. Curious Caymanian says:

    Can someone please provide me with some insight on the freemasons or “Lodge”? How much influence do they actually have? Uncle Dart a member too?

  2. We all need to vote says:

    As it stands, candidates win because out of 70 people that vote, 60 vote for them—this is why more and more people do not bother to come out to vote.
    The election law needs to be changed so that a candidate requires 50+1 percent of the #TOTAL registered voters in their constituency to win. Only then will the results truly reflect the will of the #majority.

    • Anonymous says:

      If someone doesn’t get 50+% then have a runoff between the top two. This would eliminate the folks who can win a four race with 30% of the vote, but would only get that same 30% in a runoff because the other 70% hate them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And this is why we need to go back to our old style of elections, this district election is stupid, elected members getting a salary of over 120k for only 400 votes. This isn’t even 2% of the voting population.
    Plus look at my district RB, two donkey’s running, not much of a choice, so I would be voting again.. WTF.
    I prefer the other way, 4 votes, I could pick 4 people of not, usually over the last 7 elections I have voted I would choose 1,2 or 3 persons, I never have picked four.

    We need to change this now.

    • ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg says:

      Just give everyone up to 19 votes so we can pick the best of the bunch.

  4. Anonymous says:

    * NB: The so-called “Independent” candidates must gather, re-read and study the verdict given, and lessons from May 2017.

    Sadly, at that time, the voters firmly rejected a continuation of the past UDP/CDP and PPM dogma. There was no clear leadership mandate given to either party, yet they successfully snatched control and formed a frankenstein-government, by virtue of the “Independent” confusion, issue-misalignment, avaricious bargaining, and disarray in the post-election weekend aftermath.

    Now is the time to get your banners aligned BEFORE April 15. That unifying issue is countering the entrenched corruption of the past. If you’re running on any platform that’s not that, and there is no vocal and unequivocal renouncing of the characters, injustices, and ways of the past, then don’t expect a win, or plan a ticker-tape parade.

    For the absence of doubt, the voters don’t just want past corruption brushed under the rug, we want that old rug pulled up and shaken sternly over the railing. Unify, win, form a government and serve us please.

    – Everybody

  5. Anonymous says:

    No weed no vote! Elvis for minister of agriculture!

    • Anonymous says:

      Outta all of these 50+ Muppets there IS only one REAL person.

      Elvis McKeever for Premier!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Roy McTaggart condones violence against women!
    No sane people would vote for those who didn’t condemn violence against women.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mr Moxam, do you believe the laws should be amended to reflect stricter penalties on those business owners who fail to make pension payments on behalf of their employees?

    • Anonymous says:

      There is one current MP whose family own a restaurant that has been avoiding pension payments despite repeated court cases.
      Ask him, not Johann.

      • Anonymous says:

        Someone is confused and it isn’t me.

        • Anonymous says:

          It would help if the police and anti corruption commission investigated, including as to the lack of effective enforcement by the ministry concerned. But they don’t. And they won’t. And out descent continues.

  8. Political Sabotage says:

    I wonder where the PPM’s Lurch and Uncle Fester going. Caymanians don’t be fooled if this government is reelected they are going to do unspeakable and obscene socio economic and environmental things to these islands and will be right back at the Port any how they get a mandate from voters. Look carefully at Who why and what exactly they are doing stop and listen carefully to political platitudes and promises in the next couple and weeks.Vote wisely on 14th April 2021 don’t let Covid 19 good deeds and mandatory or compulsory actions done out of necessity influence your decision only, think about of children’s future in the islands.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Now it is up to the voters to do their homework; honourable is as honourable does. Let’s not vote for dishonourable people.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Big up to both Roys! May God richly bless you!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Elvis for Premier 2021! Education Minister at the very least.