Line-ups and alignments remain unclear

| 01/03/2021

(CNS): Which candidates are aligning and who is running with the PPM-led coalition was still not clear Monday morning, as Nomination Day began and candidates headed to their district stations to formally declare their intention to run for office. While the Progressives unveiled their first campaign posters, which includes an ‘alliance logo’, it is still not clear who is in that alliance.

Meanwhile, it is also still not clear who the opposition leader intends to campaign with, as incumbents and challengers alike are all hedging their bets on who they may or may not work with once the vote is in.

McKeeva Bush is running on a West Bay ticket that appears to include Kenneth Bryan, though the George Town Central candidate has been seen at several political meetings, including that of Alva Suckoo. Bush has not stated where he stands in relation to the Progressive line-up, as both sides eye up the possibility of new coalitions without each other.

Despite being the only formal and formed political party in these elections, the Progressives have not held their national congress this year to formally nominated and endorse their candidates. This appears to be because the party will not be running a candidate in every district. The PPM is sticking with the coalition line-up, but whether or not that includes Bush remains to be seen.

It appears that Alden McLaughlin, who is spearheading the PPM campaign, is hoping for a coalition that does not need Bush to steer the party to victory and Roy McTaggart to the job of premier, but it is also clear that he will not be burning any bridges to West Bay.

McLaughlin is barred constitutionally from holding the leadership job, but if he retains his Red Bay seat, he has made it clear that he will be seeking a Cabinet post, which will blur the lines of leadership.

Meanwhile, incumbent Chris Saunders (BTW) is aligning with Johann Moxam, Sammy Jackson and Alric Lindsey in an ‘independent’ alliance, while Wayne Panton, Heather Bodden and Osbourne Bodden are looking to dominate the Bodden Town poll.

While Ezzard Miller in North Side had hoped to establish a new political party for this election, COVID-19 has made the creation of the Cayman Islands People’s Party a challenge. But Miller will be offering his support to some of the new younger candidates who are throwing their hats into the ring.

However, with the PPM reportedly backing Jay Ebanks and two other contenders fighting in the district for just over 830 votes, Miller’s attention will be focused on retaining his own very narrow majority.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who is the Alliance that the PPM ha on all of their ads..

    Is this something they are keeping secret and think we shouldn’t know about?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have made the decision that I will not vote for anyone that calls themselves and independent and then aligns themselves with the PPM or UDP.

    Tara and Austin are two that played it safe to get re-elected calling themselves independents but all the time they were just puppets for the PPM/UDP coalition and had no say or should I say chose to be puppets rather than speaking their own minds.

    Anyone that can keep their mouths shut while a convicted criminal is sitting in the Speakers seat shouldn’t even run again for election. Tara is a shameful disappointment being a woman in power especially in these times to not stand for the hundreds maybe thousands of women on these islands that are being physically and mentally abused…worse she was the Minister for Gender Affairs. This will be her legacy unfortunately..

    As for Austin, him calling out McKeeva would be like the pot calling the kettle black..Birds of a feather.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Before anything else the PPM must tell the voting public who or what is The Alliance which they are members of?
    How can anyone support the PPM without that critical piece of information?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stronger, safer future – my arse.
    You don’t need crystal balls to tell the future.
    Here it is.
    Politicians make promises that they know they cannot keep.
    Politicians get rich.
    Lodge appointments in all vital areas of government.
    Spiralling cost of living.
    Caymanians marginalized in their own islands.
    Dart buys the remainder of the islands.
    The Regiment gets stronger.
    Traffic gets worse.
    Unrest in the community.
    The Regiment gets even stronger.
    Lee is not fired by Roper for his part in the CBD scandal.
    This is the news going forward. Nothing will change for the better.
    Nothing ever changes for the better when dishonest wolves rule a society of compliant sheep.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have no faith in electing men to rule over me and pass laws that I do not agree with.
    I believe in do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    Politics is too open to corruption and needs to be eliminated.

    • Anonymous says:

      We can’t just have anarchy. Even before civilization, a tribe still had a leader.
      There are several viable candidates running in this election who aren’t PPM/CDP henchmen and who genuinely want the best for this country. But will the people vote for them? I hope so.

  6. Catcha FIRE says:

    Cayman it is clear we need to move forward and make some of these political dinosaurs become fossils along with their very old and corrupt alliances and family hegemony’s that continue to dictate and influence or political and economic outcomes for the sole interest of them and family so called dynasties. Already we see the secret and clandestine cabal meetings to discuss how to spread their corrupting influence and propagate slave like ownership of certain political candidates. Whilst isolating and containing others they deem unfit to serve them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Once upon a time Bush and McLaughlin were also “new” and here we are. Let’s hear them out and give them a chance.

    • Anonymous says:

      In many countries, politics mostly attract the lowest common denominators and Cayman is no exception.

      Get used to it and stop talking about all of these new bright candidates coming through.

      If that additional wind-bag in GTN is any indicator of the future then heaven help us all!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kenneth Bryan openly supporting MacBeater?! If so, he deserves to lose GTC. Excuse me while I lose my supper!

    • Anonymous says:

      Kenneth need to go big time

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone else out there prepared to pay water bills, electric bills, phone bills, and throw in a bit extra for those eager for handouts in Central?

    • Anonymous says:

      You think Kenneth bad now? You should have been at school with him. He was a disrespectful disruptive little prick.

      • Hafoo says:

        Yea,you envious piece of s**t.People change,some for good,others for worse.I really hope you have also done so since school.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I strongly encourage the independents to seek cohesion from now; find common ground around the various incomplete projects (plenty to choose from!) and liaise with a view to completing them. We do not need all of you to rediscover fire or reinvent the wheel.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was honestly expecting a lot more new faces. Doesn’t look like much choice in many districts, including GT East for example.

  11. Anonymous says: