Suckoo returns to PPM fold

| 15/03/2021 | 35 Comments
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Suckoo is welcomed back to the party

(CNS): The long rumoured return of Alva Suckoo to the Progressives was confirmed Saturday night at the launch of the party’s election campaign, when the former deputy leader of the opposition announced he would be running with the PPM-led alliance. Suckoo, who is campaigning for a seat in Newlands, resigned from the party and government benches in 2016, largely in opposition to the advancement of LGBT rights.

He campaigned in 2017 as an independent, and after ousting Wayne Panton spent the last four years being a critic of the current administration. But on Saturday he said he was joining the alliance because of how well government had handled the pandemic.

Long before the official election campaign began Suckoo had been distancing himself from the current opposition leader, Arden McLean, but had refused to confirm he was running on the Progressive platform.

However, the MP who has jumped sides on the political playing field on a number of occasions, said his committee had given him the green light to join what is now a team of twelve, after the independent candidate and underdog for Bodden Town West, Vincent Frederick, announced that he, too, had joined the PPM-led alliance. Suckoo said he needed to work with a group that can get things done.

He said he had been in opposition for too long, which was why he had “no hesitation in joining this alliance”. He said that what he had delivered for Newlands he had only managed to do as a result of the Unity government.

But in the past Suckoo has been a harsh critic of the government. In his official statement when he left the party, he claimed the move was about more than the issues surrounding same-sex marriage and his concerns ran much deeper than that debate.

“The very foundations upon which we built our country are now under attack and I firmly believe that we, the people’s representatives, must now make a stand to protect those values, cultural beliefs and Christian principles that have served these Islands for so long,” he stated at the time.

But on Saturday Alden McLaughlin welcomed him back as ‘the prodigal son’. He said he was “delighted to have Alva back on side” and that he understood that if you want to get a job done you can’t do it in the opposition; you need to be in government.

“I again put out my appeal, come home sinners, come home,” he said, without naming the former PPM members who have left the party. However, most former PPM members, such as Kenneth Bryan and Panton, are now being challenged by members of the alliance, making it far less likely for those former PPM members would “come home”.

When McLaughlin took to the stage at the launch it was not as leader of the party, since Roy McTaggart was confirmed in that role at the party’s national council meeting on Friday night. At that meeting McLaughlin was elected as party chairman, as Antony Duckworth, who has been trying to leave that post for years, was finally able to step down. But the move makes it clear that, even though McLaughlin would not be premier in any new PPM-led government, he would certainly be in a leadership position.

But on Saturday night he claimed that he has no further political ambition because he has been to the top of the mountain and he did not need to go any further. He said he was only running this time around because he had been persuaded that he should in order to offer his advice and experience and because of his love and concern for country.

McLaughlin, campaigning on a platform of fear, implied that it would take just a couple of bad decisions by McLean or Ezzard Miller for the coronavirus to run wild, though he did not provide any reasoning as to why this might happen, suggesting that they or Johann Moxam would be the leaders of another government.

McTaggart made his first campaign speech as the party leader, touting what he said was the financial success of the country and management of public finances. Continuing the theme that is emerging for the Progressives’ campaign, he blamed COVID-19 for all the things the government had not done.

Austin Harris, who is now clearly just one red tie short of joining the PPM, though he has continued to claim he remains an independent, acted as master of ceremonies for the night. He said that people should watch out and not be surprised when more candidates are announced as part of the alliance before the 14 April.

As she closed the campaign launch, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, who has now been in politics for more than a quarter of a century, also outlined the possibility of recruiting other candidates. O’Connor-Connolly, who is being challenged by Elvis McKeever in Cayman Brac East, also has a history jumping around the political landscape. She was a founding member of the UDP, then ran in 2013 on a People’s National Alliance platform, before she joined the PPM after those elections.

Now firmly aboard the PPM ship, she spoke of the Progressive anchor being lowered in other constituencies where there are as yet no alliance candidates, including East End, North Side and West Bay.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He has sealed his fate..He won’t get elected this time and when he decides to run again the people of Newlands will remember this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope his committee has a lot of members because I can tell you this Newlands voter ain’t voting for him again..Nothing but a worthless sell out.

    So glad he did it now though rather than when he got in, Now we can make sure he isn’t elected.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Suckoo’s word is like a basket without a bottom. I trust nothing that comes from his mouth. Saddest excuse for a politician he is so disappointing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Poor Alva, he doesn’t realize when they come to get him, the only reason is for the PPM to have enough numbers to form another government.

    i am so sick of these politicians that will do anything and sell their souls for position power and money.

    Alva, count the days until april 14th. Wayne didn’t get elected because the people of Newlands didn’t want a PPM member anymore. You got lucky by a few votes..won’t happen this time and I know this was one of those votes that you got last time that you won’t be getting again.

  5. Topaz says:

    Welcome back to the FOLD you mean SOLD ! Those politicians who have sold us out ! Now telling us we must be thankful for Free Vaccines is it just me or have you noticed how just unfamiliar and selfish Cayman has become lately . The Cayman way of life is being decimated rather quickly almost defunct now! Given way now to political and economic expansion and expediency! Jamaica in the 1960’s 70’s Soon Come Cayman Political violence & independence ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    BASIC (starting points) criteria for deserving a vote:

    *️⃣publicly condemned violence against women
    *️⃣has called for House Speaker McKeeva Bush to either resign or be removed
    *️⃣publicly condemned homophobia
    *️⃣is an active member of Cruise Port Referendum Cayman

    • Anonymous says:

      Well noted however he was a tad slow to react which suggests his statements had a political angle and definitely didn’t come from his heart.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Prodigal son? Sinner? Boy, gotta love that. Suck it up Al. Anything to get that electoral support, huh? You have no pride at all, eh dawg.

  8. Cayman Sanction says:

    Hopefully on 14th April 2021 we can wipe that stupid ppm grin of Mr Suckoo’s face ! And a few more too ! Already gearing up for their win Cayman and the continue assault of Cayman it’s people and it’s way of life and it’s environment. What a disgrace a party who started off on principles of protecting Caymanians and their rights has metamorphosis into a corrupt power hungry construction dollar monster who is prepared to do just about anything against its own people to finance their selfish ego and opulent lifestyles of their foreign supporters and themselves at all cost PPM pimps prostitution Monkeys

  9. Anonymous says:

    He is a coward, I have no respect for cowards.
    Vote Chris Saunders

  10. Opie Taylor paperboy from Mayberry says:

    Ali suckoo make good of it now buddie boy $30,000 to help you adjust to retirement at Full of Beans cafe so you can chat wid da Boyz about the way it use to be ! You going down Bra

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wayne Panton will win Newlands.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Pathetic sell out!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Alva has just disqualified himself from representational politics. It’s time to move on.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What a coward! Can’t even stand on his own two feet. Just another politician looking for power and more money.

    Ministerial seat? He better hopes he gets elected.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Alva…Bought and paid for by the PPM..

    No vote from me this time.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Alva saw himself losing to Wayne this time and thought jumping back into the PPM would help him. Just another typical politician looking to ensure he gets elected rather than standing on his principles and being a statesman. If he thinks Alden is going to give him a ministers seat, good luck.

    I was going to give him another chance but this sealed a “no” vote for me. I want someone I can trust before he gets elected not one that changes his stance and political beliefs a month before the election. How could anyone trust him anymore?

    He is now bought and paid for by the PPM and if he is that easily bought and sold, I want nothing more to do with him.

  17. Anonymous says:

    He did not have to join the PPM for my family not to vote for him. Wasted votes the last election, not this time. Anyone that will go on a public platform and lie to the people…will also steal. Will support Wayne Panton.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This island is a complete sh!tshow.

  19. George Towner says:

    Who says you can’t get anything done being an Opposition? You can sure hold people accountable and make the country aware of things they need to know. I wish Alva had spoke to me before leaving the watchdog position. Nothing is wrong being a good watchdog!

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly! Good Democracy requires a good opposition side! Don’t these morons know that? Shadow posts in some Oppositions! There is no shame in that! But they’re just about themselves and the shit about they can’t get anything done for “their” people is a farce, just to be on the “in” with whichever party or coalition is in power. So it’s all about power for them and “their” people to be corrupt, not to help the people in general!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Is he going back to support the ‘progressive’ view on LGBTQ, or are they moving to his?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see him with the Alliance rather than with the former opposition members who seem to be trying to make Arden premier again. God help us if that happens!

  22. Anonymous says:

    What a loser, the back bone that was forming slowly broke quickly under pressure. What on earth could he have been offered? What a mess!!! Independents you have to come together to get these PPM vultures out!!!

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    So what exactly is his stance on LGBT rights now? Typical flip flopping politician with no true convictions. Just does whatever gives him the best chance of winning. #pathetic.

  25. Anonymous says:

    At this point Alva is just going where the wind blows. I’m convinced his tactics are merely to retain a seat. How do you publicly change alliances once they upset you and still expect the voters to have trust and faith in you? (both strong words for politics) Alva, sorry but your reign is over as you’re confused AF!

  26. Onward Christian Soldiers says:

    Newlands get road extension MLA abandon his post cause he never get Leader of opposition da loosers!Coincidence ????? Mann you cannot make this shit up unfortunately we got live it! Vote SucKOOOO the PPM Cutthroat!OUT Newlands!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I respect that politicians change their minds on issues at times. However, this flip-flop-flam that Suckoo has displayed raises the question if voters can have confidence in him and his positions.

    Seems he’s just looking for a sure “in” for himself. Of course PPM don’t mind, just another number to them!


  28. Anonymous says:

    He soon jump ship again

  29. Anonymous says:



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