Mobile voting plans rolled out

| 18/03/2021

(CNS): The Elections Office has announced the dates, times and locations for mobile voting. Anyone unable to visit the mobile voting locations, such as those in hospital or a residential care facility, will be visited by a mobile team from the Elections Office, either in their home or institution. Mobile voting is available to any registered voter who is on island but unable to visit a polling station on Election Day because of their job but is able to get to an early mobile station. The deadline for both mobile and postal voting applications is Tuesday, 6 April.

See mobile voting times and locations here

Registered mobile voters will be able to go to the designated locations at the dates and times published in the table linked above. In all locations except Little Cayman, if voting is not completed by 6pm, the team will continue polling voters the following day during the same hours, election officials said.

Those who qualify for mobile voting and are first-time voters or whose change of address officially comes into effect in the 1 April Register of Electors will be able to vote after 1 April 2021 on their electoral district’s mobile voting date.

The Elections Office said it continues to work closely with Public Health officials on safe mobile voting arrangements for those remaining voters who will be quarantining in the days leading up to and including Election Day and were not able to vote via postal ballot.

Tentative dates for mobile isolation and quarantine voting have been set for 10 and 11 April. Further details and confirmation on dates will be provided to the public in the coming days, officials said. The deadline for applying for this special isolation/quarantine mobile voting is also Tuesday, 6 April.

The Elections Act (2021 Revision) permits individuals who are absent or are likely to be absent from the islands on Election Day to vote via postal ballot and postal voting is already underway.

Given the current uncertainties around travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals travelling in the weeks leading up to Election Day on Wednesday, 14 April may encounter disruptions to their plans. As such, voters who are planning a return trip to the Cayman Islands at the end of March or early April are strongly encouraged to apply for postal voting at their earliest convenience.

Application forms for mobile voting can be downloaded here.
See details on the Elections Office website here.

Applications for postal voting can be downloaded here.
See details on the Elections Office website here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The CI Post Office has put out/kept in place a COVID notice to international postmaster generals that the Cayman Islands isn’t open to accepting any international postal mail. Not even from the States. I recently received a thick wad of soiled Christmas cards that were post marked from November. Even locally, a package that I ordered in the states, with USPS tracking, was shown scanned in at Grand Cayman Customs in December, and we don’t know where that is. What is going on here? Why aren’t there people being fired? Obstructing mail delivery is a felony in any other country. How do we expect/trust postal ballots to get back here safely, and on time, and not be meddled with in some way once they are here, given what is already going on with regular mail?