‘Stop worrying about de gays’ says Elvis

| 19/03/2021
Cayman News Service
McKeever at the Chamber Forum

(CNS): Elvis McKeever was given the debate floor on Thursday evening after the incumbent for Cayman Brac East and the current education minister, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, declined the invitation to attend the Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum alongside her challenger. McKeever, attending via Zoom, took the opportunity to offer his support to the gay community, in stark contrast to his opponent, who has fought relentlessly against gay rights.

“Stop worrying about de gays, De gays not doing anything,” he said, as he pointed out that society’s ills were fuelled more by irresponsible fathers that anyone in the LGBT community.

While he is campaigning with the slogan of ‘No Weed, No vote’, given his strong advocacy for the legalisation of the use and commercial cultivation of ganja, McKeever outlined a wider green agenda.

He also tackled issues such as the management of the insurance sector, greening Cayman Brac’s economy, the possibility of a marina development to fuel sports fishing tourism that does not impact the environment, and the more controversial proposal of a casino.

McKeever said that any claim that cruise ships could boost the Brac’s tourism sector was a myth for a number of reasons, not least the island’s geographical position, and urged a focus on the things that would expand its overnight visitor numbers instead. He said the legalisation of ganja and gambling could have a massive positive impact and fuel the growth of the island’s economy.

Demonstrating a clear awareness of the numerous challenges facing Caymanians, McKeever made it clear that his policy platform goes beyond the ganja issue. But he also made it clear that he would only work to form a government with people who supported that policy position.

Spelling out his position on ganja, McKeever said he did not want to see just the decriminalisation of marijuana but wanted the country to go well beyond that. “I want to see full legalisation for adult recreational purposes,” he said, describing a commercial environment where it is properly licensed.

To pay back those who have suffered and were punished for its use, and to ensure that big business is kept out of the potential future sector, local Caymanians must control the cultivation and commercial operations, he said.

Already ploughing his own election furrow by contrasting sharply with his opponent on ganja, gambling and greening the economy, McKeever also offered an entirely opposition position to O’Connor-Connolly on the Civil Partnership Law. He said he did not believe God had anything to say about it because man wrote the Bible, he said, as he offered his support for the right to marry.

“The sad part about it is I never heard about no gay person robbing nobody. Dey working, dey building their houses, driving their cars, they’re spending their money, dey minding dey own business but everybody is running them down,” he said.

“I’d rather see gays married as they not running down societies like wutless fathers,” he added, and went on to criticise men who father children with numerous women and fail to take responsibility for them. “Stop worrying about de gays; de gays not doing anything,” he added.

McKeever also called out all of the government members for taking “the cowards way out” by calling an early election because they were afraid to demand that McKeeva Bush step down as speaker.

He said he was looking forward to represent the people of CBE but recognised that it would not be easy. While a lot of people had given up on him over the years, he had not given up on himself, he said, and he still looks for the good in everyone. He said he was looking for the good in the people of CBE, as he asked for their support.

“I will be a good representative,” he said. “I will represent you with honesty… and integrity to the best of my ability. Please support me. I need your vote and Elvis McKeever will not let you down.”

O’Connor-Connolly, who did not attend the debate because she said she had another engagement, may not be taking her challenger seriously, but McKeever made it clear that he is a serious contender.

In 2017 the incumbent took 55% of the vote in CBE, which in the smallest district in the Cayman Islands was just 225 votes. But with a slight increase in registered voters since then, even if McKeever cannot convert a single vote from O’Connor Connolly, a full turnout still gives him a road to Parliament.

Watch the CBE forum on the Chamber YouTube channel below:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Elvis should propose that weed be legal in the Brac and Little Cayman but not on the big island. This would encourage a new set of tourist targeted only to the smaller islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      I put it to Kirconnel when I visited his office 14 years ago that the Brac could go for eco-tourism, rock climbing, etc. Legalizing weed for such traffic would work too as long as you maintain the high-dollar tourist as target (and not let global backpackers consume the area without leaving $$$$$).

  2. Dexter Layman Ebanks says:

    After reading all the Blogs/Comments I feel compelled to reply =
    For those that are putting or trying to put Elvis down for his honesty it’s Pathetic = Don’t you realize that being a Hypocrite is a SIN =
    You should be shame of yourself going to Church one day a week and feel that is what is required of you to see the Supreme one we call GOD =
    You can read your Bible from Genesis to Rivalations and most will say ” Oh! I understand the Bible ” but forget what the Bible Truly represent and that is GOD ALMIGHTY =
    FOOD for THOUGHT = Would GOD put the Lesbians
    and Gays down “I know he wouldn’t” because he’s a GOD of Love – Compassion and Respect for everyone =
    I am living proof that he lives because back in November 2015 I was diagnozed with stage 4
    Throat Cancer and I am still here in 2021
    Remember to be near to God you have to have to be more like him =
    Election Time brings out the worse in us causing stress – plitting families and friends apart
    Do you think that Polititians care about anyone other than themselves after the Election day has passed ” I don’t think so ”
    I would love for everyone to make a promise each day that they will do one good deed for someone =
    Remember once you have made a promise – it’s a sin to to not keep it =
    Doing a favour doesn’t only mean given Money
    Example – If you see someone say hello to them and this could be a total stranger
    Remember there are a lot of Lonely people in the world and maybe not as blessed as you are
    Remember spiritality is a wonderful thing and one day you’ll feel much better about your self
    Elvis I wish you all the best and If I could vote for you I would but I live in Grand Cayman now
    Be the good person that you are and don’t let anyone get the best of you =
    If you hate someone for what done or said to you – then you become them = who do you want to
    Dexter Layman Ebanks = 916 /0754

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen Dexter..Some Caymanians are like crabs in a bucket, always trying to put people down instead of giving a helping hand.

      Yes, Elvis is a little rough around the edges but he speaks from the heart and speaks the truth and not politically correct like Julie.

      Sometimes the cold hard truth is something that hard for people to digest and accept.

      Elvis did an excellent job and Julie thought she was too good to be on the same stage with him. Shame on her!

      Cayman Brac East needs to show him some support and at least send a message to Julie that although she preaches God she is not God herself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Elvis has more common sense that most of the MP’s put together. Jamaicans if you don’t like how things are run here or going to be run here soon, please do us a favor, book your ticket and go home. simple!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well not even a few days and McKeever already having to deal with comments from the Jamaican community.

    They are aware that if he gets elected might actually be a MP there for Caymanians, so what do they do?

    The usual, try and make the world think Caymanians ‘hate them’, and this has worked on most MPs and other expats here because they are scared to address this issue and go right back to Jamaicans and let them know yes Cyamanians are first and how much more do they expect?

    They already have more than 1/4 candidates and only thing left for them to do to destroy Cayman is for them to get their MPs to leave UK, the country they hate but can’t wait to get Cayman passport so they can leave and go there.

    So leave the MPs alone, you all have representatives, don’t hear the British, Cnadaians, Cubans, Hondurans and Filipinos crying for a rep.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully Brackers wake-up and vote for Elvis. Weed is legal in most states and all of Canada now. Fighting it here is a waste of time and money.
    Ju Ju is a washed up Bible thumper. Time to vote her out!

  6. Anonymous says:

    When your choice of candidate is between a dopehead and a bigot, that certainly tells you something about the state of politics on these islands. Utterly laughable except that it’s no laughing matter. It’s actually very, very sad.
    Wur aw doomed. DOOMED! Private Frazer©️

    • Anonymous says:

      Stormed the Capitol lately?

    • Anonymous says:

      I smoke weed daily and make 6x the minimum wage. Elvis is a successful businessman in multiple ventures despite going through the system. Your generalizations are inaccurate.

      I’m also prescribed it so try me, boss. Pointless war against a medical plant harvested and used after using just soil, water and sunlight.

  7. Anonymous says:

    After election the challenger for CBE can go back to his usual routine, hang out at the usual places and not contribute anything worthwhile to any committee, organisation or community project in his district.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is so very true – other than talking about a plant and spray painting a slogan on a certain building – tell me just what the heck he has done for Brac in the past 4 years? past 8 years? past 20 years?

      So unna supporters please use this forum to outline all of the things your candidate has done, not just talked about.

      • Anonymous says:

        But unlike JuJu, he has done no harm.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can tell you, what he hasn’t done is use government funds to pave private driveways!

      • Anonymous says:

        Trust me if he could spend the People’s money like Julie has he would have put it to far better use.

        Paving people’s driveways and building buildings that are rarely used are not the things that put food on the table.

        Almost the entire population on the Brac is working for the government and the few people that own any type of business are the politicians or connected with them. We are still like slaves but like most Caymanians we raise these people up like they are gods and make them rule over us. Keep us uneducated and poor so that we are always dependent on their handouts while they reap the benefits .

      • Anonymous says:

        Elvis has not been in office yet. He doesn’t have the power or the resources to d anything as yet..

        What did Julie do before she was elected? Not a damn thing for Cayman Brac. It’s easy to say you are doing something for someone when you are not spending you own money.

        You think black topping roads is all we need in Cayman Brac? That ain’t feeding me and my family.

        Is bringing a 300 bed hospital to the Brac even feasible? There are only about 2000 people between the Brac and Little Cayman Where are the people going to come from to run this hospital? 300 beds with a population of 2000? For that hospital to be full at anytime 30% of the population would have to be in it. Are we going to be overrun with people from India coming here to take jobs from us Cayman Brackers? There will be 5 hospitals on Grand Cayman, 3 very large ones. How will the one here compete with them? Mind you it’s not that I don’t want better health care but this seems like a pipe dream to me.

        Ask Julie and Mose these questions. These things all look pretty but do we want to end up like Grand Cayman with runaway development, no infrastructure planning, and in fact no plan at all.

        Cayman Brac’s two MPs should have sat down with the people years ago and come up with a development plans to grow Cayman Brac organically. Now anybody can build anything anywhere as there is no zoning.

        DART has been buying up huge tracts of land and properties. Doesn’t anyone think that we should try to put a plan in place in case he starts over-developing Cayman Brac like he did Grand?

        I don’t know about us Brackers. Once we see shining things that is all that interest us.

        It is just like my grand father use to say to say to me when I was chasing women. “Every woman looks good until you lift up her dress and find out she has on an old dirty tear up panty. Everything that glitters is not gold my fellow Cayman Brackers. Money is the root of all evil and is used to deceive you and to trick you into keeping these rogue politicians fat, wealthy and in office.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mo$e$ and the Queen of Watering Place must be enjoying a bit of laughter together when they talk about their opponents.
    Six-time loser as one opponent and open up Brac to all the worldly vices as the other opponent.
    Between the 300-bed hospital in one manifesto and the absolutely stupid slogan about a plant – one can only wonder – are these people we want to represent us in Parliament.
    Nuff said.
    My prediction is two landslide victories for the incumbents.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are in for a real and tangible surprise, at least in CBE. People are beginning to understand that judgement doesn’t belong to Julie, me, or you, and a man who is brutally honest about himself will be brutally honest with his constituents.

      We’ve all forgotten what it was like to actually be represented — to be consulted, to feel that our MP cares what we think. There is hope in the air.

    • Gullible says:

      Do we have Caymanians doctors, nurses, clerical staff, insurance claim administrators, finance staff to run a 300-bed hospital? That is how the PPM shoves their finger down people’s throats. How many work permit holders will work in that supposed hospital, while Caymanian unemployment continues to soar?

    • Anonymous says:

      CBW/LC incumbent will get around 75-80% of the vote.
      CBE incumbent will get around 60-65% of the vote.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Elvis.
    I feel sorry for you.
    Read your Bible, bro’.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Solutions you can touch! This is what Juliana is running on. I look at the new bus my child can ride on for field trips. I look at the improvements that the classrooms have. I see that my family members are getting a VSS stipend and on top of that… I see that the budget is balanced.

    I’m sorry but no-one in their right mind could see giving a weed promoter a position of authority over our children!

    • Anonymous says:

      I bet your feet clean too. Vote Elvis 2021!

    • Anonymous says:

      You didn’t even bother to watch/listen to the video, did you? Nope. No time for a balanced view.

      How many times has Julie even been on the Brac in the last few years? You don’t know, and I don’t know, because she is never accessible.

      How many times has Julie asked you or anyone else what they want, what they think, or what issues are important?

      Same ol’ same ol’. You get a payday and you’re good. I’m ready for a change, even an odd one.

      Do yourself a favor and watch the video and discover what issues are important to Elvis.

      He believes in equal rights for ALL Caymanians, not just those in church.

    • Anonymous says:

      First, we have no idea but can guess there are many forms of abusive addictive behavior by some MPs and civil servants.

      Second, Ms Juliana has been disappointing with her support of education for al Caymanian children because she was Minister not just a rep for Cayman Brac. She was more concerned about the Jamaican teachers and giving them incentive versus the well being of children.

      Third, the arrogance of not showing up to debate shows what she thinks of the people in CB, and that she assumes she will simply be elected without trying.

      I am getting so disappointed with our female leaders.

    • Anonymous says:

      The budget is balanced? When even your own finance minister says he is running a deficit? I am guessing your support has more to do with the “solutions you can touch” alright – like fridge, turkeys or in JOCCs case free paving.

    • Anonymous says:

      To 9:03am: when the new government is formed, all Ministers will be changed. So you don’t know who will have that position of authority over your children that you speak of. Elvis could get Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. LOL

  11. hooray for Elvis ! says:

    Hooray for Elvis and his unapologetic truthfulness, including about gays. May he totally trounce Juliana in the election. I continue to be horrified that someone as completely ignorant as Juliana could be put in charge of “educating” young minds. What a bigot she is. She’s so arrogant that she won’t even come to the debate. Voters, PLEASE show her who’s the boss.

  12. Kon.. says:

    You have to always look at the context with the gay rights issue. Either you believe its –

    #1. Gd’s kingdom on earth (do away or prevent any right or freedom that violates the law of Gd)

    #2. We left with our own kingdom (to uphold all rights for all citizens)

    #3. Kingdom should be full leftist LGBTQ (defend gay rights, and gays as the new race, even if it means infringing or eroding already existing rights)

    #4. We acknowledge Gd’s kingdom, but left with our own kingdom (to temporary uphold all rights)

    These 4 views shapes a person’s political stance of same-sex issues. #1. You will believe in using force or persuasion for Gd’s cause. #2. You will believe in fairness, equality, in ALL rights, and ensure ALL rights are protected. #3. You will believe in using leftist force or influence for a hardcore LGBTQ agenda that may infringe or erode certain rights, but advance the LGBTQ as a “new race.” Or, #4. You agree with #2, but temporarily until Gd acts (the Messiah comes) to set up His Kingdom, which has not happen yet. Homosexuality is a sin, but we or any earthly government at this time, is not qualified and righteous enough to deal with it – hence a fair democracy #2 must be maintained.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know who prepped him for this but if a man who drops his pants and bares everything for people to see is what CBE wants well I’m moving Grand Cayman and telling people I’m from somewhere else. Elvis can talk a good talk but he can’t walk a good walk. Julie has done some things I don’t like but I would never vote for Elvis McKeever.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d rather someone drop their pants in jest then drop the proverbial ball when it comes to reforming public education. Vote Elvis for your freedom and an actual civil servant.

    • Anonymous says:

      Elvis spoke candidly, I did not hear him sound like he was prepped for anything. I think that is why most people liked him. Going in there with notes and forgetting things like most of the PPM does is appalling.

      Elvis approach, demeanor and solutions to issues was very refreshing and welcome in this election full of political correctness and pandering to people for their vote.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is so refreshing.this reminds me of when I was growing up when we had true statesmen that spoke from the heart and told the truth no matter how much it might cost you in the election.

    Elvis, I have to raise a glass to you. You may not be the most eloquent but everyone of us Caymanians knew exactly what you were saying and it meant so much to this Caymanian to hear your perspective and solutions.

    the problem I see with CBE is that Julie has so much family there that poor Elvis won’t stand a chance even though in my opinion he is the better candidate and I believe if given the chance he would represent CBE well.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am so proud of Elvis! While Julie hid from the debate because she thinks Elvis is beneath her, it gave him the platform to speak the truth, the cold hard truth and that is just what he did.

    He might be a little rough around the edges but the man has heart and soul and cares deeply about these islands and his people.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is what elections come to? Support lgbt and weed and you get elected ? Really ? Not saying Julie is the best ever but can anyone really see Elvis as the Premier of this country .? He said that’s the job he wants

    • Anonymous says:

      id this what elections come to? Support the idea that the world was created 6000 years ago and that your elected representatives job is to give you handouts and you get elected?

  17. Anonymous says:


    All new representatives throughout our country deserves a chance.

    None of the new potential MPs can do anything worst than those currently in house (EXCEPT Kenneth Bryan). Some of these have done absolutely nothing but make themselves multi- millionnaires.

    Shame! SHAME!!!!! if we put these incompetent MPs back into Parliament.

    CBE – vote Elvis McKeever!!!

    It is now time for JuJu to sit down, relax, farm her lands, get a life and spent the millions she has earned over the years helping others in need and not just her family.

    (JuJu remember you too will be judged by the same God you say condemns ‘the Gays’ and you will not be able to use your millions to pay your entrance fee into this heaven you claim I have no place in.)

  18. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE Cayman Brac elect him! We all need MPs with sense and guts like him, we really do.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Don’t vote for any man or woman that condones beating women.
    And if they are silent about it, then they agreed with it

  20. Anonymous says:

    She she afraid to debate with Elvis ?

  21. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Wouldn’t it be something if he wins, JUJU would take it hard, hee hee

  22. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know where I can buy some shirts in support?

  23. Tell the truth says:

    I do not want to hear what the “government of national unity” has done for the country. I want CBE to honestly say what Juju has done for them. For their students, their elderly, their pension and insurance. What has she done for CBE in 8 years?

    • Anonymous says:

      New classrooms, new buses, new playfields, new early education classes, pay increases for teachers, increase for veterans and seamen (or their widows), improvements to cadet corp, new fire trucks, new hospital buildings, new back office jobs, more people working than ever before… but maybe Elvis has done more than get people high… we just don’t know about it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Good luck Elvis! The only candidate that actually has a platform with solutions rather than pointing out problems. Wish he was running in Grand Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Platform of weed? He needs to get caught up. CBD has been approved for use for over 2 years. His only platform is getting people high!

      • Anonymous says:

        Good enough for me. The others are just trying to get Themselves rich. Elvis and a bunch more like him might actually give us a stimulus like a proper country. What Billions in reserves and the solution is hit up your pension. AND after that double dipping Mac Bush can hit a woman and its all good. This set needs to Go.

        Oh and Juju wants an award for spending our surplus on us? Give me a break that’s our money just like our pensions. I’m glad covid hit, the other members of Govt finally know what Cayman Brac and Little Cayman is. Im concerned too, they may try to destroy it as well.

  25. Anonymous says:

    FIRST debate where the issues were actually addressed and sensible solutions provided … he may not be eloquent … but he has nuff sense !!!

  26. Brian says:

    Quite refreshing reading this. This person Elvis sounds reasonable and reasoned.

  27. Anonymous says:

    She has done nothing for our schools or this country for the last four years. And she won’t show up to a debate to express her views or qualifications. That’s speaks volumes. She has nothing whatsoever to lean on and is just assuming everyone who voted her in last time will repeat. Your vote matters and you deserve better than her…vote her out!

  28. Anonymous says:

    He really does seem to be a reasonable candidate.

    I truly hope people don’t just see him as a novelty also ran, because he literally cannot do anything worse than what has gone before. Unless, of course, you need some paving done.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I must say that Elvis was impressive, straight forward and was no holds barred- and just maybe this is what the country needs. His answers were right in so many ways especially with the ‘gay’ issue.

    I wonder if JuJu and the other church redeeming people in this island will admit that they have gay, lesbian and bi-sexual persons attending many churches. What does JuJu say about a single woman sleeping and travelling with a married man? Is this not sin?

    What does JuJu say about the sale of drugs and consumption of alcohol right across the road from her church? I don’t see no gay people loitering around churches or anywhere for that matter. I say all this to say- Julianna you have a lot more that you SHOULD be concerned about rather than worrying about what people do in the confines and privacy of their homes.

    And I say SHAME on you for abdicating your responsibility as a MP and Cabinet Minister for not showing up to the forum.

    CONGRATULATIONS Elvis on a good debate- hopefully you can retire the incumbent MP.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Please Bracer’s, prove us on the biggest island that you all are not idiots and vote for Elvis. He may not be an eloquent speaker, but he’s neutral, real-world and honest.

  31. Anonymous says:

    He sounds like the most sensible of the whole lot (and not just on the weed issue)

  32. Anonymous says:

    I watched the interview (thank you Julianna, for sparing us your boring, PPM-pandering views!) and must say that he was frank, objective and practical. No-nonsense all the way. I recommend all CBE voters watch it on YouTube and take a long hard-look at what Julianna has done for their constituency since she got in the first time. Go, Elvis!

  33. Anonymous says:

    No one is “worried about de gays”.

    We worry about Christian family values such as Holy Matrimony being corrupted and destroyed by leftist atheists.


    One of many examples

    • Anonymous says:

      I didnt see any “Christians” out on the steps of the LA protesting the physical abuse of a woman by the current Speaker?!

      Where were the “Christians” after that happened?

      Where was the stalwart Christian Anthony Eden? Guess he must good with women getting beat up and kicked around. Should we ask him?

      And ask Julianna where she stands on gender violence / abuse

      • CYB East for ELVIS says:

        Some of them were sleeping with their married drivers years ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      Juliana, you had your opportunity, and you declined!

      • Elvis Gone Clear! says:

        No surprise there, she only does Barber Greene driveways for her twisted Christian flock. She has no agenda, no plan and no hope in the face of Elvis. Keep cool Elvis, you’re on the right track and where she is completely off the rails.

        Do us proud Elvis and just maybe you might set the benchmark standard by which all our politicians are measured up against from now on.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then uphold your personal Christian values, mind your business, and live your life with respect towards
      ALL human beings and their rights… focus on what is important for our economy and quality of life… religion is not that.

    • Anonymous says:

      And what about all the the other Christian family values that you choose to turn a blind eye to? Hypocrites.

    • Anonymous says:

      To 11:21am: I am not atheist, and I do not have a problem with gays getting married or adopting (or bearing) children. Believing in God does not necessarily equate gay bashing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope you are professing Christianity cause If you are, you are a disgrace to the real meaning of being a Christian and that is to “LOVE THY NEIHGBOR AS THE SEFL”

    • Anonymous says:

      The funny thing about gays and holy matrimony is that you don’t have to marry a person of the same sex and if you don’t marry a person of the same sex you don’t have to worry about your holy matrimony and family values being corrupted.

    • anonymous says:

      if you want to “uphold your christian values” do it but that doesnt dictate how other people should live their lives. not everyone believes in christianity and some caymanians are going to be atheist and be gay. lgbtq+ people DO exist here and so do people of other religions. and we should be able to express ourselves regardless of what you believe. the world does not revolve around you.

  34. Anonymous says:

    O’Connor Connolly takes every challenger very seriously. She is just beginning.

    • Anonymous says:

      She’s been “just beginning “ for 8 years now and yet somehow never started (except paving driveways)

  35. Anonymous says:

    Go Elvis!