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| 18/02/2021

Johann Moxam writes: The Cayman Islands does not have political parties which are distinguishable based on some clear political ideology, policy approach or vision for the country. The two political parties of modern times can be aptly described as ‘cults of personality’ led by a dominant public figure or a big personality. In the case of the UDP and now CDP, it is none other than Mr McKeeva Bush. The genesis and nucleus of the Progressives was and is Mr Kurt Tibbetts, even though he transferred party leadership to his apprentice, Mr Alden McLaughlin in the 2013-2017 political term.

These two parties hardly function as a party except in the weeks leading up to General Elections. Since the May 2017 elections, the MPs of the two parties have been bound tightly together in a quest to hold onto political power.

The irony of this is that the voting and donor base of the PPM are largely persons opposed to the decisions and actions of Mr Bush, and vice versa.

Yet in 2017, when it was politically expedient to do so and advantageous to both, the leaders of the PPM and CDP joined forces to consolidate their power and for political survival. They negotiated a deal that satisfied both egos and awarded each party leader with lofty, lucrative positions: premier and speaker.

This fragile alliance holds firm today and led to the early dissolution of Parliament to avoid the PPM having to openly show their support for Mr Bush remaining as speaker. Had the PPM and the Independents on the government bench been willing to vote to remove him as speaker, he would not be sitting in that role today. Both sides are actively seeking a better deal or counter deal with incumbents and potential candidates for the 2021 elections. This is the definition of a Government of National Unity.

It is almost certain the 2021 elections will result in another coalition government. Voters will decide the future of the country, so they need to educate themselves about the new candidates and incumbents putting themselves forward as candidates in April. Voters need to answer these questions as they compare candidates: 

1.     What values and principles does the person stand for?

2.     What have they done in leadership roles?

3.     Who and whose interests do they represent?

4.     Does their track record line up with what you need in a leader?

5.     Where do they stand on the most pressing issues facing our country: public education, cost of living, affordability of healthcare, the rapidly increasing inequality, environmental protection and management, and housing costs? 

As voters, be prepared to ask them tough questions and demand straightforward answers on the key issues. 

When campaigning, the incumbents are known to say and do anything to keep their positions, power, compensation packages and perks. For many individuals getting elected is like winning the lottery. Majority of them have never had it so good and couldn’t otherwise earn such a generous package based on merit or competence. 

The country has a choice to make in the upcoming election.

What does the country want? Does the country want a change for the better? Does the country want qualified candidates with a proven track record of success, capable and willing to fix some of the complex issues that have been neglected and gotten worse these past 4 years? 

Or does the country want more of the same policies and incompetence? Does the country want to give the incumbents another well paid four years to make deals for themselves, advance their own pecuniary interests and the interests of their political donors while they make excuses to the voters who live with increasing uncertainty and frustrations?  

It is bad enough that the current Unity Government failed to provide practical solutions to the most pressing issues facing all Caymanians, as leaders they have failed us on the most fundamental of issues – the ability to know the difference between right and wrong. The current Unity Government has shown us that when it comes to making the hard decisions, they do what is easy instead of doing what is right. 

Look at their track record. 

After the last four years, during unprecedented economic growth and prosperity for a select few, majority of Caymanians are worse off. With a construction boom that saw nearly 800 new projects approved in 2020, the government has not ensured a robust technical and vocational training programme for Caymanians to earn trade jobs in the construction industry. The construction industry is hot as can be, yet the majority of Caymanians are still unprepared and left behind, with no practical way of getting the qualifications, the soft-skills and the apprenticeships they need. 

Unemployed persons from the tourism industry cannot easily get retrained or upskilled to move into another industry. Instead, unemployed Caymanians are to be satisfied with handouts from charities and the government relief payments, the twice a year NiCE programme at $10/hour. The bureaucratic administration doesn’t work for Caymanians seeking work or for employers looking to hire Caymanians.  

Top of the list of failures is public education. All government schools are rated weak or satisfactory, and they are attended by mostly Caymanians. Yet, government spends 12.5% of its budget on education. What does that tell you? It says that what they are doing is failing our children and putting them at a disadvantage. What they are doing is not working. Not working for our children and not working for employers. 

Another failure is lack of a practical way to balance environmental protection with physical development. There is no vision for the country, no national sustainable development plan and no attempt to balance the competing interests of the environment and the society with the insatiable lust for more and more development which results in construction politics.

Ask them who exactly is all of this unbridled development for? It is clear to me that it is not for Caymanians. The current government and the Minister of Infrastructure, Planning and Commerce continue to give away hundreds of millions of dollars of current and future revenue in ad hoc grants of secret concessions via multiple development agreements, which he has deemed to be “commercially sensitive” or “confidential information” in Parliament.

This directly contradicts the precedent set in 2011 with the NRA agreement, a development agreement with the country’s largest private investor (the original agreement can be found here) and each subsequent amendment was also public, with the current third amended version also available for public viewing (see here).

If we are booming but Caymanians are left behind, who is the development for? If housing prices are going up, and there is not enough affordable housing, what are Caymanians to do? From housing to education and training, this government has demonstrated they have no plan to help lower income and middle class Caymanians participate in the economic miracle taking place all around us.

The Cayman Islands is the most attractive country in the region for foreign direct investment in almost all sectors, it has an open immigration policy guaranteeing a path to permanent residency and Caymanian Status for anyone with the right means and access, and thus accelerates the race to a population of 100,000. Is this what we want for our country?

The best part of the democratic process is we all get a chance to use our voice. Voters get the type of government representatives they choose. The power rests in the people.

Each voter has the power to be a part of the change that Cayman needs or be part of the status quo and outdated way of thinking about nation building which has exacerbated the divisions in our country. 

Do we want leadership or representation that exercises the principles of accountability, transparency, and good governance, or is the political status quo that failed to follow its own constitutions and commitment to its members? 

Is the political status quo that has proven to be lacking in solutions, integrity, morals and the willingness to do the right for the greater good enough for you? Cayman deserves better.

On April 14th, 2021 we have the power to make the changes for a better Cayman for all. 

“We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Each party blasts the other one during campaign season but sure are quick to jump in bed together afterwards in their quest for power!

    As the old people say, “Same dog puppy”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The author sounds just like one of the politicians he denounces. He has no plan, and is happy to point fingers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please read and share this very thought provoking letter throughout Cayman before April 14th. Great job Johan!
    If you were running in my district, I would definitely give you my vote!
    Registered Voters please take heed to holding all of the candidates responsible and ask them the hard questions.
    Once they declare on nomination day, they are essentially interviewing for a job, and we the registered voters have the power to hire new candidates or fire the old ones! It’s that’s simple!
    Go to all of the public campaign meetings, call the talk shows when they are on and ask the questions. They may not be running in the district you vote in, but if they are elected, they will be making decisions that affects all registered voters.
    So, Do your part, educate yourself on their values & what they will stand for, look at their proven tract record, both on a personal level and their career path. Hold their feet to the fire,
    And please ask each current MP to publicly declare their position on the MacBeater case.
    If they can’t give a straight answer, then they don’t deserve your vote!

    • Anonymous says:

      1:35 Johann has a lenghty VIEW POINT, but where is the MANDATE.
      I am Surprise y’all don’t know, one Person will not get a WISH done, in Parliament!
      1:35 This is Johann Lengthy VIEW POINT, but his MANDATE, is MISSING.

      Johann spend Substantial Time on MPs SALARY, will he VOLUNTEER for a Pay Cut!

      One Person will not ACHIEVE anything in PARLEMENT!

      he VOLUNTEER for a CUT!

      • English teacher says:

        Learn to spell or use spellcheck feature before you criticize any one. Also grammar is important.

        The end

  4. Francis Bond says:

    Well said Mr. Moxam! What district you’re going to stand for? Because GTC/GTS/GTW and the entire West Bay could use your representation!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians like to complain about the M Ps, then they vote them back in, then they complain about them again and then they vote them in again, again, again, then, complain, again, again, and again. Whats wrong with them, why they are so stupid and foolish.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Johann. Time to sweep Joey.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Johann. Status and PR are not just available to those with means. They are handing it out to anyone who applies. The resultant mass importation of poverty is amplifying social and economic problems and if not stopped immediately, will be our ultimate undoing. It is financially unsustainable, and diminishes the resources that should be available for Caymanians in need of support.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is the way it is……. and it can only degrade the lifestyle of the Cayman people more and more. We do NOT need politicians who think more of amassing wealth while ignoring the problems facing the citizens of the Cayman Islands!

      • Anonymous says:

        They do seem more concerned about the citizens of Jamaica and Honduras, than the citizens of the Cayman Islands.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope also IN GTC will be a change

  9. Anonymous says:

    Johan now is the your time we need real candidates that will fight for Caymanians and speak honestly about issues.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This took a lot of words just to sound like someone that didn’t get invited to (the) a party. It’s ok that he’s running independent, chris for that but it has more to do with him being a blow hard that shouts at everyone and no one wants to run with him on their team.

    • Anonymous says:

      Moxam clearly sees no need to join 2 sinking ships. The PPM and UDP are a mess and have to work together because nobody with any sense will join burning platforms rife with self interests, poor management, disconnection from the public and corruption.

    • #VOTEMOXAM2021 says:

      Have no fear Mr. Moxam is coming to present a clear vision based on viable solutions with a group of honest Caymanians working together. Joey has been elected for 8 years and done nothing to help Caymanians than sell out the country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like Mr. Moxam really upset the kool aid crew in the ppm and udp camps. Thankfully he does not need either side and will not sell out like those dysfunctional groups

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well said Johann

  12. Herman Woke says:

    A very well written piece that accurately describes the political swamp in Cayman.

    However, there is one crucial part of the puzzle that keeps the status quo in place. The Civil Service.

    The overriding and unifying agenda of every local politician and the so-called political parties is to keep the Civil Service voting bloc content and in line and the bulk of CIG’s expenditure is dispensed accordingly.

    Nothing will change for the rest of the country as long as this remains the case.

    The carnival will therefore continue.

  13. New Voter says:

    The winds of change are blowing in GTN