CNS presents the Election Section ‘Big Board’

| 26/01/2021
Click to visit the Interactive District Map

(CNS): The CNS Election Section 2021 is a step up from the site we created four years ago. As we improve in our efforts to produce the best election coverage possible, we are introducing this year’s Interactive District Map (the CNS ‘Big Board’), which is a clear guide as to who is running where. We will add candidates as they declare, as well as other useful district information, such as where to go to vote. There is a link to the map in the menu bar and to the left of each article, so that readers can keep up to date on developments.

Visit the Interactive District Map here

We will also use the map after the election to show the winners and the vote count, as we aim to bring clarity to an election that may have many candidates.

Another innovation is the Glossary, which provides the pop-up boxes to names and phrases in article text and links to more information, so that readers can keep track of who’s who. We will be adding information to Glossary terms as well as creating more as needed. Candidates and parties are invited to send us information about themselves, as well as contact information for this index, though candidates do not have control over their Glossary page.

We are also inviting candidates to send us a press release about their candidacy and we will publish one verbatim, though copy edited for CNS style. Subsequent releases may be used in part for articles for the Election Section.

Anyone, including candidates, is welcome to send us Viewpoints about the issues, though they must be of a reasonable standard for commentary and have something interesting to say.

In addition, we aim to post regular polls, and though they are open to voters and non-voters, they will hopefully present a snapshot of views and a springboard for discussion.

We hope that voters especially will find this site useful and welcome feedback on what you like about it and what you would like to see.

Send press releases, information and poll ideas to

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  1. BeaumontZodecloun says:

    CNS — I’m not being redirected anywhere when clicking on the “Visit the Interactive District Map here” link.

    Much respect and appreciation for your creating this very necessary new section!! Well done!!

    CNS: Sorry! Now fixed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    CNS could you also have a section where candidates post their manifestos for us to read?

    CNS: Yes, if any party or candidate produces a manifesto, we will certainly post it or link to it if its a huge file. We will also be comparing the various manifestos down the line.