Mac the only gov’t MP to face young voters

| 06/04/2021

(CNS): McKeeva Bush and Kenneth Bryan were the only two incumbent MPs who turned up to face some of Cayman’s youngest voters. Not a single candidate who is currently sitting on the government benches or those in the PPM Alliance camp hoping to sit there after 14 April turned up to talk to the country’s newest voters.

While the students appeared to go easy on the candidates regarding the environment and sustainable development, which are the most pressing issues for many young voters, they raised a number of other of topics that impact their age group, in particular policies of inclusion, education and mental health.

Only 12 of the fifty candidates running for office showed up for the event, even though all of the candidates have been hammering home their alleged concern about education on the hustings. But the statistics from the Elections Office this week showed that overall and in almost all constituencies, the 18-24 age group is the smallest demographic of voters.

The constituency with the highest number of young voters is Newlands, where there are 138 voters aged 24 and under. However, Roydell Carter, the former director of the Department of Environmental Health, was the only candidates for the district who attended. The other three, incumbent Alva Suckoo and challengers Raul Gonzales and Wayne Panton, did not appear.

According to a press release issued by the young voters who organised the event, the students are hoping that what the candidates say on the campaign trail will materialise into reality if they get elected.

Dejea Lyons, who has been a prominent member of Protect Our Future and has been campaigning hard for several years for better environmental protection, said the event was a success. “Hopefully, after today’s event, candidates will understand that the youth will continue to hold politicians accountable, especially after the promises they have made to us today,” she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by her colleague Jhadari Lumley, who added, “I hope that all of these candidates actually implement what they promised… not only for the youth, but for the community as a whole, in order to meet the needs of our Islands.”

The candidates who attended were Emily Decou (GTE), Kenneth Bryan (GTC), Johann Moxam (GTN), Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden (GTW), Alric Lindsay (GTS), Roydell Carter (NEW), Michael Myles (PRO), Sabrina Turner (PRO), Sammy Jackson (RED), Rolston Anglin (WBN), Raul Nicholson-Coe (WBS) and McKeeva Bush (WBW).

It was organised by students from Protect Our Future, Key Club, National Honor Society, Youth Parliament and the Youth Ambassador Programme.

The event was divided into three segments. First, the candidates answered a series of questions from the podium, but were only given three minutes for each responses. In the second segment the candidates were divided into districts, with students moderating the discussion around important youth issues. In the third and final segment the audience could put questions to the candidates.

Some candidates who were unable to attend will be sending their answers to the questions via a video message, the release stated. “Overall, the forum sent a signal that the voice of the youth will not be silenced regarding concerns about our future,” the young voters said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Two convicted men , humpty
    & dumpty, sat on a wall ,they had a great fall, remember

  2. ppm Distress Signal says:

    As criminal as our speaker is but still thinks our children future is important what does that say out this Ppm and their base ? Look around Cayman you know exactly what going here and exactly what you need to do with political liars on 14th April 2021 go in that voting booth and show them just how important you are Vote them from Cayman’s political arena VOTE THEM OUT Cayman before they Make you and your vote irrelevant.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM only had Mac in their team to keep him quiet.
      You know that allowed them to form the government that successfully got us through Covid so successfully.
      Mac is gone, honest experienced representation is still available with the PPM.

      • Anonymous says:

        Except that Alden has become just like McKeeva in terms of his narcissism, so your argument is invalid.

  3. Political Slut says:

    Ppm don’t care about young voters because they don’t matter in their sphere and cannot get them re-elected look around at the recycling of the stalwarts in their administration they view young voters basically as all drugheads and criminals and don’t know how things go! This is because they know their stronger safer future has absolutely no Caymanians or their children in it and are responsible for the drastic changes in this islands demographics. They are hoping and confident like a bulldozer pushing dirt forward that we will all be push out of their political mound and to the side with no real impact or relevance in their New Cayman.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The most concerning part in all this is that many older voters do not realize that whatever changes we are pushing for are mostly to protect the younger voters; accessible land and housing, more employment, better education, protected natural resources, more equality, less work permits are all to ensure your children and grandchildren do not inherit millions in debt while struggling to make ends meet. If you are over 35, please vote carefully. The old guard sold us out and will also sell out our future generations.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A convicted criminal trying to sell himself to young people…disgusting.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mac is so scared now that he will lash out at one and all.
    Read what Velma Hewitt says about him on Facebook, read his exchanges with Brian Bodden.
    There is a real backlash at last from former supporters who have had enough.

  7. Lydia says:

    CNS please tell the whole story. Some candidates were give a weeks notice and were involved in encouraging CIS students to hold this event, while other candidates were sent a Facebook message late Thursday evening for an event Sat morning. The turnout was extremely poor for good reason – it was the best kept secret for most. You can do better CIS students!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree!

    • Anonymous says:

      Idk about that entirely. Not a single PPM/Alliance member showed up yet McKeeva did? Not that I don’t despise McKeeva but let’s face the facts; this current government doesn’t care.

  8. Young voter says:

    Those that failed to turn up showed that they do not care about young voters

  9. Anonymous says:

    Austin being a no show is no surprise. He’s been MIA since he got elected. Didn’t get my vote the last time and sure as hell ain’t getting it this time. Austin for sure is a one hit wonder.