Elections boss urges everyone to vote

| 13/04/2021

(CNS): Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell is urging all registered voters to exercise their democratic right on Wednesday and go to the polls. The Elections Office has re-issued all of the details relating to all of the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ to help the voting public and to ensure that the process is a smooth exercise for all electors.

Howell said the office was working diligently to ensure General Election Day runs as smoothly as possibly for every single voter.

“Remember, your vote counts,” Howell said. “Polls will open sharply at 7am across the three islands and close at 6 pm. If there are voters still in line after 6 pm, they will all be able to vote – no one in line will be turned away. The Elections Office is fully geared, ready and looking forward to providing efficient service to all voters,” he added.

Voters are reminded that any form of campaigning is unlawful on Election Day. This means that candidate or party t-shirts are not allowed at the polling stations. In addition, candidates, agents and canvassers are not allowed to loiter within 300 feet of any polling stations.

Voters are also reminded to bring ID and that phones are not permitted inside the polling station. The wearing of face masks or coverings is encouraged; however, you will be able to vote if you choose to not wear a mask.

Under the current one-man-one-vote system, voters can only make their mark for one candidate. Elections presiding officers will help voters who need assistance in marking their ballot, however officials said that a friend can be present to observe only. Wheelchairs will be available at every electoral district, and elderly and special needs voters will be given priority.

Find your constituency polling station on the CNS Election Map.

Mobile voting has now finished and all postal ballots have been dispatched, the Elections Office said Tuesday. The total number of mobile votes cast for the 2021 General Election is 1,262, which is 487 more than the 775 mobile votes cast in the 2017 Election.

Election teams completed their last round of mobile voting over the weekend. This included 28 voters in quarantine on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, who safely cast their ballots aided by polling teams and Public Health professionals in full personal protective equipment.

Anyone who successfully applied for mobile voting but has not as yet been polled, is still able to vote in person on Election Day, officials said.

In addition, a total of 455 postal ballots have been dispatched to overseas voters, which is a decrease of 127 fewer postal ballots compared to 582 issued in 2017. All postal ballots must be received by the Returning Officer by 6pm on 14 April to be counted.

“I would like to sincerely thank my team for their impressive display of professionalism and dedication to service while managing the complex logistics associated with mobile and postal voting. We look forward to continuing this momentum into Election Day, which we expect to be especially busy,” Howell said.

See breakdown of mobile votes submitted and postal ballots dispatched below:

Mobile Voting

Electoral DistrictStatic Polled VotersMobile Polled VotersQuarantine Mobile VotersTotal Postal Ballots Issued
Bodden Town East4050292
Bodden Town West3914 53
Cayman Brac East1135248
Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman4013053
East End2355280
George Town Central2261083
George Town East2211033
George Town North921232
George Town South1425241
George Town West2342267
North Side2542168
Red Bay226331
West Bay Central30844118
West Bay North1176087
West Bay South1252367
West Bay West974184

Postal Ballots

Electoral DistrictTotal Postal Ballots Issued
Bodden Town East20
Bodden Town West22
Cayman Brac East10
Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman1
East End7
George Town Central20
George Town East28
George Town North39
George Town South41
George Town West29
North Side16
Red Bay30
West Bay Central23
West Bay North17
West Bay South43
West Bay West18

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do these two columns for “Total Postal Votes Issued” not match? Are those field mis-labeled? Is the upper number the total sent, ie 1,262, and lower the number received, ie 455, and as of what date?

  2. Nun ya business says:

    Don’t vote for the lies being told to you. They are only here to trick you into the lies they have accumulated for you to benefit them. To hell with the politricks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No weed, no vote. Remember to write in Elvis where there are no viable candidates in your garrison. (GTC, WBC, etc.).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Vote for what exactly? No thanks.