547 votes already in through mobile polling

| 29/03/2021

(CNS): With more than a week to go before the next opportunity to cast a mobile vote, over 900 people have so far applied for early voting, either by mobile or postal ballot. The Elections Office has already dispatched 268 postal ballots to people overseas and approved 664 mobile voting applications.

During the first round of mobile voting, 547 electors cast their votes. The largest number of mobile votes last week were collected in West Bay Central, where 77 people have already voted and where another 17 people have been approved to vote using the mobile stations and where 12 postal votes have also been dispatched.

Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell said that turnout for early voting so far has been encouraging.

“We’re very pleased to see these voters taking advantage of the early voting options available to those voters who would have difficulty visiting the polls on General Election day,” he said. “The processes in place have been working exceptionally well. I sincerely thank the Elections team for their sustained efforts and dedication thus far,” he added, as the office moves into the most intense time for its staff.

The next round of mobile voting will take place across all three islands on Thursday and Friday, 8 and 9 April. But mobile voting so far in election 2021 represents 77% of the 765 voters who used the service in the 2017 General Elections and there is still more than a week to go before the deadline to apply for mobile voting.

Postal ballots are also still being issued as applications are received, and any voter who is overseas is encouraged to apply for postal ballots. Those who will be returning to Cayman and likely to be in quarantine on Election Day should also apply for a postal ballot. In addition, there will be an opportunity for those in quarantine to vote using the mobile service on 10 and 11 April.

The deadline for early voting applications is Tuesday, 6 April. For more information about who can apply and how to submit an application, visit the Elections Office website, email office@elections.ky or call the Elections Office at 1(345) 949-8047

Below is the latest data on mobile voting and postal ballots issued:

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