NSC discusses proposed RCIPS anti-gang strategy

| 13/02/2024 | 34 Comments
Cayman News Service
RCIPS Firearms Response Unit

(CNS): As Cayman faces another spate of gang-related violent crime, the National Security Council held a closed-door meeting in December to discuss what law enforcement agencies are doing to tackle it. During the meeting, the Strategic Reform Implementation Unit gave a presentation on a proposed Anti-Gang Strategy and Plan, which aims to “deliver tangible impacts on this significant community risk area”, according to a summary of the meeting published Tuesday.

Officials have talked about the need for a gang strategy for many years, but it has never taken shape. The summary said that this latest proposal is a “multi-phased plan” that would consider prevention, intervention, enforcement and rehabilitation” involving the continued collaboration of key agencies, including the RCIPS, HM Cayman Islands Prison Service, the Department of Community Rehabilitation, and the education ministry.

The NSC comprises members of the political arm of government, the opposition, civil society and senior civil servants, including the police commissioner, and is chaired by the governor. It is provided for under section 58 of the Constitution and was established in 2010 to advise the governor, who has constitutional responsibility for crime and security.

However, the body did not meet regularly until Martyn Roper claimed to have “reinvigorated monthly meetings” in 2019. It was not until 2021 that then-premier Wayne Panton made the decision to release summaries of the meetings and confirm when they took place.

At the December meeting, members were given an update on last year’s crime statistics, which have not yet been released to the public, as well as information on the day-to-day efforts to combat the serious crimes, including those involving guns and drugs. The director of customs and border control provided an update on patterns of illegal migrants, border-related security concerns and continued joint operations with the RCIPS.

See the summary note of the meeting on the government website.

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Comments (34)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    strategic reform is need badly in public sector to weed out corruption and those wasting govt funds and we did know our dear govt could put implementation next reform what have they ever implemented but nepotism cronyism incompetence corruption sounds about right a unit now started to monitor its progress .

    • Anonymous says:

      Why keep discussing it.?
      Just implement harsh crackdown ffs.
      Saudi Arabia and Singapore don’t seem to have our problems with drugs and importers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is what happen when you built a society on the backs of imported poverty labor irregardless of the country it comes from. crime will never be far behind.

    • Anonymous says:

      You had me till “irregardless”…
      But anyhooooo , how many Phillipino gangsters, drug dealers and rampant criminals do you know in Cayman. ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Will the public ever be privy to the performance of the Strategic Reform Implementation Unit? What achievements have made since their inception? There must have been some method by which their effectiveness is being measured, otherwise its just another waste or resources and public money? Or is it just another charade and smoke screen that gives the appearance of genuine concern and action?

  4. Anonymous says:

    ZZZZZZ….Where is the hammocks…lol

  5. Anonymous says:

    This government boasting about $1B in revs and all the wasteful ways they’ve found to spend it. They better invest 200M on national security, starting with 100 coast guard boats to patrol our complete coastline 24/7/365 except for bad weather days!

    Secondly, to our so called politicians, how about implementing a real law – 25 years minimum for possession of a gun, whether being used in a crime or Not!

    Thirdly, let’s hope that our judges and jurors convict these thugs when prosecuted! Tired of reading of criminals being let go (not guilty) when the police and prosecutors have done their job!

  6. Soldier Crab says:

    Question, why would someone import firearms to the island? Where would you discharge the weapon? What would be the purpose? To sell? To commit a crime? For protection and if so, what if you killed someone?

  7. Cayman Last Generation says:

    Knowledgeable Caymanians need to have a say and input into these decisions too many moronic stooges and clearly bias agenda driven foreign nationals who have little or no regard for Cayman are involved in outcomes that effect our young people especially those jurisdictions that have rampant corruption and violence and are a complete failure .How can they come here and fix our issues when they can’t even solve their own utter bull$%@# going on here now.

  8. Tru Tru says:

    There are no gangs in the Cayman Islands

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gang population is probably point one percent of the population, how about using that brain power and money to develop proper for our youth to prepare them to continue to pilot the ship Cayman rather import completely different cultures to subjugate our children.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Zero tolerance for criminals. Significantly harsher prison conditions that meet the bare minimum of human rights. Print, fingerprint, chip and DNA sample these criminals and deport ALL non-Caymanian criminals and anyone dumb enough to aid and abet them.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yet another pipe dream by those who cannot see the forest for the trees concocted by those who’s own corrupt prejudices and criminal minded behavior and acts of injustice brought this about.

  12. Anonymous says:

    A good 25 years out of date. The seed of the original local gangs are now the toting guns and selling drugs, whilst it would be naive to not recognise that gang members from foreign neighbours are well established on island. CIG policy has simply been to deny gangs exist here because it is an uncomfortable truth that could impact other revenue streams whilst at the same time actively courting some of these informal community leaders come election time.

  13. Dunce Caps are Free says:

    benefactors of this proposal are no doubt the creators of this criminal crisis. lets have some Transparency please Cayman.This is so we don’t waste any more money on repackaged rinky dink strategies by DCR.

  14. Anonymous says:

    If gang membership is a crime, and has been for years, and we have gangs, when was the last time (or first time) that someone was arrested and prosecuted for gang membership?

  15. Anonymous says:

    How about take away the drug money so they cant buy and import guns?
    Instead you gonna bring in more crooked ass Jamaican cops and build a new 5 star prison for their buddies.

  16. Anonymous says:

    FIX Corruption Please! Strategic Reform of corruption in government Unit is what we need Cayman not this foolishness just another branch of coffee sipping deli sandwich eating fools wasting our time and govt funds who will get absolutely nuttin done for government our Cayman. 2 things corruption and immigration will lesser our crime situation.

  17. Cayman Donkey News says:

    Job creation 101 nothing strategic about this Cayman. Who Proposed this CNS we the public need to at least who is going to waste our money.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve seen it all as a citizen! Eg.
      Zero effort or interest in building Community Relations..
      Almost Zero trust in police confidentiality..
      Inability to get through on phone lines..
      Blighs offenders of same nationality as cops..
      Victims double penalized by having to pay for their own crime report statements..
      Negligible presence on beat patrols and citizen interactions..
      equals = almost NO public cooperation

  18. Cayman last Generation says:

    More government programs and units that Quakers have Oats. UPM grabbing at straws again. Fixing the current problems please before starting new ones.

  19. ExCon says:

    Strategic reform implementaion unit those who cause this dire situation on our streets now come to fix it really Cayman???? really. Please name the members of this unit so we can see who cause these problems.

  20. Cayman Swamp People says:

    Aaaah Cayman the architects of this crisis and chaos situation now come to set and sell us idiotic plebs programs to manage it What a very nasty nasty game some play in our society indeed Cayman. The gin has been let out no return or containing this terrible situation now certainly not by those who orchestrated it nor those from jurisdictions like Jamaica where it is totally out of control now! Strategic reform implementation Unit SRIU another Government behemoth doing absolutely nothing but bleeding our economy and fleecing government don’t me make a laugh!Boy you can hear some BS in this little place.

    • Annoying says:

      I think we need real homicide detectives and Gang Units here instead of these Jamaican and bajan cops that call themselves detectives. CIG should bring in real cops from for example the USA that know what they doing.

      • Annonymous says:

        11.29 am Please don’t put Bajans in the same category. They have been excellent officers over the years and they have education and manners. I’m Caymanian.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Bajans don’t exert themselves they just want paycheck, time to study and set their children up and retire with money!

      • Anonymous says:

        Hear Hear!! And “Where is the National ID Card” that we have spent money on?? Simply have an Enforcement Team going to the local daytime spots and corner stores and you will round up people in hours?

  21. Anonymous says:

    The. Horse. Has. Bolted.

  22. Anonymous says:

    we should start with CIREBA and the taxi cartels

  23. Anonymous says:

    Showing up for work?


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