7MB playground to close for two weeks

| 16/08/2019 | 25 Comments
Cayman News Service
Public Beach Development

(CNS): The playground to the north of the parking lot at Seven Mile Public beach will be closed from today, Friday 16 August, for two weeks until 30 August, to accommodate work that the Dart Group is doing in the area to upgrade the wider recreational area. The $3 million enhancement project, which was included in the Third Amendment to the National Roads Authority Agreement between the government and Dart, is scheduled to reach completion in the fall.

Through the controversial deal, the islands’ largest investor acquired a stretch of West Bay Road, creating several miles of beach front property that the group owns in exchange for the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension and this upgrade.

The playground has been closed to facilitate the construction of new walking paths in the area, according to a notice circulated by the lands ministry.

Earlier this year, Dart transferred its leasehold interests in the relevant parcels of land to the east of Seven Mile Public Beach to the government. Work in the area includes improvements to the volleyball courts, the planting of additional native landscaping, and the construction of a new vendor area and restroom block.

The new southern pathway is now open and the Mobi-mat has been temporarily relocated to ensure continued beach access for people with disabilities. Throughout the project, the public will still be able to access and book the beach cabanas.

“While the Dart project team regrets any inconvenience caused by this temporary closure of the playground, the safety of the public is of highest priority while construction work is ongoing,” officials said.

Public Lands Commission Chief Inspector Winsome Prendergast noted that some people might be disappointed by the temporary closure of the playground. But she added, “I strongly advise all members of the public to keep away from the playground to avoid injury or bodily harm during the construction period. We are working in the best interest of our public to ultimately ensure a safe and user-friendly public facility for the benefit of all.”

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  1. Anon says:

    They should have closed it on Tuesdays.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of the beach vendors!!!! Looks like 3rd world on public beach!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Can’t help notice how Darts gift to the nation has all the vendors and beach trash well away from his guarded Kimpton beach.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Dart organization, we are so lucky to have you here in Cayman

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ungrateful moaners as usual. Makes sense to do this work when everyone is away.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Funny how people blame Dart yet it is CIG that has allowed the one enjoyable public beach to turn into a flea market

  6. Anonymous says:

    Such a pain in the ass that the public has to deal with Dart’s lack of concern for others and not have direct access to the beach. With the recent installation of a Mobi-Mat, how convenient is it to now have extra maneuvering around in Dart’s labyrinth just to get to the beach? With 7 Mile being the only beach on island with this installation, not sure why the Rotary Club isn’t up in arms about this ‘project’. Not to mention parking literally being in the GRASS next to the entrance road for the Kimpton.

  7. BeaumontZodecloun says:

    Another cultural band-aid by Dartco. ooooo! shiny!!! give us lots of beads, and hope that we never talk enough to discover that you are the ultimate manipulator who decided to settle here after screwing up the economy of several other countries; you think you have built a home….. I say you will never belong here.

    Your remaining years are growing shorter, Mr. Kenneth. Will anyone mourn your passing? The care of a true family and loved ones is something you can’t take with you.

    If you start now and do good works without an expectation of profit, you might just balance the scales of karma before you cross over………………. …… but I doubt it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ease up on the herb bruh.

      • BeaumontZodecloun says:

        I don’t use it.

        Maybe you aren’t angry, and that’s fine. I remember what we were, and what we have become. Yes, we have nice new things.

        Ask yourself if the eventual cost will be worth what we’ve given up? While you’re at it, ask yourself what your personal price is, what your integrity is worth. You might need to know if Dart comes knocking.

    • Anonymous says:

      No need to be so dramatic. Besides, you’re barking on the wrong tree. It is the government you’ve elected that sold its soul to devil and allows urbanization of your tiny rock. At least West Bay Ladies had courage to challenge the power of the “mighty”. You, like nearly everybody else, is a coward hiding behind your screen. CNS gives you a platform to express your views anonymously. But If you want real change, you have to act just like WBL did and people behind referendum petition are doing.

      • BeaumontZodecloun says:

        I agree. That’s why I speak my mind, hoping others will do also.

        Well done.

    • Praying says:

      Focus on your self. Don’t watch Dart. His wealth is his test, not yours. Respectfully, when you die, you will also be rewarded for your deeds.

  8. Anon says:

    Could they not have waited until the kids were back at school? That makes too much sense I suppose.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What about the dog park promised behind the playground?

    • Anonymous says:

      Impermissible by law.

    • Cass says:

      Hopefully that is finalized so that people will stop having their dogs in the sand and on the slides that are meant from children (I have seen pets in the sand and on the slides).

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m pretty sure my dog is more trained and better behaved than your kid.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am a dog owner with two dogs. However, I respect that not everyone likes dogs. It doesn’t matter how well trained or behaved your dog is. That’s not the point. Having respect for the law and respect for others who do not like dogs is what we’re talking about. People who think they can do whatever they please with their dogs are part of the problem; not part of the solution.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pets in the sand and on the slides! Oh, the humanity! How can a civilistion accept such atrocity!

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