Over 5,000 names verified on petition

| 30/08/2019 | 30 Comments
Cayman News Service
Michelle Lockwood hands the petition to Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell

(CNS): The Elections Office has now confirmed 5,077 of the signatures on the petition calling for a people-initiated referendum on the question of the government’s proposed cruise berthing project. In the latest update, officials said that almost 96% of the number of signatures from registered voters needed to trigger the national poll had been confirmed and only 218 more names were needed to be verified to reach the magic number of 5,292.

In the latest update, the elections team revealed that during the process of verification, so far just three people who signed the petition and then verified their names have actually ‘unverified’, or officially withdrawn their signature, despite pressure from some quarters of government and the pro-port lobby. The office also said that since the confirmation began in June, 120 people have refused to verify, though the reasons for this have not been revealed.

With 718 names on the petition that have not yet been verified, after the Cruise Port Referendum group submitted another 58 signatures this week, the last 218 names required to be confirmed should be done within the coming week.

Anyone who signed the petition but whose signature has not yet been verified is urged to go to the Elections Office on Smith Road or at Foster’s Supermarket at the Strand or Countryside branches on Saturday. Visit the website for other ways to confirm their support for the referendum.

Cruise Port Referendum Signature Verification Countdown

* 5,438 submitted June 12th + 199 submitted July 11th + 26 submitted August 5th + 78 submitted Aug 15th + 54 submitted Aug 28th 
** Constitutionally required 25% of the 21,116 registered electors = 5,292
# of Elector Signatures submitted for Verification*# of verification forms received# of signatures remaining to be verified # of verification forms remaining to reach 5,292** % of the required 5,292** signatures received Date & Time of Last Update
5,795 5,077 718 218 95.9% Aug 29, 7PM

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Comments (30)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to the CPR on many fronts, as mentioned before this is historic. The people of the Cayman Islands should recognise what the CPR has achieved in that a ‘fat cat govt’ isn’t simply going to bowl over the electorate for a likely agenda beyond that of the best interests of the Country.

    I really hope they succeed on two fronts, first probably humiliating those elected officials who have already likely promised to the cruise lines and other entities that they’ll get this pushed through foregoing transparency to the Cayman people and secondly but more importantly, a demonstration by the electorate/Caymanians that they do have a say of what they believe themselves is right for the Country and the environment in which they live.

    The time has come to take back control of our country from politicians that do not listen to real concerns and ignore the people. We have the power.

  2. I ❤️ Kirkbots says:

    Kirkbots and professional bloggers on contract with the Tourism ministry and pro-port special interests are officially in DEFCON 5 mode are trying again to win the 👍👎 battle on the unscientific cns comment polls.

    Do they get paid per post or senseless comment?

    • BeaumontZodecloun says:

      You mean DEFCON 1. I am really weary of your rhetoric. You point fingers without knowing your victim.

      Serious question: Do you REALLY believe that opinions here matter so much that people are employed to ding comments up or down? Really?

      I am anti-port, and pro-PIR, not that it matters. I have passed by your comments for a long time, and I guess I just hit the wall. “Kirbots” “Aldart”….. is that really the way that you run your life — pointing fingers at others for your own failings?

      You know what I expect from my government? I expect maintenance of the infrastructure, promulgation of laws that we, the people, want, and enforcement of same. You may expect government to make your dreams come true; I want government to stay out of my life so I can do it for myself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    1. We don’t need a cruise berthing facility.

    We only need an upgrade to the cargo dock. There is no evidence the berthing facility will increase spending on the island by passengers. Most are too lazy and fat to even get off the ship and even when they do, they barely even spend any money, Stay over tourism is where the real money is for tourism.

    2. All cruise ship passengers are “less wealthy clientele”. Just because they come on a bigger ship doesn’t mean they are wealthier. If anything, they are gonna cut prices for these people to get even more low income folks on cheap Caribbean cruises.

    3. Financial sector will always be a cornerstone in this country. If they all packed up and left, the cruise ship port isn’t saving this island.

    4. Big ships are not the same as high end ships. If anything, the smaller cruise ships are more expensive and have higher net worth people.

    In conclusion, this port will go down as the biggest mistake the Cayman Islands ever made if it gets built.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alden has mishandled this port project for years and his secret behind closed doors style of management is coming back to bite him. Perhaps his retirement is a solution.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want a port. Look at the ****-up CIG made of the airport. I’d rather concentrate resources on stay over tourism where there is money to be made for all, not just a few connected families in GT.

    My concern though is the way the constitution is written in that 50% of the voters.. call it 20,000 must reject the port. So that means that if 12,000 people turn out to vote, and 9,000 (75%) reject the port, it still gets built because it didn’t pass the 10,000 / 50% marker.

    I think the first part of the referendum would be to amend the constitution so that it’s 50% of the people who are bothered to vote. That, or make it illegal not to vote like they do in Australia, but then again, no body in the CIG would bother to enforce it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how some comments below and in other posts on the referendum show just how scared of a truly democratic process people in Cayman are. If the majority of the country wants the dock built they will vote for it. If not then they won’t. That’s the way it should work.

    And no it’s not a waste of government resources to hold a referendum. This is exactly what the constitution and a free democratic process calls for. Let’s have a fair question and let the results speak for themselves.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There’s hope. Thanks guys for your commitment to democracy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Waste of resources for sure. Vast majority of Caymanians support the port, these protesters remind me of the “we like our road the way it is” and “no dump in Bodden Town” groups. No vision or foresight, and pride themselves on being obstructionists.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you possibly know that information? A very ignorant comment. If indeed the ‘vast majority’ support the dock, then the referendum will prove it.

    • I ❤️ Kirkbots says:

      How much kool aid did you drink at happy hour?

    • Sucks to suck for authoritarians and their friends says:

      Exactly zero significant data points and sources point to this conclusion

      The public consultation was 3:1 against the project

      The PPM claims to have a mandate for this project despite not achieving a majority in the house in 2013 or 2017, in fact they lost members indicating the people were displeased with their 4 years in power

      I can’t tell if you people are actually so amusingly mislead or just useful idiots who think the port will lead to some economic benefit to you personally like the Caymanians the CIG connived into being the faces and voices of their pro port campaign

      or maybe you are forgetting the public meeting from September 2018, where despite your claims only a handful of yellow shirts in support of the project were present meanwhile dozens of skeptical and opposed caymanians voiced their concerns with the project

      Even if you discount all that evidence the petition itself is further proof for the widespread negative public view on the proposed project and that all exists despite the wall to wall advertisement barrage by the CIG that has been going on for almost a year at this point

      It is going to be a rude awakening for people like you when you wake up the day after the referendum and wonder how the government could be so gung ho on an issue that will likely be voted down by a ratio of more than 60-70% against
      You is you think that governments can have their way simply by virtue of being in power, but not this time sweetie, the people of the Cayman Islands are speaking up and authoritarians like you who are terrified of the idea of the people’s will being respected are going to have to learn to sit quietly in the corner where you belong

    • ABC says:

      Lol. You’re soon going to be proven wrong.

    • The Truth is Out There says:

      The cruising berthing dock project requires at a minimum 2.5m at the early stages to 3.5m by 2024 cruise passenger arrivals per annum for it to be financially viable for the financiers RCCL and CCL who are partnering with McAlpine as Verdant Isle Group Partners.

      The government are spinning a tale about all tendering fees 5.25 going to the financiers. Let them explain additional $2 per head which comes out of Cayman Islands port fees. Now being surrendered to Verdant Isle Partners.

      During the winter season there will be days when Cayman has to accommodate 6-8 cruise ships. At least 4 of those must be tendered so no fees will go into the financing pot.

      When there is a shortfall the government and tax payers must cover those costs.
      That is how government are negotiating the contract.
      There will be no revenue sharing provisions which the government claim.
      The cruise lines have found an elected group of suckers to create the next Falmouth.
      The cruise lines will be in total control it’s a simple formula for 25years.

      The Truth is Out There

  9. Anonymous says:

    Alden better get that “contrived leading” question ready? Folks you know he and Mac are together now and you see how they just brought down Cayman 27…Watch this one, there is no way the government is going to make the people win even if we get to referendum..We have to wait until 2021 and hope to God they haven’t destroyed too much of Hog Sty Bay by then…

  10. Anonymous says:

    excellent..give um hell……we live in a democracy…it showing

  11. Anonymous says:

    When is the holiday Alden? Flights need to be booked!

  12. Anonymous says:

    So all this effort and not a single fraudulent signature has been detected. Well done CPR. Your honesty and credibility increases daily. Governor? Waste of funds or good governance?

    • Anonymous says:

      Path of least resistance. He really likes this gig.

      “Delighted to visit *insert government/civil society organisation* to learn about all the good work they do. Important services being provided to *insert vulnerable community*. Excited to see *insert minor detail about the future*!”


      *loud sucking sound from a cocktail drink*

      • Anonymous says:

        Someone should Judicially Review the ineptitude and wastefulness of the all concerned, including the governor. Incompetence monitored by incompetence. Thank heaven for independent courts.


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