Boris third minister to quit UK government

| 09/07/2018 | 36 Comments
Cayman News Service

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson receives a Cayman Islands plate from Premier Alden McLaughlin

(CNS): Boris Johnson has walked out of his top job as British foreign secretary, becoming the third minister to leave Prime Minister Theresa May’s Cabinet following a weekend at Chequers, the PM’s country retreat, where the Conservative government’s Brexit plan was hammered out. Johnson reportedly said that selling the compromise that emerged from her deeply divided cabinet was like “polishing a turd”. His departure follows the resignations of David Davis from the post of Brexit secretary and Steve Baker from his position as Davis’ junior minister.

All three men are prominent Brexiteers but Johnson’s departure fuels the sense of crisis around May’s government, as talks of a no-confidence motion in her leadership intensifies. Many of her supporters believe she could win such a vote, but if she lost, Johnson would be one of the potential candidates to replace her.

The worsening troubles for the British government over the myriad dilemmas, challenges, disagreements and general failure to manage the still very controversial Brexit process without tanking the UK economy comes as the Cayman Islands Government is hoping to cut a deal with the UK to amend the constitutional relationship and increase local autonomy. A leadership contest could throw those planned talks into disarray.

Following Johnson’s resignation on Monday, Prime Minister May put out a short statement thanking Johnson and indicating that the selection of a new foreign secretary would be announced shortly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Say Hello to your new or future Governor.

  2. Anon says:

    I am hoping that this crisis extricates Britian from Europe once and for all. The country would be far better off forging ties with other Anglospere states with a common heritage.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gotta love those crafty xenophobes – wordsmiths you are.

      Tell us, what then are your thoughts on the ongoing British empire and, in light of your astute convictions regarding “common heritage”, should Cayman opt to remain a colony thereof?

      – Who

    • West Bay Premier says:

      I hope that Cayman plate wasn’t Cayman status , because you are going to have the Cayexit campaign starting soon .

    • Anonymous says:

      If only it was the early 18th century. At most all the possible trade deals with third nations will at most reduce 10% of the harm caused by leaving the single market.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nigel Farage should have been PM. He was the best candidate. I hope he takes the challenge and moves UK to Brexit.

  4. Debbie does Dullards says:

    11 54….you are so right. Ms. May is a disaster. After voting for Brexit…a tax on the poor Brits and she tried to look conservative….now she is a bloody turn coat!!

  5. Theresa May Not says:

    Dont be fooled by the speeches Boris and Lord Ahmad make expressing their concern for the Overseas Territories. All a show.

    Poor Alden

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a royal mess – imagine our fate in in their hands. As guess they are in disarray so they want the territories to be as well. As they say ” misery loves company”

  7. RICK says:

    Who cares

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve read your posts. You seem to have dropped the P from the start of your moniker.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Theresa May has always been wrong for PM.
    As a resolute Remainer, why was she selected to lead the UK post-Brexit?
    It’s like Israel electing Hitler for Health Secretary.
    This was insanity from the start. Theresa May is a globalist. She supports a One World Government in spite of the fact that most of her people have democratically preferred to stay independently British.

    The bullying that has taken place against the British people over this Brexit affair has been nothing short of treasonous, but the truth will prevail and the quislings will be exposed.

    When England win the World Cup, Brexit will soar in popularity as the English become Kings of Europe.

    Time to go now May. Make sure the door doesn’t hit your forked tongue on the way out.

    • Anonymous says:

      “When England win the World Cup, Brexit will soar in popularity as the English become Kings of Europe.”

      Needed that laugh, thanks!
      Btw, everyone knows the true World Cup final will be France v Belgium.
      Sheer luck of the group draw a world champion does not make, I am afraid.

      Anyway, Brexit was thoroughly rejected by the productive and younger sector of Briish society, therefore, it is supported most be the least contributors and nearest to the grave.

      Hardly a wise choice.

      Just sayin’.

      • David Shibli says:

        Since when do young, lazy paper shufflers speak for the majority of Brits who already voted “Leave” in a democratic referendum?
        We may be old, but we are not friggin’ dead.

        Back to the footy. If you had half a patriotic heart, you would be supporting the boys.

        Anyway, I am not ashamed. I stuck my name on this and I am sending support back to a great crop of youngsters back home with a fantastic manager.

        You will be laughing next week, I am sure.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Since when do young, lazy paper shufflers speak for the majority of Brits…”

          Ummm, one would think when the MAJORITY of them voted in the opposite direction of a decision that will impact THEM and their future – not their grey-haired, xenophobic and racist grandparents that have one foot in the grave already…that’s when.

          Quite a disgraceful inheritance really.

          But, never mind. This is British politics after all. Chaos after chaos in need of spinning, apologist, historians to piece it together and cast in a false, positive light after the fact.

          Lastly, I am typically an England supporter, but no self-respecting football fan can honestly be “proud” of England in this particular competition.
          Happy for them, maybe – but not proud.

          Everyone knows it is due to sheer luck that they remain. Of all the semi-finalists, they are the least impressive.

          Personally, I am neutral whether they bring it home or not.
          May the best team win tho.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m laughing right now actually!
          (Check the date and time, mate.)


          Better luck next time.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought Hitler died a few years ago. Is he now running for Health Sec?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yet they say stable government is a key concern for investment and industry.

    Can’t think of many industrialised countries as unstable as the UK over the past few years – and for the foreseeable future.

    Maybe May should give our Mac a call?


    – Who

    • Say it like it is says:

      11.53pm Ever heard of Italy (clue – it’s located in Europe), it’s ten times worse.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, it can be easily argued that Italy has been, is, and will be more stable than the UK.

        Take away its ability to quantitively ease its failing economy, and the UK would be in the same boat as Spain and Italy at this very moment.

        – Who

        *Btw, QI is like masturbation; it may feel very good, but at the end of the day – you’re only f*cking yourself.


        • Anonymous says:

          Certainly with your attitude to women, I’d expect you to be an expert on the final part of your comment.

        • Anonymous says:

          Who would argue that the Pope is Muslim and expect us to believe it. Italy is bankrupt. Unemployment and corruption rife (as it always has been) and only you would argue otherwise.

    • Anonymous says:

      Italy and Spain come to mind. (But are not great company.)

    • Incorruptible Cayamnian says:

      Says the guy whose own politicians cannot even organise trash pickup, far less organise how to dispose of it when they finally collect some.

    • Diogenes says:

      Political Instability is part in parcel with the Westminster Parliament system,
      and we have had our fair share of it

      But do go on


      • Anonymous says:

        Thought I banished you from my commentary months ago?
        Have you forgotten I don’t engage with non self-respecting individuals?

        Kindly go away, Toby.

        – Who

  10. Anonymous says:

    No loss there – he’s a complete idiot.

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