WB man admits illegal guns but denies drug charges

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(CNS): A West Bay man who was arrested after a drug bust at a Mount Pleasant house last month has admitted possessing two illegal guns and ammunition but has denied drug dealing offences. Ralstan Ebanks (41) is looking at a minimum seven-year term in jail after pleading guilty Friday to possessing a .38 revolver, a semiautomatic revolver and ammunition, but he will also face trial later this year on charges of conspiracy to supply ganja, as well as the possession and concealment of almost $200,000 cash from drug dealing. 

Ebanks will answer the charges relating to drug offences in December, when he and his co-defendant, Cameron Ebanks, who was arrested during the same raid, will face trial on various gun, drugs and criminal proceeds charges.

Both men were arrested following the raid in West Bay, which turned up an undisclosed quantity of ganja, large amounts of cash, two air guns and the two revolvers. Both men were charged with different crimes on different indictments but the crown is now planning to join the charge lists and try the men together, the court heard Friday.

Cameron Ebanks has admitted possessing the air guns but denied possessing the revolvers. He has also denied possessing $30,000 cash which came from drug dealing.

Both men are currently in custody.

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