Premier appears confident of second term

| 10/04/2017 | 68 Comments
Cayman News Service

Alden McLaughlin addresses the gathering at the PPM conference Saturday night

(CNS): The PPM party leader and the third Cayman premier, who looks certain be the first to serve a full term in office, appeared confident Saturday that he will be given four more years to complete the work of his government. McLaughlin promised that phase two of the PPM plan will focus heavily on education and employment. With the success of phase one of his administration — stabilizing the economy and public finances — government is now in a strong position to help people get back to work and seize the economic opportunities that stability has brought, he said.

Speaking at the Progressives’ national conference on Saturday night, he described the next election as a “battle we dare not lose” because there was “too much still to be done and a lot at stake”.

McLaughlin told the party faithful that the current term had been about the management of the public finances and growing the local economy to create surplus budgets and investor confidence, which will in turn lead to more jobs and opportunities for Caymanians.

He said that without the solid foundation created during this phase the PPM would not be able to take the next step, in which the government will take on the challenges of education and training to ensure that everyone can compete effectively in the job market.

As well as “fixing” the long-standing issues in education with more investment in resources and teachers, the government will help unemployed local workers by introducing more transparency in how jobs are advertised. However, he acknowledged that while the economy is growing, too many Caymanians are still struggling to get work and there had to be a cultural change among employers.

McLaughlin also announced the start of a new policy towards affordable health care.

“We are examining the options to develop a fair sustainable Cayman model,” he said hinting at a complete revamp of the failing current model.

In an address that focussed on saying goodbye to his long-term political mentor, Kurt Tibbetts, as much as it was about launching a new election campaign, McLaughlin said he believed that the PPM was fielding the best slate of candidates.

“We are ambitious for the country,” he said as he pointed to the platform for growth his government had put in place. He urged voters not to go back to personality politics but to select representatives with experience and a set of coherent policies.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who was the second premier?

  2. Runner says:

    The landscape of politics will change in this election and it will be done by the expat population. They all now have Caymanian Status and will now come to bite all the politicians in their A$$es. As for the Jamaicans who are married to Caymanians, I am very sorry for some of you in this election, old and new. Educated Jamaicans and ordinary Jamaicans living here, breathe politics, sleep politics and eat politics. Just a pity it is not exercised in Jamaica without violence. This is going to be an election that you have NEVER seen before, a lot of elected people will be looking a job. True blooded Caymanians, young and old, we all need to come out and vote. If we do not vote in this election, we might have to look somewhere else to go beg citizenship from. We are outnumbered.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I happen to think the Progressives are the best we’ve got…but I have a nagging feeling that they have not laid out a ‘progressive’ agenda for the country if they get re-elected, and in place of that they will push through everything they tried to do this time around that proved too controversial. They must know that if they get back in, they won’t be elected a third time, so why not make hay while the sun shines? Alden and his Progressives need to be more specific about what they would do if re-elected. Saying that they will focus on health, education and employment is great, but there are many Caymanians in excellent health, who are well-educated and employed and they will want to know what improvements to their quality of life they can look forward to if they vote Progressive. Health, education and employment are also some of the areas which voters are most cynical about and don’t believe anything will ever change – not a vote-winning platform to say you will fix the problems in those areas. Because they are ethical, presentable and well-intentioned I hope they get back in, but I fear it will not happen if they are not bolder and more transparent about their plans. I hope they have more to offer than they have told us to date.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have to be vague…the truth of “do whatever UK asks”, “give permits to anyone who pays”, and “keep head in sand”, won’t get them a lot of votes

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alden you are an idiot if you don’t see that you have caused the cultural problems at the employers. Your focus on work permit revenues and lower end (and often temporary) jobs for Caymanians has undone years of development of an environment where companies understood their responsibility to the country they operated in. Look at the return to the old tricks of employers such as the ‘moving goal posts of experience’ or specialized and arcane skill sets. Alden as long as you stay in power and continue to give away the upper level positions “we don’t need no education”…get us shovels you deluded UK puppet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear PPM, I have not forgotten the lpb debacle. I remember that you suppprted a bill written by the big firms against your own people’s interests. I can only imagine why else you got away with while nobody was looking. Your colors have shown. I will never vote for a ppm member again!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mr.McLaughlin, I fear you you are in for a big surprise. I am not a doctor but I would advise you to make suitable provision for treatment for the effects of extreme shock.There is a sea change afoot, my dear sir. You’ve got all hands on deck, but the only problem is the ship you and the crew are on will never leave its mooring. I sense an albatross on the horizon. Circling, Ever closer.

    • Anonymous says:

      ^That’s some funny stuff you just wrote there lol. PPM ALLLLLLLLLLL THE WAY!!! #CaymanStrong

      • Anonymous says:

        Ha ha haaaaaaa. At least he admits he’s not a doctor. More like a mad scientist.

        • Anonymous says:

          True, but one doesn’t have to be a scientist – even a mad one – to understand that a sail needs wind behind it to break mooring.You, friend, should consider, which direction is the wind blowing?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wish it was true but afraid PPM is the best of a really bad lot…another four years of un or underemployment for me

      • Anonymous says:

        Trust me they are far far far from the best. Im hoping for a group of independents with true interest in our country and people instead of this useless group who serves none other than big business

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope you got a new fridge for that.

  7. Anonymous says:

    PPM looking strong. Keep up the good work Alden.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think the people hating on Alden are showing fear because he and thePPM had all rights to wait to decide where to run members and according to residence, Alden could have gone to Prospect or Red Bay.

    I am not a member of PPM or any party, and looking at the individual candidates PPM put forward, especially the calibre of women candidates, they appear to offer best choice for a progressive way forward. They love Jamaicans as much as CDP so don’t think CDP must be your choice for that reason either.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would he not be confident. The PPM has no competition what’s so ever.

      Look at the options we have…Credit card team and bad debts.

      Others with convictions galore and no assets.

      We are not stupid. PPM will win a massive number of seats as they should. Look for a major shake up in West Bay. WB voters have finally woke up and is sick of being the murder capital of the islands . Under whose leadership has this happened? We need change now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If the Phase 2 plan is to say they are “examining the options”, then that says it all. No thanks!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I voted independents last election, because I didn’t think Alden would represent our islands professionally. Hats off to Alden, he proved me wrong. I have not agreed with everything these past four years, but you have to hand it to them, they were a lot better that Mckeeva the four before where he almost derailed the islands completely. I am voting for whoever PPM has in my district, because I have seen how they righted the ship and I have been proud to be Caymanian the past four years.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wholeheartedly disagree. I think the ppm have shown that they have no interests in helping caymanians and will stop at nothing to support special interest groups at the expense of the interests of cayman and caymanians!

      • Anonymous says:

        Can you give examples? Which special interests groups have they supported?

        • Anonymous says:

          1. Dart – they pretend they did not but they’ve just been better at keeping that all under wraps
          2. Big law firms – did you miss you entire lawyer bill debate? Do you recall they put the entire economy in jeopardy to support a few of the big firms?

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe you were proud to see the madness of them authorising your SMB shoreline being dug up as well. My advice : vote independent again.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of PPM having sent out their CNS thumb warriors today – it is an indisputable FACT that Alden McLaughlin RAN from Kenneth Bryan.

    As I mentioned to someone in their inner circle a while back – Kenneth is a formidable force in this election – but they dismissed it as non-sense. Fast forward a few weeks and we see that the leader of the PPM and Premier of the Cayman Islands is afraid to go up against someone that he clearly regards as lesser.

    Speaks volumes.

    PPM, you lot ought to thank heavens for One Man One Vote, lol!

    • Anonymous says:

      Could it be that Alden outsmarted Kenneth yet again?

      • Anonymous says:

        Call it what you want – but when next they face each other eye-to-eye – both will be absolutely clear as to which is the fighter and which is the coward.

        • Anonymous says:

          Both are cowards.

          Both are arrogant.

          Both will never represent the people.

          Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves at the lack of real men we have present in todays society. We should be ashamed of ourselves for what we have been producing here for the last 30 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      Love that term, “thumb warriors”. They, the Warriors, have much time and give the public a distorted view of general consensus.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a donkey load of utter crap of the very highest order.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would rather shoo myself int he foot than to vote this self-centred fool and his evil cronies back into office.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Are the rumors true about what happened at the station over the weekend?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Alden proved to be a better strategist than I though.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The fact is the Progressives are the only credible, educated group of politicians we have. They are not perfect, and the problems that we need to solve have no perfect solutions either, but they’re the best we’ve got. Perhaps, just perhaps, they know this too and want to continue the work they’re doing for the sake of the country. We are in fact galloping down the stream right now, as can be seen from the health of government finances, amount of development happening and number of cars on the road, and we should not change horses. That is my view and also – I believe – the truth.

    CNS: I deleted your first sentence. Normally if you start a comment with made up BS about CNS, I just delete the whole thing. Just letting you know.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t mistake education for intelligence or success for morals. I think the ppm have proven that highly educated does not equate to having good morals or character

    • Nunya says:

      Thankful you kept this comment CNS – because the author makes a salient point. It is scary the level of education some of the candidates have. Which is one question I personally have – why should we vote anyone into office who is not educated. When some of the ones in office now or in the past have not fought for members of the community that, for whatever reason of their circumstances, do not have a formal degree? I have seen many intelligent people without a degree go on to be very successful people, just because someone gave them a change and the worked hard to prove themselves.
      So tell me – if they are not going to fight for us to have a small chance, by pushing back when employers place tailored job ads in the paper that are clearly designed to keep Caymanians out. Why should we give them a chance when its one of the highest callings we have in this country?

  16. Anonymous says:

    PPM do not deserve another four years.
    Look at the track record. Caymanians are not their priority they are all about helping special interests big business and expatriates.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, this is a fact; so then tell me…why the hell are we waiting on things to change?

      Caymanians – listen up, stop waiting on Government to own-up, they won’t!

      You cannot depend on these people anymore, they have long sold us all out.

      Look out for your family, look out for your neighbors, look out for your colleagues; because that is what our elected leaders have been doing, looking our for themselves.
      They only remember us elections time every 4 years. We have all been lied to and we have been held back by those lies which we took to be truths!

      This is only going to get worse people, so you all better buckle-up!

      • Anonymous says:

        And the alternate is? Worse in my view…and I cant vote so its not my issue. But I do care about Cayman.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Confident!? He ran from Kenny FFS!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Alden is arrogant and delusional.

    This man was afraid to run against Kenny Bryan in central

    • Anonymous says:

      Aldin proved himself to be a coward

      • Anonymous says:

        I knew he was a coward from long ago! Took ya’ll long enough.

        Too little, too late!

        • Anonymous says:

          The heathen back dey, pon de wall…’s he who fight and run away, live to fight another day. Just saying

        • Anonymous says:

          Ahh Jealousy. He had enough balls to beat you lozers and mckeewa to the Premier’s seat. By the way, he won’t be leaving that seat in the near future.

          • Anonymous says:

            Actually he only became premier by politricks (which he certainly excels at) the people did not vote for a ppm government. The ppm have shown nothing but greed and drive to help special interest groups above caymanians.

          • Anonymous says:

            McKeeva Bush was the first Premier of Cayman, not Alden. I hate to point out the painfully obvious as well but Bush has represented WB, Alden has done what exactly for GT????

            Look at our Capital? We should be damn ashamed!

    • Anonymous says:

      Now let us be honest with ourselves… even if Alden was to run in GTC, would people really have voted for Kenneth over Alden? Really!!!!

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