House speaker accused of barroom assault

| 23/02/2020
House Speaker McKeeva Bush, sometime Friday night / Saturday morning 21/22 February

(CNS): Speaker of the Legislative Assembly McKeeva Bush (65) has been accused of assaulting the manager of Coral Beach bar in a public display of drunken aggression in the early hours of Saturday morning. Bush was at the bar, which is on Dart land and run by a group of local businessmen, drinking with a group of friends when the assault happened and police were called. Bush was not arrested, despite the number of witnesses, as it is understood the victim, who was visibly injured, was reluctant to pursue the case.

In a police press release officials said officers were called to the West Bay Road bar just after 12:30am and that “a senior member of the government, had assaulted a female at the location resulting in her receiving minor injuries”. That initial release was later corrected by the RCIPS media officer to read “a public figure”. However, with pictures circulating and so many witnesses, efforts by the police to prevent Bush being identified as the suspect failed.

Witnesses to the incident described Bush as being intoxicated and said that when he fell down, the Coral Beach manager had gone to his aid. It was then that Bush was seen lashing out at the woman, hitting her on the face and body. The incident caused a huge response on social media, which is culminating in a call for Bush to resign his position as speaker.

There was no indication on Sunday whether or not Bush had made a decision to resign or whether his Cabinet colleagues were set to demand it. Premier Alden McLaughlin left for London Friday night, and while it was clear he would have been informed of the incident, there has been no comment from his office, as of Sunday morning.

In the meantime, given the sensitivity of the case, it has been passed to a senior officer. The RCIPS said one of its superintendents will be in charge of investigating the allegation and anyone with information is asked to contact the George Town Police Station at 949-4222.

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