Child burial case put off over mental health issues

| 26/07/2019
Cayman News Service
Travis Webb when he was an up and coming young athlete (Photo courtesy Cayman 27)

(CNS): The crown’s case against Travis Webb (26), who is charged with the attempted murder of a child after he had allegedly tried to bury the toddler alive, has stalled after a new psychiatric report called his mental health into question. The trial was supposed to begin on 5 August but on Friday prosecutors asked for an adjournment in order to seek a psychiatric assessment of the Bodden Town man after the defence team’s psychiatrist raised questions about his mental abilities.

Webb has been in custody since the incident, in which the emergency services were able to save the child’s life after a concerned neighbour raised the alarm. But throughout that time Webb’s mental health has been in question, and although one psychiatrist found that he was fit to answer the charges and ultimately stand trial, since then other reports have called his ability to understand the charges or his criminal culpability into question.

As a result the case has been postponed and Webb remanded back into custody until October, when a decision based on the psychiatric reports will be made.

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Category: Courts, Crime

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