MLA prepared to ‘eat own vomit’ for coalition

| 15/10/2018 | 92 Comments
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Minister Dwayne Seymour and MLA David Wight appear on Radio Cayman’s For the Record (Photo courtesy of Radio Cayman)

(CNS): The PPM’s backbench member for George Town West, David Wight, said that he was prepared to “eat his own vomit for his country” as he addressed the issue of being in a coalition with his former arch political enemy, McKeeva Bush. Before the PPM joined forces with now Speaker Bush, Wight was one of his loudest critics. But as a guest on Radio Cayman on Monday, the PPM party stalwart was asked by Johann Moxam about the situation he was now in, and gave the answer implying he was willing to go to extremes for the Cayman people.

Wight, the councillor for the Ministry of Tourism, said he had first been accused of eating his own vomit by an unnamed MLA in West Bay.

He then stated, “I just want to say that, for my love of my country, my deep love for Cayman, if it takes eating my own vomit to do what is right for Cayman and work with others that I never used to work with and had disagreements with, then I will eat my own vomit. That’s what I want to say.”

Wight appeared on For the Record with Health Minister Dwayne Seymour to discuss the controversial cruise and cargo project. However, neither of them appeared able to address most of the questions and concerns raised by callers, who in some cases were cut off by the host, Orrett Connor, because he said they had a limited time slot.

Seymour admitted that he had not fully supported the project on the campaign trail, adding to public concerns that the current administration does not have a clear mandate for this project, as claimed by the premier.

However, Seymour said that, having met with the tourism minister after the elections, his concerns were alleviated and he now supported it. Nevertheless, despite this sit-down with the minister, he seemed to know very little about the project or why he supported it. On several occasion during the show he said that listeners had raised good questions that he would raise in caucus, as he clearly did not know the answers.

The environment minister also, once again, demonstrated a significant lack of knowledge about the marine environment and seemed to think that just one reef was at stake.

Both men struggled with the issue of a referendum, and although they appeared not to want to be seen as undermining a very important democratic principle, Seymour suggested that the estimated $1 million on a vote was too expensive and referendums should only happen when there is an election.

Seymour, whose portfolio includes environmental health, has faced considerable public criticism because his ministry has faced some serious challenges since the election regarding the waste of public money. It was recently revealed that the mismanagement of garbage collection had cost the taxpayer an additional $2 million after the Department of Environmental Health went over budget by 800%.

Wight, however, said that he did not believe government should have a referendum over “every little thing …just because some people make noise”.

The proposed cruise and cargo project has polarised the community, but even the most ardent opponents and supporters agree that it is by no means a “little thing”. The project will, if it goes ahead, be the biggest infrastructure development in the country’s history. It is expected to cost a minimum of $200 million and many people believe it will cost a great deal more.

It also involves the dredging and destruction of many acres of living reef systems in George Town Harbour; it is likely to take around three years to construct and will fundamentally alter the appearance of the country’s capital forever.

It will lead to an increase in numbers that will have a massive impact on local infrastructure and attractions, and could have a detrimental impact on the country’s far more lucrative tourism product.

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  1. Hypatia says:

    “However, Seymour said that, having met with the tourism minister after the elections, his concerns were alleviated and he now supported it. Nevertheless, despite this sit-down with the minister, he seemed to know very little about the project or why he supported it.” Wow. Sounds like most of the politicians in the LA.

  2. Anonymous says:

    looking to get re-elected…fellow caymanians…vote them out! full stop….i know i will…

  3. Anonymous says:

    David I’ve known you all my life and followed your career from a cricket star, to managing your parents businesses and to know a statesman. Very proud of you! However your recent approval of the port project as planned has left me disappointed and is now considering relocating before we end up just like Jamaica. I’m heart broken that after all these years you debated and made us believed we must and should not believe a word of the then premier. Now you are now a wholehearted full pledged politician and never in my dreams I would think you would succumb to the fakness and deceit that most of the new bred of Cayman politics has to offer. As I come to my final months on this island, I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and I hope you remember, Caymanians may be greedy and will sell their souls for a buck……but they never forget!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can I just mention that Port Canaveral, Florida, where, incidentally, these purported >200GT monstrosities are supposed to originate as “home port”, don’t themselves have a dock today that will fit these boats. The cost for their “low tech” shallow water (dredged to 44 feet) Terminal 3 port will be >$153-170mln and won’t be ready until mid-2020 at soonest. Major contracts still pending (of course).

    Q. If their single boat Terminal 3 at an existent harbour depth of 44 feet is budgeting up to $170mln, how do we go to our 80 foot engineering marvel, drilling into fractured and cavernous limestone, with two piers for only $200mln? The two “boarding bridges” alone are budgeted at $5.25mln plus $145,000/yr in maintenance for 5 years.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I believe the appropriate term for both of these Caymanians is “Turncoat” or some might say “Traitors” to their people while others might say the opposite. Personally going with former.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure there was a better way for Mr. Wight to express this sentiment.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “It will lead to an increase in numbers”

    Depends on who you ask and at what time of day you ask!

    At government’s public meeting it was revealed that the goal is to keep numbers the same. But they continue to go back and forth on this point. There is a stunning lack of consistency in the selling points used to justify this port. If the issue is raised that we cannot handle greater numbers, the response becomes “we need this port just to maintain our current numbers,” yet from the beginning it was said that building the port would lead to an increase in numbers and further economic growth, and this continues to be reiterated. Which is it?


    • Anonymous says:

      STATUS QUO: 5-7 tendering ships x 4000 = booming 20,000-28,000 arrival days, with no reef destruction, no crippling debt obligations, and CIG keeps uninterrupted landing fees forever.

      2 PIER PORT (with max capacity 4 ships * weather permitting *): Oasis of Seas (1 ship), + 3 more fantasy ships (that haven’t yet been conceived) = 6000 + 4000 + 4000 + 4000 = 18,000 arrival days (every second Thursday), but mostly just <16,000, with an end to scuba diving on Grand Cayman, crippling debt obligations, and service surprises, with no CIG landing fees or management, or construction jobs for 50+ years.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “However, Seymour said that, having met with the tourism minister after the elections, his concerns were alleviated and he now supported it.”

    A familiar story. Either there is some completely irrefutable reason why this is in the best interests of these islands, which is shared with persons when they join he government, but for some reason NOT SHARED WITH THE PUBLIC, or there is some other incentive being given to secure the support of those who were formerly against the project.

    If there was such a reason then surely it would be in the best interests of the government to share it with the Cayman people in order to secure their unconditional support, just as they have done with these politicians. The fact that they have not shared any such information only makes it more likely that these changes of heart are the result of some other incentive, which does not extend to the people of the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      These two politicians are by far the less informed, less able to understand, more ignorant warmers of a seat with the government than has ever before been elected. Listening to them is painful. It is so clear that they have been sucking on the PPm coolade bottle and their own vomit and liking it. They are out of their depth, void of understanding and hopefully will be relieved of their duties come next election.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This “article” truly was only written to try and make the people believe that the politicians “struggled” to answer questions or somehow have a “significant lack of knowledge” of their own ministries. The politicians clearly made their points:

    – They believe the Port is necessary for our Country to continue to stay relevant and thrive in the long term.
    – They also believe that the Coalition Government is doing what is best for Cayman and it’s people, and for the first time in donkey years there is bipartisan agreement on the best direction for this Country.
    – They also feel a referendum is not the best use of taxpayer money and in this case would only hinder a sensitive process that has been ongoing for years.

    The cheap headline and clear slant of the writing in this article makes us wonder about the journalists this site employs. Please, do not let this piece of propaganda fool you, the Minster and Councilor made themselves clear that they have the Cayman Islands and it’s people’s best interest at heart.

    I also just want to say that the personal attacks in the comments are shocking. These two men don’t deserve such feedback and have done nothing to deserve the lack of respect they are shown. They have their opinions and just because they do not match the most vocal commenters, it does not make them “idiots” or “clueless”. Accept that this is a debate for a reason; there are key concerns on both sides of this argument. The politicians are elected to navigate these debates and ultimately make decisions and do what is best for this Country.

    The people seem to forget that not too long ago, under a shroud of secrecy, McKeeva was just moments away from putting pen to paper and awarding the port development to CHEC. I recall no environmental studies being conducted or the impact even considered. This Coalition Government has been attempting to be as transparent as it can be with the procurement process and manage the delicate issues that arise (environmental impact analysis, even re-doing the bid to put their piers out in deeper water).

    It is impossible to make everyone happy on this. Developing our beloved Cayman Islands cannot be done with a guarantee that there will be no impact on the environment. The people demanding that no harm can come to the environment, while completely understandable, are not being realistic in this debate. The Cruise Ships are already causing damage, the tenders already cause pollution, the environment is being impacted regardless of the direction this debate takes. We can only do our best to

    • Anonymous says:

      A referendum will cost around one million according to john-john and give we the people our democratic right, the dock will cost two hundred million- four hundred million. I know which one I will pick. SIGN THE PETITION!!

    • MM says:

      This excerpt from your comment reminds me of when abusive husbands hit their wives and then say “I Love you”

      “…Please, do not let this piece of propaganda fool you, the Minster and Councilor made themselves clear that they have the Cayman Islands and it’s people’s best interest at heart…”

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s so much BS in the air, you actually believe it yourself. Let’s start with the people (the voters) decide the course for this UK Territory, not the politicians who serve them, or their favoured business cronies. If this Cabinet doesn’t understand the simple power dynamic in a democracy, then they should be removed from political life. Excluding the official Opposition, encouraging blind trust, thumping chests, demanding respect, obscuring facts, tampering with process, demanding that the people heel to their self-appointed lifetime “honorability”, and self-bestowed corrosion-resistant medals, while declining any semblance of compliance with conflict checks and personal accountability Standards….these are all hallmarks of an authoritarian regime that nobody voted for. This is NOT progress, this is regression to the same swamp-dwelling regime standard we (the majority) voted out in May 2017.

    • Anonymous says:

      12:16 pm, you are very verbose , but that’s your right. However it’s not right for a vomit eating politician to disclose his disgusting tastes publicly.

  10. Oh-for-some-decent-statesmen (and -women) says:

    Do the words “Peter Principle” and “tits on a bull” immediately spring to mind when you think of these eejits. Promoted way beyond their abilities, I’m afraid.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Did Councillor of Tourism Mr. Wight get a chance to mention how conflicted he is in the Cruise Port debate?

    Did he mention that, as Councillor of Tourism, he is brother-in-law to Gerry Kirkconnell and uncle to Chris Kirkconnell who owns Kirk Freeport and are some of the main forces pushing for the port, along with the Ministry of Tourism, no matter what?

    Chris Kirkconnell who is also a cousin to Minister of Tourism Moses Kirkconnell. There is an indirect family connection between Councillor Wight and Minister Moses, thru Chris Kirkconnell.

    Doesnt seem like it is Govt wanting the port, just one family, but using public money to build it

    • Anonymous says:

      And they will be the first to cry and moan that “tender money” is funding the anti-port people. Funny how that works.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Um… “eat your vomit” That is revolting and childishly immature. Something a school kid would say. You folk in the government need to grow up. Seriously. You are embarrassing.
    How can you think this is okay?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bon Appétit!

  14. Anonymous says:

    What a mess these two are….in way over their heads!

  15. E. Nygma says:

    For a PPM candidate that absolutely no one expected to win David Wight seems to has quite the group of defenders (and in the CNS comment section no less!)

    I for one would love to be made aware of the long list of Mr Wight’s accomplishments in the last 18 months, spare no detail, let me know why he is such a stellar MLA

    I expect the list to be as long as the comments of praise and adoration he is getting

    Or else.. one might wonder… if the adoration…. is just more…. mindless … PPM supporter…. drivel

    I will eagerly await the list of his accomplishments

    Please do tell

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’d ever had a Rudydog at 3am you would understand.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is still running into walls with that strange glazed wide- eye amazement. We are all amazed!! No one saw that coming, not even him.

    • E. Nygma says:

      Almost 24 hours later and not one of his ardent supporters has left one comment listing his accomplishments in the LA or as an MLA

      Despite being very vocal previously.. Thats the thing with these PPM supporters, they are all talk, till you actually ask them to back up what they are saying

  16. Fair and Balanced says:

    The big question is, will Johann Moxam run in 2021?
    i have my doubts.
    It is very easy to do what Johann is doing: being overly critical.

    • Anonymous says:

      You clearly haven’t been listening to Moxam’s contributions in this national debate and over the years. He is only one making any sense while asking sensible questions and offering solutions. You don’t have to approve of his direct style but he’s the one that talks the most sense is consistent including all the politicians.

    • New Caymanian says:

      @9:35 based on your fair and balanced logic a person only really cares about the country and the important decisions made by government if they run for public office? Cayman needs more citizens like Johan to exercise their democratic rights. Understanding what holding mla’s accountable looks like is normal in a mature democracy.

      • Joe Pansophical says:

        Democracy? I do not believe a democracy is a great government. In a democracy the people will vote for the candidate who offers them the most freebies. The elected will do all in their power to stay in control. Most of us would do the same thing, unfortunately. Greed is a great force. It drives everyone, including the peons, holding their hands out for the promised freebies, and the leadership, who takes all he can while at the trough. All democracies fail, although some may exist for over a hundred years. The end will always be the same. The “haves” amass all the riches and the “have nots” eventually rise up, demanding change. The United States is in the final stages of their democracy. The Cayman Islands are doing their utmost to catch up!

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM Bot at work.

      You cannot hide your identity.

  17. Anonymous says:

    David Wight is a porch politician, just like a porch mason, sitting on the doorstep but not entering in.
    If he truly cared about Cayman, he would call those Lodge people out.
    Go for it David, I fill up at your place once or twice a week.

  18. Anonymous says:

    David is just being David which is exactly why we voted him in and he is a lock for 2021.

    Its amazing what one can achieve when you work to your strengths and give the people 100% of your effort every day.

  19. Thy will be done says:

    One thing good that comes out of this wretched coalition is that we can see through the stripes and spots. Your true nature is revealed. Remember not to vote for this bunch of fools again regardless of what they profess or promise.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how certain news sources and asspiring politicians will try to twist things to shoot at anyone that doesn’t share their view. The two mlas did great this morning and are some of the more liked in the bunch. Having their support for the dock is great. Davidn inparticular has grown on all of us, hope he runs again as we dearly need public servants with his love of country

  21. Anonymous says:

    In the words of Alden, what a train wreck! To send Seymour & Wight on the radio together is a JOKE! Both don’t know anything which you can see by their performance this morning on the radio! Truthfully we all know that Seymour should not be a minister and Wight just got lucky getting elected because of where he ran and people knowing his family. As time goes on this ‘unity government’ is such an embarrassment! #Shameonyoualden

  22. Anonymous says:

    God help the Cayman Islands if these two represent best in leadership

  23. A very concerned Caymanian says:

    To be very honest, I think that the idea of holding a referendum for this issue is wrong and undermines our democratic process. I am a Caymanian and an active voter. The time for raising these concerns was at the time that we were choosing and voting for our representatives. Whether or not the Premier is correct in suggesting that his Government has a clear mandate from the people to proceed with this port project is not the point at all or the correct focus for this argument. Rather, any government elected in a democratic process has a very clear and explicit mandate to do what is best for their country in the ordinary course of business as long as it is done in good faith and in accordance with good governance policies.

    What really makes me angry is that so many people think that this referendum is a referendum on the importance of our oceans, reefs and natural environment. In my opinion, that is not what it is at all. Although an important issue and this debate has forced the Government to be as open as possible with the people of this country, this referendum will not provide some kind of edict on the value of the environment to this Government. Rather it is an exercise of potentially wasting time and money (we pay dearly in taxes all the time even though no directly) in government negotiations concerning this project which as far as I can tell has been conducted in good faith and in compliance with our own laws of good governance.

    As private citizens we are blessed to be able to express our opinions (as we should) with respect to whatever is important to us. The members of the government however do not have that luxury. They would be remiss in their civic duties and fiduciary responsibilities if they valued one group’s opinions without giving proper consideration to all other aspects of our society and our economy. As servants of the people, the government members must weigh everything together not only with respect to being good stewards of the environment but also as good stewards of our economy. I do not blame the relevant groups for raising their concerns and I certainly do not think they haven’t done their research with respect to the issues they are raising. I strongly agree that these have to be factored into the decision, but it is only one factor. It is only one part of the larger picture. It has to be weighed against such aspects as the overall economy, the value of diversifying our tourism product, the value of the jobs and businesses which depend on the cruise industry and also the potential benefits of being able to upgrade the cargo dock facilities without otherwise having to look for or raise funding for the same (which hopefully will help to bring down overall cost of living in due course).

    I am not saying in this comment whether I agree or disagree with this project (that is my opinion and obviously I do not have all of the relevant information about all of the above noted points to weigh against my opinion to say that it would be right) but I will say what I DO NOT AGREE with as a Caymanian, as a registered voter, as a tax payer, community member, lover of my people and country, lover of my environment and a very concerned citizen is that this referendum and the costs associated with it (both in actually conducting such a referendum and in the opportunities lost because of it) is a good thing or even the right thing. I actually think that it represents a very dangerous precedent. I have expressed my opinions very clearly to my local representatives on this issue and I ask how many other people have done that before jumping on the bandwagon and signing this referendum petition? How many people have tried to actually use their power as the voters and the ultimate EMPLOYERS of our representatives in the Government to make their voices heard? Holding the Government for ransom and backing them into a corner is not the right or fair way to deal with this issue or any issue. A referendum is a very serious and important safeguard for the rights and freedoms of this country, but I do not think that it should be used as a way for a minority (no matter how righteous and well informed they are) to assert their views on a particular issue. The people elected to the Government must take everything in the balance when making a decision and they must make the best possible decision with the best possible information available to them at the time for the best possible outcome for future generations. I will say that it is arguably just as important for my children to have as many possibilities to flourish in the economic environment of the future (and by diversifying our tourism product, it could be argued, helps to safeguard this) as it is for them to have as much of our natural environment preserved as possible.

    I really believe that we need to step back and pause to consider the wider implications of this discussion and this referendum. I strongly encourage all members of the community to reach out to their local representatives and have their voices heard in a fair and equal way with everyone else. What’s more, if you have signed the petition and any of what I have said strikes a cord with you and you have changed your mind about signing it, please do reach out to the organizers and ask them to withdraw your name. I respect the arguments on both sides of the debate, but I cannot agree that a referendum is the right or most democratic way to handle this issue.

    It is so important that we exercise our right to express our views, but we also have to consider the value of other people’s views even when they disagree with us (which I admit is not always easy for me). Unfortunately, the tone of this debate has disintegrated so much that the general feeling is that the opinion of certain members of our community are right and just and others are not. All of our opinions have value. This is our country and whether or not I sign this petition says NOTHING about how much I care about this country or the environment and it isn’t fair or right for the supporters of this referendum to suggest that it does.

    Thank you CNS for providing this forum which has allowed me to express my opinion on this subject.

    • Mario Rankin says:

      So much you have said yet it has
      Very little impact on the core issue…the fact you make claims you support democracy and not the referendum is somewhat misleading and confusing, clearly a referendum is our constitutional right and is a critical part of the democratic process….

      So as “a concern caymanian” as is your title on the post why hide behind a made up title instead of standing up for the very same thing we are standing for with this petition for the right of referendum….just saying….

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I regretted the length of this comment as soon as I hit post…

        Just to clarify, I am not saying that a referendum is not a critical part of our democratic process, I think it is a very important safeguard. Rather I don’t agree with it in this context for the reasons I noted in my (admittedly too long) comment above.

        Although, I am also not sure why being anonymous negates the fact that I am a concerned Caymanian. I have raised my concerns about this project with my representatives and I have voiced them here. I am not a politician so there is no need for anyone to know who I am. This post is just my opinion and anyone is free to agree or disagree.

    • Anonymous says:

      “A very concerned Caymanian” yet you remain anonymous… This negate your entire post.

    • Anonymous says:

      @6:40 “I think that the idea of holding a referendum for this issue is wrong and undermines our democratic process.” A referendum is the epitome of a democratic process moron. It gives the people a chance to have their official say if they are for or against something. The CIG is afraid of one and they are right in saying that a referendum is a way of blocking the port because no clear thinking, non-sheeple Caymanian wants the damned thing and they know that the people will vote majorly against it.

    • MM says:

      Excerpt from your comment: “… this debate has forced the Government to be as open as possible with the people of this country…”

      Why should any democratic Government who stands before its people proclaiming transparency have to be FORCED to provide information on the largest, most expensive capital project ever embarked upon in the country of which they represent?

      First of all; if you are suggesting that $1 millions dollars is too expensive to provide the people of this country with the opportunity to properly voice their acceptance or disagreement with such a life-changing, future-shaping project and your concern is how this $1 million will affect you as a citizen who indeed pays taxes – can you even begin to fathom what YOU will be paying if a $200+ million dollar port is constructed and the Government is unable to meet the income projections it has declared OR cruise tourism somehow takes a turn for the worst in the Caribbean – anything can happen!

      Not only that, but what I am not hearing people talk about is where are we going to house the hundreds of workers that will have to come to Cayman to complete this project!

      Also, the post expenses are one thing – there will be tens of millions of dollars more that must be spent in infrastructure upgrades to handle double cruise visitor numbers! There is a much bigger picture that is not being properly addressed by our Government; I am all for a port, but when not even our Tourism Minister has adequate answers and when there is contradicting data and reports – I say scrapping and coming again may cost some money – but it will never cost what we would have to pay if we jump in to this project without properly analyzing EVERYTHING with a 5, 10, 15 20, 25, 30 to 50 year plan!

      Also – who will be paying for the port maintenance?

      • Anonymous says:

        …because they are in the middle of commercial negotiations with counterparties and I am sure they have had to sign any number of confidentiality agreements with respect to designs, costs and proprietary information. But this is exactly my point – there is so much which has to be weighed in the balance (and I share your concerns about the workers needed to complete this project) and I agree that it is our job as concerned citizens to raise these concerns. My issue is with the way that this has been done. As I said, in my opinion, I don’t think a referendum is the right answer or at least not at this stage for the reasons I set out in my comment above. Everyone has the right to voice their opinions to their representatives in Government and put those representatives’ collective feet to the fire, but I just wonder who bothered to do that (and don’t get me wrong, I am sure some have) in the last five, ten years since this proposal was first raised, before signing this petition? I just feel like we have jumped a few steps and proceeded to a nuclear option which will very likely put an end to the current negotiations and injure the government’s bargaining power even if the referendum comes out in favor of proceeding with this project.

        I am not advocating for the port project here, just highlighting some points I have been thinking about. Most of the comments on this article and the general rhetoric around this topic seem to be leaning to one side more than the Jolly Roger was last week… 🙂

  24. Anonymous says:

    Councillor David has thrived in his position. I have been amazed as I have seen him mature over the past two years into an exemplary countryman who has represented the Cayman Islands across the globe with honor and distinguishment. Unlike others who scream and gnash their teeth for attention, David has remained humble and true to himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      “I have been amazed as I have seen him mature over the past two years into an exemplary countryman who has represented the Cayman Islands across the globe with honor and distinguishment.”

      May of 2017 – October of 2018
      Do the math

      It hasn’t even been one and a half years yet much less two, but I guess expecting brains from the PPM crowd is like looking for water in a desert

      Reminder they didn’t do anything for the first 9 months of their administration, the LA met two times during that period, to name the speaker and other formalities, and to set the budget for 2018 and 2019 – that is all they did, they took the entire summer squabbling behind closed door about who was on top and who had all the power

      To claim that they have had any real progress in the last 18 months is ridiculous

      Before you start handing out praises ask yourself Cayman:

      How has your life really changed since May 24th 2017?

      • Anonymous says:

        David, Barbara and captain. Eugene has contributed absolutely nothing, no debate, nothing. Apart from the word ” I” they have had no participation. We are used to capt. Eugene , but we expected a little more from the other two. David used to be a friendly guy, played good football and cricket. He is now too old for the sports but hopefully he will remain amicable.

    • WAS( what a shame) says:

      Oh yeah Councillod D is dressing betterr, d , is also trying to talk sensibly, that’s true. Walking around and asking people if they need help is quite comendable, especially having known their misery all of his life and never really did nothing personally, not that he couldn’t. His mouth going mile a minute in defense of “ ILove PPM” has now placed him in our Hon House of Assembly, what a country we live in

  25. Anonymous says:

    Does the environment minister even know what a coral reef is?

  26. Anonymous says:

    It’s not easy to get on radio and put yourself out there for criticism, yet it’s very easy for heir sitting in their cars twinddling their thumbs and doing not much with their lives to criticize. These men did not buy their way to their positions. They got in there with their reputations as dedicated Caymanians who our own people have put their trust in. I trust them and think they are working togetther for the betterment of Cayman’s future and Caymanian jobs.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thank God we have some one who is prepared to put his country first and not let his pride come first!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Loved Mr Seymours comment that this is the best time to go through with a project like this. You have PPM, UDP and Independents all together to make sure all of Cayman benefits.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I respect Councillor Wight even more after reading that comment. It’s refreshing to see politicians compromise and leave their egos at the door for the betterment of the Cayman Islands. Being able to work together with people you don’t agree with is a rare trait that more politicians need.

  30. Anonymous says:

    David wight is one of our own. We need to stop tearing our own Caymanians down. David has been phenomenal for the past year and a half in government. Always out in the public eye with a bright smile and representing Cayman proudly. It’s a shame this news site has taken it all way out of context and trying to push their own agenda. Every other article is anti-port these days with so much rhetoric and saying anything to try to convince people to not want it. If you have to try this hard hen you know it’s something that has a lot of merit. I value Caymanians over a relatively small area of the ocean that is far from pristine after anchors have been thrown for the past 40 years and the tender boats have pumped millions of gallons of gasoline in the surrounding water.

  31. Anonymous says:

    So tired of hearing Johann and Mario making up garbage Everytime they are on radio. Not sure if either of them even knows whether they actually believe the lies they tell at this point. Funny thing for Mario is that he’s talked for and against every topic on this in so many directions that he probably isn’t sure every morning what is talking points actually are.

    • Mario Rankin says:

      Only thing funny here is you feel brave enough to call names however you yourself can’t put a name to your comments and you want people to buy in to your opinion of people you obviously can’t debate..

      Funny how you also mention lies I’ve made, yet you fail at pointing out any of those lies, my guess is not even you understand your own statements…

      Please enlighten us all on what it is you know about ANYTHING that is discussed by myself or Johann on radio…..i won’t hold my breath.

      People like you only can make a comment because CNS give cowards a voice too….

    • Anonymous says:

      Please specify some of these lies so that we may respond accordingly.

    • MM says:

      You mean lies like “having a cruise port will increase the number of hours cruise passengers get to spend on shore”…?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Big up Mr. Wight, a true statesman and one of the few selfless politicians out there. Unlike so many wannabe “political pundents” out there that have nothing but love of self and hearing their own voices.

    Mr Wight and the unity government doing g a great job, keep making it for Caymanians and keep making us proud!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Taken so out of context and over spun as usual. Minister Wight simply echoed a phrase that another politician tried to use as an attack on him.
    Minister Wight has been phenomenal and his statement this morning was nothing short of showing us that he is in this for us the Caymanian people and for our and his country first. Simply put he will do whatever is needed and work with whoever he has to, putting political history and differences of opinion and personal attacks aside to make this a better place to live and be called a Caymanian.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I wish every person in government was as honest as David is. Unfortunately most are more worried about power, especially the opposition, over doing what is best for the island. David has never cared about his status, he simply wants to serve the people of the Cayman Islands as best possible.

    • Anonymous says:

      AGREE 100% we need more people like David in our government. We need more people that love country more than self and aren’t motivated by egotistical political reasons.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry … eat his own vomit ? Only a dog does that! No self respect and blind loyalty to Alden.. give me the Opposition any day at least they won’t be caught dead eating their vomit and selling out

  35. Anonymous says:

    David Wight has been one of the brightest stars of this government. He is a model Caymanian who has devoted his entire life to supporting and promoting Cayman and Caymanians. Proud of him.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Jon Jon is possibly a worse minister than Ossie

    David is just as useful as tits on a bull

    Both proved how poor the quality of representation is in Cayman today. Highly overpaid for their abilities.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Birds of a feather flock together
    hopefully this flock of fools is migratory… and gets lost on the way back

    One can only hope

  38. Anonymous says:

    Yikes, this is why they send the tried and true smooth talker extraordinaire Austin, to shower the listeners with his platitudes, cliches and to dance around the issues while providing the government narrative and discounting everything he said for the past 10 years

    The fact that they let two clueless members of the government caucus on a radio show at once
    Who okayed this? Someone clearly slipped up here

    • Anonymous says:

      These two ministers, especially David wear their hearts on their sleeves. They went through the gauntlet of a campaign trail and came out victorious. They earned their positions.

      • Windsor Park Massive says:

        David should be paying Kurt Tibbetts half his monthly paycheck

      • Anonymous says:

        Again not a minister
        But please continue to act as if you know what you are talking about
        David WIght was another pawn in the sea of mindless PPM candidates, the majority of whom were not elected thankfully
        Simply winning due to party affiliation and a split vote

        David Wight is not a maverick, he is not an outsider he votes the way he is told just as the rest of the backbench does

        Any suggestion or belief that he isn’t like the others or isn’t like a normal politician is simply incorrect

        Not to mention the fact that 60% of the votes in GTW and GTS (where Wight and Conolly won respectively) was against them
        aka the majority of voters in GTW and GTS did not want a PPM representative

      • Anonymous says:

        Dogs eat vomit! And it’s nothing to brag about

    • BORN FREE says:

      It is obvious that because the two members of government on today’s For The Record radio show did not say what you would want them to say that they are “clueless,” but if they had said what you wanted to hear they would have been the “most knowledgeable and best politicians in living memory” according to you, isn’t that the truth? Funny thing, politics. Right or wrong in your opinion, at least they speak their own minds & beliefs, not someone else’s. Money has a hell of a way of talking. Or should I say making people talk what they do not want to talk or believe. I wonder if CNS is listening, & getting insulted? Case in point, one might say!!!!!

      CNS: Who knows! We might be insulted if we could figure out what on earth the garbled mess at the end of your comment means.

      • BORN FREE says:

        Actually I think you would be more embarrassed than insulted if you could actually figure it out, but let the garbled mess remain, the people know. And everyone knows that money talks. And it even has a way of making people say things they do not believe. But who am I talking about, you might ask. That is what the garbled mess is all about, but let us try to avoid a court case!!!! I refuse to spell it out any more clearly than that.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Born Umm.. I’m glad you refuse to spell it out clearer because if it was any clearer I’d be utterly loss on what you trying to make a point of. I think you fail to realize that what may make sense in your mind may not have been expressed to any degree when typed. Remember we are not mind readers. Sorry but the last part of your original post truly is a garbled mess unless you are implying that the article written by CNS would be painting For the Record in one light or another based on what they said. OR that you are saying that a particular party/person’s interest is paying CNS to paint certain people in a particular light. If that is the case that was the worse round trip ever taken.

        • Anonymous says:

          No more clearly than mud?

    • Anonymous says:

      That was a bigger slip up than putting the prince to run in George Town central.

  39. ppm Distress Signal says:

    A woeful performance from two pathetic politicians that are an embarrassment to the principles of objectivity, professionalism and fundamental understanding of the constitution and the issues surrounding the project.

    • Anonymous says:

      I actually found their views and commentary refreshing. Honest thought and well thought out opinions. It was nice to finally hear them tell it how it is and call out the opposition for flip flopping on the port just to try to start campaigning for the next election. The opposition are envious and power hungry.

      • Anonymous says:

        Envious and power hungry????
        Where have I heard that before

        Its almost as if… the two rival parties… joined forces to both sit on the throne at the same time, because at the end of the day, there are no differences between the two other than rhetoric despite 20 years of hostility

        Remind me again how the opposition is flip flopping
        When Alden and Mckeeva made the biggest about face in the history of Caymanian politics and people like you argue that the opposition is power hungry

        Perhaps you should check your logic, and put your stones away before you shatter your glass house

    • Anonymous says:


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