New petition wants Manderson as governor

| 31/07/2018 | 156 Comments
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National Security Council meeting in April (L-R) Chief Officer Wesley Howell, Commissioner of Police Derek Byrne, Governor’s Office Head Matthew Forbes, Governor Anwar Choudhury (chair), Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Attorney General Samuel Bulgin.

(CNS): As Cayman continues to be unsettled about the empty Government House, a new petition is calling on the United Kingdom to give the governor’s job to Franz Manderson. Posted online around four days ago, the petition has more than 480 signatures supporting the idea of the deputy governor and long-time civil servant taking up the post. The recall of Governor Anwar Choudhury seven weeks ago, following as yet unspecified complaints, and the subsequent delay by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in updating the public fuelled a call for his immediate return. But others are now looking for a local solution.

Constitutional complexities aside, the FCO is unlikely to accept the idea of a local governor unless and until the Cayman Islands is ready to discuss road to independence.

However, until the investigation into the allegations made against Choudhury is complete, he will not be returning to Cayman. But given his very public suspension and rumours about the nature of these complaints that have filled the FCO’s vacuum of silence on the matter, even if he is exonerated, Choudhury may not want to return.

The strength of public support for his return may make it easier for him to come back if he chooses, but it is more likely that the FCO will find him another posting once the inquiry is over if the result goes in his favour.

This latest online petition, like the ‘Bring back Choudhury‘ petition, is addressed to the overseas territories minister, Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon. This group said it prefers the appointment of Manderson “over the return of the currently appointed Governor …as the time and opportunity has come to have a child of the soil as Governor of the Cayman Islands”.

Despite the constitutional relationship and the contingent liability the UK has for all its overseas territories, the petition said it is “no longer necessary” to have a British governor.

While these petitioners also believe that Choudhury was making changes in government service, they said those moves should not overshadow ongoing efforts by the deputy governor (currently acting governor) to create a world-class civil service.

“We also put forward Mr Manderson’s exemplary career and outstanding service to the Cayman Islands. Thirty-seven (37) years ago Mr Manderson joined the Cayman Islands Civil Service as a teenager in 1981 and has worked his way up through the ranks from an hourly paid employee to the Deputy Governor diligently and his commitment to this country has been unwavering,” the petitioners stated.

Listing his honours and achievements, the petitioners point out that Manderson has served ten different governors, assisted their transition here and acted in the role frequently.

“Throughout decades of service, he has conducted himself with integrity and diligence and Mr Manderson, in the exercise of his functions as Acting Governor and as Deputy Governor, has promoted good governance and acted in the best interests of the Cayman Islands and in accordance with the mandates given by the UK — he is unquestionably qualified for the post of Governor of the Cayman Islands,” the petitioners wrote.

The petitioners indicate that section 29 of the Constitution requires the governor to be appointed by the Queen, but it does not require that person to be British.

“We strongly feel that the time has come for the appointment of our first Caymanian Governor from within our own country. We also make note that there are no barriers to the appointment of Mr Manderson as Governor of the Cayman Islands and confirm that we are confident he is the best option for our country at this time and to lead us into a strong, stable future,” the petitioners added.

The current community concerns about the governor’s job comes at a time when the premier is planning to lead a delegation to the UK in the coming months to negotiate changes to the 2009 Cayman Islands Constitution. Whether or not he will also raise the idea of a local governor remains to be seen.

See links to the rival petitions and related documents in the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The UK should know who sits at watering holes.
    With their ‘body guards’.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For God’s sake, can we just have one transparent leader who is NOT Lodge?
    Unfortunately, Manderson does not qualify.
    Please choose someone more appropriate. You idiots are insulting our intelligence.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mario Ebanks for Governor!

  4. Anonymous says:

    See the third paragraph of the Manderson Petition:

    It is good to see how the Manderson Petition recognizes the good governance work Governor Choudhury had immediately done upon taking office, the petition states:

    “We agree that Mr Choudhury had taken swift steps towards making changes in the Cayman Islands government services, however, they should not overshadow Mr Manderson’s ongoing efforts to groom and present a World-Class Civil Service – a product that WE, the People of the Cayman Islands, are proud of globally.”

    1. The Manderson Petition recognizes Governor Choudhury “had taken swift steps towards making changes in the Cayman Islands government services”

    2. In taking the “swift steps”, Governor Choudhury’s demonstrated his recognition of Deputy Governor Manderson’s good governance “efforts to groom and present a World-Class Civil Service” when he (Governor Choudhury) took the “swift steps”.

    There is no evidence of an attempt by Governor Choudhury to “overshadow” Deputy Governor Manderson’s good governance work, to the contrary, Governor Choudhury demonstrated full support for Deputy Governor Manderson.

    Before the UK Government recalled Governor Choudhury, all indications were that Governor Choudhury and Deputy Governor Manderson appeared to be working together as the beginning of a much needed great good governance team working together to wake up those in the Civil Service who were not supportive of Deputy Governor Manderson’s vision to give the Cayman Islands a World-Class Civil Service in which value for money, service and good governance actually meant what it says.

    Bring Back Governor Choudhury.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well Mac has spoken and supports this petition and I cannot say I am surprised or shocked. This was now obviously a planned move. And as typical Mac fires back to any objection like a school yard bully.

    People for the sake of our country and I say “our” as I am a born and bred Caymanian, for the sake of our children and even the little sanity we have left. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!

    I’m sure a certain MLA is drooling at the prospect of this going through. You think corruption is bad now, just wait and see if this passes.

    Also funny how MLA wants to seriously reduce the power of the governor and wants a Caymanian now to do it. If he is appointed will the proposed reforms to “constitutional change” suddenly disappear and if anything happens and a UK governor is sent, will those proposed reforms suddenly come back?

    Take the sacks from over your heads people, the wolves are dressed in wool and have seriously infiltrated the flock.

    • Boris says:

      Mac has his plans to be Cayman’s first Prime Minister. Do we have to wonder who the driving force is, behind the ” Manderson for Governor” campaign. When will we clean our House?

  6. Anonymous says:

    A decision we won’t recover from.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so probably both is the right answer. From a very concerned Caymanian.

    • Anonymous says:

      Darn right about that 9:08! This will be the disastrous road to independence! Just take a good look at our neighbors that did and what happened to them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That would be a DISASTROUS!!! I’m a proud Caymanian but smart enough to know this would be a VERY BAD move for us!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The fear is in the air.

    I hope every Caymanian is reading these comments and is digesting what is been said, this is how they feel about you all taking control of this country.

    With just the thought of a Caymanian Governor, wait till you all have to paddle your own canoe, please whatever you all do start sending more Caymanian children to the best colleges, universities and technical training schools to have this island prepared for the day, lets stand up and fight for every scholarship every grant every penny we can get and let’s demand the government give our public schools a private school level education.

    Look hard and long at reaction taking place here.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The expats in this country sure express how they feel about us. What a bunch of ungrateful people. If I had my way, you all would be gone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then you would be an expat of some other country as this country entire economy is reliant on foreign income. You may not like that fact, but it’s been a fact for a long long time.

    • Anonymous says:

      too late bobo….we’re in control now.

    • Anonymous says:

      There isn’t a single person in Cayman who isn’t an expat. Just HOW expat is simply a question of time.

      Same with all Americans – except the injuns of course. Their attitude towards immigration is “last one in, pull up the drawbridge”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh buddy, we really really don’t care how you feel. Not. One. Bit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Expats support the Cocaine/Ganja trade.
      White Collar expats.
      Numerous in EE

  11. Anonymous says:

    ITS SO FUNNY NOW .. all of of a sudden, Cayman wants a Caymanian Governor? Why dont they want Mr. Anwar Choudhury to come back? Why did Alden have him removed in the first place? Choudhury was not a puppet and was getting things done and they got scared! SO NOW, lets put FRANz in? Why not put him in before? Just becasue you dont want Choudhury.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Government didn’t want the HE Choudhury to really see what’s going on here, hence the reason they colluded with Forbes to have him suspended. HE Choudhury was out and about mingling with ‘regular Caymanians’ and in quite sure he was enlightened on many topics.

    • Anonymous says:

      3:02 pm, I do believe u r on to something in associating Alden with Choudhury’s removal. Alden was in London when the FCO spoke with him on this matter. Nobody will convince me that, while he may not have initiated this move with the FCO, that he did anything to dissuade them. Intuitively, I sense that it was quite to the contrary.

      But the way things are looking right now, his gleeful rush to spread the word may end up a good example illustrating the old adage, “He who laughs last, laughs best.”

  12. Anonymous says:

    No way in HELL!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    No need for a Petition, send these comments to the UK.
    What is scary is that CS Employees may feel forced to sign, for job security…

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK may frown upon this Petition and Manderson for promoting it.
      The days of game playing are ending.
      Caymanians and Cayman need HELP.
      The Country is falling apart; Crime is worsening daily, folks are losing their homes, Employment opportunities are almost non-existant…yet the CIG lets Dart have carte blanche as they hang on to him and his money trails.
      Decisions FOR THE PEOPLE need to be in the forefront. Is it ever?

    • Anonymous says:

      Like Kirkbots on the dock.

  14. Sound Frank says:

    How stupid? Very f***ing stupid.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The costs involved in changing the marketing for the famous 5K from the DG’s 5K to the G’s 5K are reason enough in themselves not to sign this.

  16. Anonymous says:

    No. Just no.

  17. Johnny Bravo says:

    If Mr Manderson does not endorse this petition to make him governor, he should come out and ask for the organizers of the petition to cease and desist.

    As Sitting Deputy Governor it is irresponsible of him to fuel such instability with his silence on the matter.

    Cayman is not ready for independence and won’t have a Caymanian head of state until we become independent.

    • The Constitutional Critic says:

      In regard to your last sentence

      Even at the point of independence the Head of State will likely remain as the Queen herself who will likely appoint a Governor General (on the advice of the Premier) to serve at her Majesty’s pleasure ( in layman’s terms as long as the Premier wants).
      If you want an idea of what this would look like take a look at the Federal government of Canada, or Jamaica, or any of the independent Commonwealth nations

      In Canada:
      Head of State Queen Elizabeth II, represented through the Governor General (Responsible for signing legislation, overseeing elections and swearing in of elected governments along with other ceremonial functions, opening and dissolving legislative sessions etc etc)
      Head of Government Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ( I think we all understand his role he )

      So contrary to what those who call for independence say there will always be a Governor the only variables are the title and his or her level of power and authority

      With the Westminister System there has to be a separation (at least visually) between the legislative and executive You cant have the same body writing the laws and signing the laws essentially, and you certainly can’t trust the elected body to oversee the election of and swearing in of themselves

      Imagine the sight of Alden getting up and telling himself to swear the oath of office to himself

      • Anonymous says:

        You do know that separation of powers, certainly as between the legislative and executive functions, have absolutely no place in the Westminster model, don’t you? Such an idea is a hideous construct of the French that was copied, to extreme, by the Americans.

        • The Constitutional Critic says:

          Yet our Governor has the ability to veto legislation
          And at the end of the day bills and amendments are not passed until the Governor signs and assents
          Though one could argue cabinet is included within the executive the Governor has the ability to ignore Cabinet and unilaterally pass legislation
          The Governor has the power to issue pardons and reprieves
          Along with control over the Civil Service and law enforcement (AG, DPP, Police etc)

          Let me break it down for you
          The executive branch executes (and enforces laws)
          The only real executive power in Cayman lies in the office of the Governor

          You are slightly correct the separation of powers in the Westminister system of Government certainly doesn’t exist to the extent of the US as the executive and legislative in the US

          But if you think that we don’t have very similar splits then you haven’t been paying attention

          In closing let me just leave a quote from our constitution:

          “Executive authority

          43.— (1) The executive authority of the Cayman Islands is vested in Her Majesty.

          (2) Subject to this Constitution, the executive authority of the Cayman Islands shall be exercised on behalf of Her Majesty by the Government, consisting of the Governor as Her Majesty’s representative and the Cabinet, either directly or through public officers.”

    • Anonymous says:

      If Franz’s ego won’t allow him to say whether he does or does not endorse the petition to make him governor, then maybe his good friend (the main one behind the petition) is taking care of that for him. We might soon see what is really going on.

  18. Anonymous says:

    How stupid are these people? The Governor represents the UK.

    • Mike says:

      X actly 8.13 am. How in heavens name is a Caymanian governor going to represent the UK’s interests?

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