FB lottery scam claims CoP endorsement

| 31/07/2018 | 4 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): The RCIPS Financial Crimes Unit is warning people about a lottery scam being sent to people in the Cayman Islands through Facebook Messenger and possibly other social media, which claims to have been endorsed by RCIPS Police Commissioner David Byrnes. Police said the scammers send messages to their would-be victims telling them they have won prizes, such as cash or cell phones, in a mobile lottery conducted by the Coca Cola Company; they then ask for bank and other personal details so the “winners” can claim their prize.

The messages suggest the lottery has been approved and legalised in Cayman by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, and include an approval purported to be signed by Byrne.

“No such lottery promotion exists, nor has any such promotion been approved by the RCIPS or Commissioner Byrne,” police said, as they urged members of the public not to fall for the con. “The public is reminded to be extremely suspicious of any solicitations for financial details or other personal information made via Facebook or any other social media.”

See details of the scam messages and the forged RCIPS certificate here

Anyone receiving any such message is advised not to respond, but to forward the message to the RCIPS FCU at RCIPS.FCU@gov.ky. The FCU can also be contacted via phone at 949-8797.

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  1. Rodney A. Barnett says:

    Always remember: Never, ever, EVER respond to solicitations for your personal information including account numbers, user name or other identifying information that is sent to you via email or social media. NEVER.

    If you wish to change your personal information on any account or “membership” you have online always use your browser to log in to the company or organization’s website to sign in to your account information and make your changes there. NEVER click on a link to the company or organization from a text or email you received via email or instant messenger.

    99.99% of the companies you deal with will ask you to telephone or go to their website using the protocol http://www.companyname.com(org) or http://www.companyname.com (org).

  2. anonymous says:

    The police had better monitor all our “intellectuals” who signed the petition supporting Manderson for Governor, they are the only ones likely to fall for this scam.


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