Crown wraps up case against gambling shop killers

| 25/10/2023
Justin Kyle Jackson

(CNS): The crown closed its case against Justin Kyle Jackson and Eric Brian Williams Soto for the murder of Harry Elliott last summer after much of the evidence between prosecutors and the defence attorneys was agreed. Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Candia James-Malcolm outlined the basic facts of the case for the jurors, including the measurements and dimensions in the lobby area where the killing took place.

She pointed out that the men had been identified through DNA, CCTV and tracking phone evidence and that both defendants had given no-comment interviews when arrested.

The men will now be given the opportunity to call witnesses in their defence or take the stand themselves. However, the crown and defence are currently engaged in legal discussions regarding the nuances of the law in relation to this case and the position taken by Jackson and Soto that this was an accidental discharge as opposed to an intent to kill.

The case is expected to resume on Thursday.

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