CMEA row ‘Notches’ up as local musicians struggle

| 10/03/2022 | 78 Comments
Cayman News Service
Jean-Eric “Notch” Smith

(CNS): A long-running dispute among members of the Cayman Music and Entertainment Association ratcheted up another ‘notch’ this past weekend following an angry meeting that resulted in what appears to be yet another failed attempt to oust the current president.

Some CMEA members, described by long-standing president Jean-Eric “Notch” Smith as a “rogue faction”, have accused him of “colossal incompetence and mismanagement” of the organisation, which is supposed to promote Caymanian talent in the music and entertainment sector.

Smith, who has been CMEA president for well over a decade, has defended his tenure, claiming that for years he has been the driving force in protecting and helping local musicians and invigorating the local music scene, which he described as “a thankless job”.

During Smith’s time as head of CMEA, the ongoing dispute has divided both the executive and the membership over a multitude of issues, where both sides of the divide have made complaints, allegations, claims and counter-claims, in addition to arguments over the legitimacy of votes at general meetings, all of which has led to a largely dysfunctional association.

Regardless of who is right or wrong, some members, both executive and non-executive, believe the wider membership, which is struggling more than ever following the COVID-19 pandemic, has been failed for years by the in-fighting as well as Smith’s management style. They say the association has not fulfilled its basic mission of assisting all Caymanian musicians and entertainers to get fair and equal access to forums to promote their talents or secure regular gigs.

In a statement released following the AGM meeting on Sunday, Smith made allegations of proxy fraud and impropriety after Steve Errol Reid claimed to have won the presidential election with 53 votes to Smith’s 47.

However, because of the angry confrontations and exchanges at the meeting, the usual vote for the full executive did not take place, only the vote for the president. As a result, there is currently no formal executive board in place.

Meanwhile, Smith, who is still the registered president, is challenging the legitimacy of the vote and has launched an “internal investigation” into voting fraud. At this point, CMEA continues to be divided between supporters of Smith and those against him.

The “disgruntled members” of the association who support Smith have raised concerns about the legitimacy of Sunday’s vote, making allegations, based on one written affidavit, that the proxy votes of absent members were manipulated. On the other side, the “rogue faction” says Smith has repeatedly bent the rules of the association to retain the presidency, which Smith vehemently denies.

However, CNS understands that several CMEA members are seeking an audit of the association, which they say is long overdue. Members have filed numerous official complaints to the Register of Companies, which supervises the non-profit register, to no avail. In the past several members of the executive council complained about Smith’s failure to file annual returns and properly document the activities of the association, and about him holding meetings without proper notice, among other issues.

CMEA receives around CI$20,000 per year in public funding and was instrumental in selecting and distributing the stipend payments to musicians who were impacted by the COVID-19 border closures.

Paul Inniss, head of compliance for the non-profit register, organised a mediation meeting in February 2020, but since then there have been further claims about illegitimate votes and AGMs.

After the AGM in 2020 ended in a failure to remove Smith, despite claims by the executive that Michael Wilks was successfully elected as the new president, another complaint was made to Ennis and the Register of Companies. Despite following up last year, almost two years later, the ROC has not responded to those members’ concerns.

CNS has contacted Ennis about the state of the complaints and we are awaiting a response.

Meanwhile, answering his critics and the numerous complaints about him, Smith told CNS that under his leadership the CMEA has gone from being in the red to having positive cash flows every year as a result of the successful events he has organised.

He said he was responsible for the deal with local radio stations for fair airplay for local musicians. He also said he has created countless work opportunities for musicians and songwriters locally, including soliciting the sponsorship to revive the National Song Competition, and brought DJs under the umbrella of the CMEA.

“Along the way, I have been recognised and victimized but I’m still fighting for what I believe is fair and what is right,” he said. “My methods may be unorthodox at times but I get results and I am proud to say I have never bullied anyone.”

Nevertheless, Smith remains a controversial and divisive figure that many members believe is the heart of the myriad problems with the association and that it is time for him to step down. But he said this is nothing new.

“The CMEA has always been divided,” he said, as he made allegations against previous presidents, accusing them of using their position for their personal advancement. “My time to step down will be when I am fairly voted out by the majority or when I decide to leave.”

He added, “Truth be told, I wanted to leave CMEA years ago, but sadly there was no one who wanted to work to become president. Everyone wanted it after sitting on the board their first year — a year in which they refused to work. So they didn’t deserve to be president, and the membership made sure of that.”

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Comments (78)

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  1. George Nowak says:

    And while everyone is bikering at CMEA meetings the fight for fair equal radio play of local music continues – there is now a new Country Music station in town – So I asked them will they be supporting local country music ( very traditional here in Cayman ) they responded – in order to quialify for a spot in their rotation a local song-writer-recording artist must jump through these hoops ….. Any music submission will be looked at for quality of recording, content, airplay history, chart history, fanbase, live performance history, longevity, record sales, internet downloads, relevance, and whether it fits the format…. In other words, here is what they are saying : – – if a local artist gets on Billboards USA top 20 – local radio will consider playing the local artist in his own country ??? How’s that for equal oppertunity.???

    • FAIR IS FAIR says:

      Though this has been a problem since commerical radio was allowed to set up shop in these islands the former ICTA and now OFFREG refuse to do anything about it , regardless of which political party is in power. Sadly without a unified effort,including the politicians, it will never be resolevd in the locals favour. Yet we persecute our own Caymanians who in an effort to try to fix the problems put themselves out there without any support from those who stand to benefit the most,their fellow musicians and creators of original works. I’m sure that there are many trolls here who would like to blame this lack of respect for original local music by locally owned radio stations on Mr.Notch too. Which station does he own again?

  2. Anonymous says:


    “the association has not fulfilled its basic mission of assisting all Caymanian musicians and entertainers to get fair and equal access to forums to promote their talents or secure regular gigs”

    Add to that, we were one of the only places on Earth that got to enjoy a whole year of COVID-free live entertainment opportunities, and CMEA, still couldn’t get it in gear.

    CMEA is not fit for purpose. Musicians should go around them and book gigs using one of the dozens of online gig booking apps. Tourists and Residents looking for live entertainment need to rely on a dynamic source better than “What’s Hot” advertorials.

    • FAIR IS FAIR says:

      seems to me the CMEA under Mr.Notch was more respected than it ever was under the leadership of any of its past presidents including mr. edlin myles its founder. truth be told he is the only president of the cmea that has ever been able to secure finccial support from the CIG. Especially during COVID!!! I recall the Alliance Minister publicly declaring onthe national press briefing that it was Mr. Notch who was responsible for lobbying the governemnt stipend for all local musicians not just the members of CMEA but ALL LOCAL MUSICIANS. When in the history of the Cayman Islands has any elected Cayman Governement ever given musicians CI$200,OOO TWICE? so to say that “the association has not fulfilled its basic mission of assisting all Caymanian musicians and entertainers to get fair and equal access to forums to promote their talents or secure regular gigs” is RUBBISH, especialy under this gentlemans leadership!

      • Anonym says:

        Bobo reality says otherwise. Did yiu read the article or did you skip to the comments? Gentleman? Comedy hour na start yet bredda. Fair access you mussa meant fear access. Not to mention you should ask the Ministry of Culture who actually pushed for the stipend. I think you would be surprised. There was a character once a well known read. About a man who thought himself a knight and made monsters out of random things and fought false battles and had visions of grandure. A sad creature he was.

        • FAIR IS FAIR says:

          Youre obviously a fool living in a dream talking about monsters like your troll self, such a sad creature sowing seeds of discord and castigating a man for trying to lead us to a better position. what have you done? stood by the side and complained or worse like a coward, writing annonymously to this blog where you can throw your slurs as an unknown. you are pathetic. i agree with FAIR IS FAIR and I stand with Mr. Notch cause hes the only man from cmea who ever put any money in my hand.

        • FAIR IS FAIR says:

          @8:53pm….. are you saying that when the Hon. Dwayne Seymour, former Minister for Culture announced on the government briefings that Notch was responsible for initiating the stipend for musicians that he was lying? I guess all you heard was his hello to the people of the Cayman Islands in the many different languages represented in our country, but you conveniently didnt hear him give Mr.Notch credit! Please tell us then who in your fantasy world actually pushed the PPM/ALLIANCE government for the stipend?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh please! There are many people in the music industry who could do that and HAVE been soliciting funds from businesses AND government for events and fundraisers for YEARS!

        “Especially during COVID!!!” None of us has EVER been through a pandemic, the government was beholden to give that money to struggling musicians…regardless of who was at the helm.

        And let’s not be naive and think that it wasn’t done to secure votes.

        Also, NOT ALL musicians received some of the $200,000 that you speak of…some also got money taken off to cover membership fees to a defunct association! Hence the problems at the meeting in question…to which there were multiple answers by Mr Notch as to why this occurred – how many times his story changed? About three times he had a different reason why not ALL musicians got the stipend.

        You sir/madam do not know what you are talking about.

      • STFU says:




        Under Notch?


        And you comparing Notch to Edlin?


        Whoo! What a joke!

        • Anonymous says:

          Truth be told, he had good guidance from Edlin Myles. If saying you have to buy my insurance to get this Government funded house is wrong then saying you have to join my NON Profit organization ( non profits do not collect membership fees) to get these government funds is also WRONG. not to just 1 person but to over 100 people.
          Where does it end?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Memba dis? Sorry to link to another media site but…
    Where there is smoke there is fire.

  4. Mistah Naught says:

    Please “Mistah Notch” can you tell us what you did in these past 14 years?

    How many children have had free music lessons through CMEA membership?

    How many concerts in those 14 years have been put on and properly marketed by the CMEA?

    • Anonymous says:

      Being a popular musician is not a qualification to run an organization.

      • FAIR IS FAIR says:

        Who should know more about the law than a lawyer, or who knows more about accounting than an accountant,so who should know more about the needs and problems of local musicians than a musician. seems to me they simply arent getting the support to fix the problems and to make matters worse they are undermining ther own progress by airing their dirty laundry in the public. all this drama for what? no wonder very few people publicly support local music and local artistes. personally i dont agree that musicians should not lead their own organization but i do believe that they need to behave more professionally and unified in their struggle for better.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow a FORMER accountant can be so blatantly obvious on the made up spreadsheet. Take a closer look!

  5. Mistah Naught says:

    “Smith, who has been CMEA president for well over a decade, has defended his tenure, claiming that for years he has been the driving force in protecting and helping local musicians and invigorating the local music scene, which he described as “a thankless job”.

    Oh so you want to play dirty? Stop your foolishness. And hush up yah mout wid yah lies!

    Betta yah sit down now and lick yah wounds.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well now, isn’t this an interesting to-do. It is very telling that there are 83 likes for Brent’s comment (wonder what percentage of the CMEA membership are those that have liked that comment) and that there does not seem to be any support for Notch in this comment section, may, just MAY, give an indication that there are shady dealings going on with the CMEA. Especially when you consider that Notch also claimed ‘voter fraud’ in the last election where Michael Wilks was voted as President of the association. Same situation, different year, ….and for how many years is this going to continue to be allowed? Could it REALLY be that there is voter fraud yet again with a different person, Steve Reid being ‘elected illegally’ (according to the ‘president’)? No one see a pattern here? Just me and the blind man in the corner? If I were a member, I would also be VERY concerned that the RoC are not responding to messages/requests, and calls for an audit are being ignored, for YEARS! To me, this also suggests some underhanded dealings and some ‘pull’ with Government so that this matter doesn’t get sorted, and Notch can continue with his Government ‘friends’ to do as he wishes with the organisation’s funds. Where else would this happen that many official calls for an audit by members of an association go ignored? Very, very suspicious. If there was nothing to hide, as a president of an organisation, I would make sure an audit WAS done, so that I could show I had nothing to hide and shut up the screaming masses. This ISN’T being done though, so….. I will leave that right there. Glad I am not a member of what appears to be a shadily run organisation. This is probably why so many musicians don’t WANT to be a part of the organisation… the shadiness

    • Not a CMEA member says:

      Well said!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I went to one of the CMEA meetings a while back 8-10 years ago, and as a Caymanian musician was so disappointed by the bickering, ego’s, and awkward politics that was present in an AGM. My brain rightfully deleted the memory of the events and I carried on with my life… I do remember thinking “this is how adults carry meetings?”

      I silently stepped away, and haven’t paid attention to anything really of the CMEA since. Seems like nothing has changed, and is this the same people in charge?

      • FAIR IS FAIR says:

        YESSS!!!!! You are so right. Even from way back then, and before that too, it was always a contentious group. Thats the way the local music scene has always been here everybody undercutting and underbidding each other. There was never any real love or unity among the lot and many that I see commenting here are guilty of envy and jealousy being their sole motivation against Mr.Notch for nothing more than his GOD given musical talent. Keep singing singerman, you are better than this, leave these crabs in a barrel to it!

      • FAIR IS FAIR says:

        YEP! Same bad mind members trying to jockey for control of the CMEA so they can use it for their own selfish agenda. Crabs in a bucket.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone who wins an election against the mighty Notch must be falsifying votes, because why would the general body of members want a change in leadership after a decade? Without any accounting for how the associations funds have been spent?

      • FAIR IS FAIR says:

        How people via a respected publication such as this can be so idle and wicked as to spread such deceptive propaganda on a local person is a downright shame and disgrace. This response actually shows the level that some SICK people will go to in order to villify others.

        Truth be told no registered NPO is allowed to continue functioning without filing their annual returns or their year end financials at the end of the financial year, every year! The CMEA has obviously filed theirs and are considered a registered NPO in good standing for them to have recently collected a check for CI$110k from the Ministry of Investment and Commerce.

        Therefore, the writer of the comment is either ill informed or worse is intentionally and maliciously slandering the character of this individual.

  7. Rastamanliveup says:

    Maybe he can run the next new craft market as well as he ran the joke one b4

  8. Bruce Knee says:

    Goodnight Hannah!!! Di Bus On Fire!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame that CMEA couldn’t even get their rockets in gear when there was literally a captive domestic audience looking for any kind of entertainment for a year.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If I were Notch I wouldn’t even want to take credit for that “deal” to have local stations play more local music! That “deal” is a backwards farce! It was done before most local stations event went digital, thus allowing more DJ presence (i.e. announcing artists and songs) and music was still available to the public on cassettes and CDs. Yet, Sean “Notch” insisted that local music not be specifically identified when it aired. Thus good local music was, and is still, heard and no one but the DJ or the programmer knows the artist, so sales were limited – for whatever the local market. Compare, in the 80s, local band Memory of Justice (MOJ) hit #1 on Jamaica charts because of good music, good production and good airplay. In my opinion, Notch himself was more relevant in those days when he had hits with The Juveniles.

    In any case, the CMEA has long failed to see or accept that airplay ultimately depends on quality original music or very high quality cover music – unfortunately not what most of the musicians in the CMEA consistently deliver. That has been the issue for many years. CMEA should look just next door to see how JBC and RJR promoted quality local music in Jamaica in the 60s & 70s – and influenced us here.

    Big up Radio Cayman for carrying the torch for local music since it’s inception! Without it, music of The Barefoot Man, Andy Martin and all other recorded musicians in Cayman since may still be heard only in bars.

    Organizing a few lack-luster performances a year, year after year to raise funds is ok but there’s no dynamism, no growth out of that “habit”. What good is a “business” which depends on a product and has the potential to develop said product but fails due to lack of direction and focus? That’s essentially the CMEA! Instead of in-fighting and seeking life-tenures, what the leadership of CMEA should focus on is encouraging, supporting and promoting local artists who are producing original music.

    I know a Caymanian musician (promoted by a former-expat Caymanian) who has just returned from recording and performing his original music in Europe. I’m not sure that either the musician or his promoter are members of CMEA. Too much drama!

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to go further back than MOJ to hear real Caymanian music. The Tornados and Humble & The Meek are the real deal.

      • FAIR IS FAIR says:

        All Cayman musicians who took the time out to write songs and then personally invested in themselves to record their work of art are to be commended. Not just those of yesteryear like the Tornadoes, who helped lay the foundation,but also those who continued to build on this heritage that our current recording artists are still building on today. without the past there is no present and without the present there is no future. Respect all!

    • Anonymous says:

      “I know a Caymanian musician (promoted by a former-expat Caymanian) who has just returned from recording and performing his original music in Europe. I’m not sure that either the musician or his promoter are members of CMEA. Too much drama!”

      Can cosign this. All the best local musicians I know are not CMEA members or are only loosely affiliated with them at best

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point.

      Maybe if the CMEA actually organized itself, they could help train, teach and make and market good music.

      As a Hotel event planner I want to hire more variety of bands but, I can’t even find a decent website describing the bands and type of music they play. Photos, repertoire, previous events they have played etc. Nothing. The CMEA doesn’t even have a website?

      All I can say is that it doesn’t help to promote bands.

  11. Anonymous says:

    CMEA…a sham

    • Not today bobo says:

      Got that right.

      Ask Notch where is the $17k worth of musical equipment that was funded by government and still can’t be found years later?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anytime you have a president of anything that refuses to leave that’s a bad sign.

    • Anonymous says:

      Once you have anyone in charge of $20K in grant income refusing to have an audit that’s an even worse sign.

      • Anonymous says:

        The audit would cost more

      • Anonymous says:

        And worse yet, a government (actually, successive government) that tolerates it, year after year, while still handing over the grant, year after year.
        “You will get what you tolerate …”

  13. Anonymous says:

    How is this different than Parliament? Can’t even run a little charity, which is all this amounts to, without a bunch of bs. Start acting like adults.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Rasta Trump need to take a seat.

    • FAIR IS FAIR says:

      LOL Trumo had no vision and dont hold a candle to Mr.Notch who is more like a Rasta Fidel Castro , which can be good and bad depending on how committed the revolutionairies are to the cause. If youve ever spoken to the man youl quickly realize that he clearly knows what he wants and has a plan of how to achieve it but it all depends on the cooperation and unified efforts of everyone. in my opinion t e problem with the CMEA is not the leadership its the divided membership who have differing needs ,outlooks and expectations for the way forward. My advice is better the devil you know than the devil you dont.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have had dealings with the music association when John Eric Smith was in charge. He was miserable to deal with. Attempted to essentially extort money from us in order to move forward with our project.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “ratcheted up another ‘notch’”

    I had to double take at this. Kudos to CNS for getting their kicks where they can lol

  17. Anonymous says:

    This has been going on for many years. I went to a CMEA AGM meeting about 15 years ago, and the battle between Notch and everyone else was in full swing even back then.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Caymanian-born “musician” of sorts, having played in bands and other live music combos since the mid 80s and I’ve never wished to join the CMEA. While I respect the musical talents of many of the members, I like many others who prefer to sit on the outside, dislike the “office politics” which has always made the CMEA more contentious than productive. From past media disclosures the previous CMEA election was a similar fiasco and there remains one person at the centre of all the controversy. Other than that, there has long been ‘drama’ in the wake of that one person.

    I know many Caymanian musicians (born and “paper”) who would love to contribute to the artistic vision of the CMEA but can’t be bothered with the internal politics. Now, it’s inviting national politics firmly into it’s midst? Even less inviting to me!

    The CMEA has done less to promote music as an artistic and entertainment forum in Cayman than the Caymanians and expats who formed the SMB Jam Night scene in the early 1990s – still going strong today and showcasing MUSIC! Which BTW does not have to and should not be limited by nationality and exclusions, such as some CMEA beliefs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Next step is to split into different factions like the Carnival / Batabano groups….

      • FAIR IS FAIR says:

        Caymanians refuse to realize that only when they unite together will they be respected by those who have come to live amoung us and until then we will continue to be second class citizens in our own country! to the victor go the spoils!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    just get rid of cmea….totally not required.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Buenos Notches.

    • FAIR IS FAIR says:

      unnuh wah sleepin peacefully when Notch was in charge and wouldnt do no work to assist him……but when the checks were ready everyone of you hypocrites lined up to reap the fruits of his labors. well unnuh better wake up now cause if this election voted in who unnuh say got voted in….. he gonna rob unnuh blind!!! boy unnuh foofool…… poor Notch always giving his more to receiive unnuh less.. i hope he learnt his lesson now about casting his pearls amoung swine! i know one ting, unnuh better wake up now what a mess!!

  21. C'Mon Now! says:

    Who pays for this stuff? Is CIG giving them any grants?

    • Anonymous says:

      10 @ 2:29pm – Yes, they’ve received some government “assistance” for years. But as usual, where’s the beef (deliverables, accountability)?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Another failed private sector entity. Can we please have CIG intervene.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why government?

    • Anonymous says:

      idiot…it was formed and funded by cig…hence its failure.

      • FAIR IS FAIR says:

        The Cayman Music Assoc. (CMA )as it was originally called was originally formed in 1981 by Caymanian musicians in oder to protect their performance opportunities on the local entertainement circuit from foreign musicians; who were starting to frequent our shores and be hired by the local hotels and restaurants, in preference over the local musicians. At that time the you had to be a caymnaian musician to join. the name was changed to the CMEA approximately fifteen(15) years ago by the emmerbship on recommendation from Mr.Notch when he first became President. This was done to allow Caymanian Dj’s to join the association in an effort to unify the local music community. IT WAS NOT FORMED BY THE CIG nor was it funded by the CIG until 2009 when they were given an annual CI$8K grant per year toassit with overseas marketing of original local music. The funding increased to a mere ci$20k under President Notch and the PPM/Alliance Minister for Culture The Hon.Dwayne Seymour. The CMEA and its membership obviously have problems like many things in Cayman but it is far from a failed entity.

    • Anonymous says:

      “… please have CIG intervene.”
      Which CIG? The same one that year after year hands over the grant money to CMEA without any accountability, no audit, obvious dysfunctionality?
      Do you really believe “CIG” can be part of the solution, when obviously they are a part of the chronic systemic malaise?

  23. Anonymous says:

    That guy is power hungry and needs to go. Get a caymanian in charge.

  24. Brent Mclean says:

    My name is Brent McLean. I was the previous president before Notch took over. Let the records show that when I left the association there was over $27,000 in the bank account. So Notch statement that the association was in the red is once again like many of his statements, absolutely rubbish.

    Why don’t we have some one do a forensic audit of the association for the past 14 years, then we will see a truer picture of the association.

    I appeal to the ROC to have this audit done and let the cards fall where they may.

    • Anonymous says:

      appeal to the ROC. Lol.

      Good luck with dat one bobo, they dont like answering their phones. Providing help is another matter!

    • Oops did I say that? says:

      Does the CMEA still owe thousands of dollars to the equipment companies? I know. Few years back Massive couldn’t get its money from them and refused to give the CMEA anymore business.

    • Mikez says:

      Let the record show : I have been a long standing member and having been on the executive board for numerous years.
      I can contest that statement.
      At the end of every year there is a Treasurers report for the year end financials. Presented to the association. As required by the Government for the NPO. I know not of any on man owning any money for the NPO. Your words sound of greed and contempt.

      The person who walked away from the Association when we needed your help on the board. Because of your personal vendetta you had against members. Instead of doing what best for the association. That sounds like being a spoiled sport to me.

  25. Chairman of the Bored says:

    The Dunning-Kruger Effect runs rampant in local organizations, businesses and govt.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oh, boy. Hope this can be sorted satisfactorily in due course.

  27. Anonymous says:

    cmea…just another local protectionist body trying to stifle competition and true talent

    • Anonymous says:

      Couldn’t agree more…. people should be judged on their talent. Not passport.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please understand that although your talent is appreciated, there are still laws in place around the world that protect their musicians and the jobs available. Is this no different than countries arguing about people crossing the borders taking the jobs, even the ones the don’t even want to do themselves. It’s funny that it only bothers those individuals that would like to do whatever they want to do without being penalized.
        The association has broken a lot of eggs, however it is still a good thing and it’ll get there. It just has to weed out the bad elements and pull itself together. Nothing good comes easy, and this isn’t an easy task when you have so many obstacles in your way. Change needs to happen for the CMEA to succeed at what it was created for and to do.
        One man doesn’t make an association….

        • Anonymous says:

          One man doesn’t make an association? Not sure Notch agrees with that – he claims to be the sole voice of CMEA, and as every vote that tries to replace him is deemed fraud if it produces a president other than him, not sure that’s going to change.

          • Anonymous says:

            For any functional entity, 25% of association voters can trigger an EGM with notice prescribed in by-laws, and vote to remove and replace any non-performing executive members, including Smith. Or, maybe even better, disband the organization altogether. Although it hardly seems complicated, Cayman has corporate mediators and music-loving lawyers who might consult on strategy on a pro-bono basis given the paralysis and obstruction being exercised over our creative participants.

            • FAIR IS FAIR says:

              You sound like a johnny come lately or a preoccupied bystander who does not know about the CMEA and its tireless efforts to create a level playing field for all involved in the local music scene. I agree it would be nice to see some of those music loving lawyers and /or corporate mediators get involved in amicably trying to resolve this dispute in the interest of the growth of the sector and/or merely for the love of music, but will they? I doubt it, theyre mostly all too greedy raking in the big salaries from legal services they provide in this country and now that Notch is gonna be out of the picture theyll be doubly busy moonlighting on the local music scene after hours.

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