Police find one of two stolen boats in South Sound

| 09/02/2024 | 13 Comments
Stolen white Center Console 18ft Boston Whaler boat that is still missing

(CNS): Police have recovered one of two stolen boats that were reported missing Thursday morning from a vacant lot in Prospect. Officers found the white 27ft Key West Center Console with two 150hp Yamaha engines yesterday afternoon on South Sound Road following investigations. Still missing is a white 18ft Center Console Boston Whaler with a dark-coloured 115hp Evinrude E-Tech engine and a green and white Bimini top.

Anyone with information about the boat is asked to call the George Town Police Station at 949-4222. Anonymous tips can be provided to the RCIPS Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777 or the RCIPS website.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering what all the fuss was on Thursday evening in south sound when I was going home in traffic. I saw the Commissioner on the side of the road by the bush but wasn’t sure what was going on!

    What I will say when we criticize the police – Remove them from the equation and see what happens; I’ll bet Anarchy. The criminals would run this island amok like what’s happening in Haiti and other places. Be thankful for what we have here. It’s not all perfect but you may want to stop and consider the alternative. I can assure you the region is in a mess with guns / drugs .

    How about a thank you now and then to our police officers for what must be a thankless job.

    Have a wonderful Ash Wednesday holiday. And happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kurt Walton, are you reading the room on these comments?

  3. Victimless Crimes says:

    As we speak containers are being packed to the brim to 2 third world locations with lots of “goodies” from inventory theft and burglaries and construction sites. Which by the way absolutely never get checked by our friends in law enforcement who’s lazy incompetent or corrupt view is we have enough trouble with those entering the Territory and as one officer from one of these jurisdiction whence the container destination was headed to, who was called upon to provide a list of stolen items so it could be checked against contents of the said container once said “ you people have insurance “ The fleecing and pillaging of these islands continues unabated now aided and encouraged by the imported help who now control and run halls of power. Sad what is now going on here but yet our not worried UK official is hosting UKOT meetings talking security and threats ! The joke is on us Cayman and we are suffering and hemorrhaging from this enormous Farce !

  4. Anonymous says:

    What has happened to the $$$ Millions of dollars and 6 years of “promising” a National ID card? I am so tired of unemployed people here turning to opportunistic crime. Years ago, we had Immigration Enforcement and overstayers were booted out. Now, go into any bar at 2PM and find lots of loafers. (I’m in the restaurant supply industry so I see it every day.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Must have been the sexy bimini top that they were after! hahahaha

  6. Anonymous says:

    Was the engine stolen? Stop the garbage people from getting off easy!

  7. Crime Parish says:

    UK security minister gone so as you were fellas and back to normal what a real Farce this place is eh ?

  8. Only on Cayman says:

    Good luck getting anything back. My boat was solen a couple years ago. The Boat was recovered minus the Motor and instruments. I asked the police if they checked the Camera’s on the street. They replied to the boat didn’t go past any cameras. I said the boat didn’t, but the Motor must have from where the boat was found. You don’t put a 250HP outboard in the trunk of a car. It obviously was in a pickup or flat bed. They shrugged their shoulders and said the Motor is probably on its way to Jamaica. The one officer did offer to buy the boat as is. Regardless never heard a word back.

    On another note, my house was broken into about 6 years before that. Again, nothing back from the RCIP’s. Gave them the serial numbers to the stolen Electronics and Camera along with the all the information on a New Blackberry phone as they didn’t take the box. After that we tried to Contact the officer in charge 4 times and never got a call back. The last call we made the officer that answered suggested we go to Cash Wiz and see if they have any of the stolen items. UNBELEIVABLE only on Cayman

    • Anonymous says:

      They are useless here. Nothing will ever change. I watch a cop watch 2 cars run a red light at Eastern Ave. They did f all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Always recommend not reporting to the police. It will be a waste of time and added anxiety/anger. And if anything, they will try to turn things onto you..as if it was your fault in the first place. Having RCIPs involved will never solve any of your issues. You are better off taking matters into your own hands and doing your own investigation. Lived here for 35 years…would never trust the police in any instance not back then and not now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Smh. Some people have no shame.

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