Tattoo artists acquitted in sex assault case

| 23/10/2023 | 11 Comments
Cayman News Service
Courthouse in George Town

(CNS): Yeng Chang Guerra, a tattoo artist accused of sexually assaulting a woman he knew at the Savage Ink Studios on the West Bay Road last year, was found not guilty of all three counts against him Friday. The jury returned the not guilty verdicts after deliberating for about an hour following a four-day trial. Guerra never denied the alleged acts but stated that they were consensual.

During the course of the trial, the jury heard that Guerra had offered numerous images to police showing the couple together, including around the time of the incident, that served to suggest that there was consensual sexual activity between them. These images were also produced in court.

Following the unanimous not guilty verdict, Guerra was released by the court from his bail and discharged.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Garbage never leaves dump!Cayman is completely inundated now with polluted and toxic wasters!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I dont know if this was the correct jury decision, but I do know that having an existing relationship, even a sexual one, even a marriage of 50 years, doesn’t automatically imply unconditional consent for the male party to do what they will. That this patriarchal myth still seems to be the prevailing sentiment in Cayman is worrisome.

  3. Anonymous says:

    women of today have to be the most trifling in the history of humanity. r.i.p to the young men who don’t have fathers to teach them how to navigate this modern society.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only and abuser would say that just because some people get away with that don’t make right or just NO means NO !

  4. Anonymous says:

    Artists plural? Just one guy and found not guilty. Nobody else was charged or on trial in this case. It’s interesting that in Cayman, regulators can’t name the fuel retailers that are serving bad gasoline but media can name and shame innocent parties and small businesses that have done nothing wrong. Make it make sense.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope he will be making a claim against her for damage to his reputation. He should get major compensation. Will the crown be charging her with a false allegation?

    Men must beware these days. Hopefully the wider community will be made aware of who this female predator is so that men can take precautions to protect themselves.

    It is important for men to realize that you are second class citizens compared to women.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is HILARIOUS. Second class citizens to women. You are mad and obviously have no women in your life who tell you the crazy stuff we deal with most days because of men. I hope you don’t have a daughter.

      Just because there wasn’t enough evidence doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It is so hard to prove sexual assault. Wake up.

      • Anonymous says:

        I suppose you think this type of allegation without evidence is suffice to ruin someone’s life. Not today sweetheart. #protectmen #fathersforfairness #saveoursons

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes CMR has continued her declarations that the court system allowed a rapist to go free. When is someone going to put a stop to her ? how does she get away with it? Is it because she is doing PR for the Premier ?

    • Anonymous says:

      She should be sued and her broadcast license revoked. She is such a hypocrite! Chooses her victims based on who she is told to attack. She condemns men for sexual harassment and in the same breath is defending Bernie Bush knowing damn well he is no saint

  7. Anonymous says:

    i careful who i sleep with! women seem to have declared war on men a pastor once told me! lol


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