Cayman boiled in record September heat

| 05/10/2023 | 30 Comments
Source: CINWS

(CNS): The Cayman Islands did not escape the impact of a warming world last month when, like much of the northern hemisphere, heat records here were broken yet again. The CI National Weather Service recorded the highest temperature for a single day in September on the first of the month, which reached 94.5°F (34.7°C). The average temperature, which was 87.1°F (30.6°C), also exceeded those on record for all previous Septembers.

This record-breaking average for the month is even more alarming given that the heat was tempered at times throughout this September by higher-than-average rainfall.

The details of September’s weather, released by the Cayman Islands Weather Service this week, show that over the previous three months, Caymanians were boiling under a relenting sun. The Jul-Aug-Sept average temperature recorded at Owen Roberts Airport was 30.7°C, which was 1°C above the climatological average.

CINWS Director John Tibbetts confirmed in July that the average temperature for Cayman was more than 2.2°F above the average over the last 40 years. He has also warned that Cayman can expect to experience more intense heat waves like those this year.

According to the CINWS, temperatures are likely to be above average this month as well, and it is very likely that 2023 will be the warmest year on record.

Meanwhile, local sea surface temperatures, which have also been breaking records throughout most of this year, are expected to remain well above average, continuing to amplify heat stress, the local weather experts said in the monthly bulletin. If there is any good weather news, it is that the current El Niño phase, which is marked by a warmer end to the heat of the summer, suggests there will be reduced activity toward the end of the hurricane season.

These unprecedented local figures are matched around the world, and climatologists are sounding the alarm about the acceleration in the warming trend this summer, as the planet’s temperature reached its warmest level on record and, debatably, the warmest in thousands of years.

September recorded temperatures more like those expected in July, with the planet’s average temperature shattering previous records for the month by more than half a degree Celsius (0.9°F), which is the largest monthly margin ever observed.

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Comments (30)

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  1. D. Truth says:

    We won’t be here, but a period of extreme heat will destroy most life on earth……. just as it has before in the millions of years that our earth has been here. Just check the records of the temperatures in the previous millions of years of our solar system.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My CUC bill for September was the lowest in 6 months.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s not the heat it’s the humidity! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have the weather channel app on my iPhone everyday the temperature was “x” and they claim it felt 4-10 degrees higher? Not to me, it wasn’t as hot as it is every summer in North America. Whenever I feel hot and don’t want to go in A/C, I rinse off with the hose and sit under the mango tree. I live in the tropics I love the warmth. A suggestion to all who preach gloom and doom, get a cooler and get ice from your modern refrigerator and make a smoothie or lemonade. Your blood will thin out and it won’t seem so hot. There are a lot more islands and countries that get a lot hotter then 100 degrees in the summer and don’t have A/C, and they are fine.

  5. ClimateKing says:

    People deny climate change for the same reason some people believe in god.

    Acceptance of things you don’t understand or could ever comprehend or control are difficult for the human mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      People also believe climate change for the same reason some people beleive in God.

      Learn the difference between denial and skepticism. I believe in climate change, but I don’t believe all the doom and gloom or even that we can do much about it. Not one of these so called climate modelling software has accurately predicted today’s temperatures despite being fed decades of last data.

      Remember also we were told the covid vaccines would stop the spread. Our government pays lip service only with virtue signalling but still allows mangroves (a very high CO2 absorber) to be destroyed and replaced with concrete (a heat radiator). Social media is very negatively powerful but it also gives access to academia and you can read various scientific opinions on climate change, but don’t be like CNS that has a bad case of confirmation bias and provide links that agree with there narrative. When you have a theory you wish to put to the test you create experiments to see if they can be proven wrong, not right.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you 8:25 for your sensible take. Climate change denier is a buzzword thrown around too easily these days. A healthy dose of skepticism is good. even among scientists, there is disagreement about the rate and threat of climate change. Many believe that climate change is occurring but to a large extent, it is natural and we smaller nations aren’t the main contributors to its escalation. Also, many governments seem to be using the ‘climate crisis’ to apply very controlling laws on their citizens. The push toward Net zero by many governments involves taking away people’s right to free movement, diet, and even reproduction. We are told not to have kids because of the environment, not to eat meat because it’s worsening climate change etc etc. Yet many of the elites pushing this do not practice what they preach. Rules for thee but not for me mentality.

        CNS: Sorry, I was having a lazy moment. 8:25am said, “Not one of these so called climate modelling software has accurately predicted today’s temperatures despite being fed decades of last data.” This is completely false. This is a 2021 article in the National Geographic but there is plenty more in the same vein if you look:

        “However, more recent analyses, dating back decades, have found that many of even the earliest models were remarkably accurate in their predictions of global temperature increases. Now, as computing power increases and more and more refinements are added to modeling inputs, modelers are more confident in defending their work. As a result, says Dana Nuccitelli, author of Climatology versus Pseudoscience: Exposing the Failed Predictions of Global Warming Skeptics, “there’s definitely been a shift away from outright climate science denial; because the predictions have turned out to be so accurate, it’s getting harder and harder to deny the science at this point.”

        Regarding confirmation bias. I can also find plenty of information on the internet that confirms my bias that the Earth is a sphere. However, you can troll through social media and find “scientists” that claim it’s flat. Scientific fact is always subject to new information and there are certainly elements of climate change that are subject to debate. But bullshit is still bullshit, and propaganda funded by the fossil fuel industry is still just that. There is no doubt that climate change is happening very fast and it is caused by human activity. It is not a made-up thing that governments are using to control people. Also, there are no Jewish space lasers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    man’s greed = global warming! ZZZZZZZ

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why does CI gov weather suck so bad? It says its “Sunny” outside meanwhile there is torrential rain at the airport.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are wide spatial variations in the amount of rainfall in Cayman. The values reported on the CI Gov. website are not representative of the rainfall average for the whole island and quite possibly the temperature. You can’t realistically report data for the whole island with only one station at the airport. There is a private network of weather stations here although some parameters may not be accurate depending on the frequency and quality of station upkeep. Nonetheless the website does provide some comparison data from selected other regions of Cayman and supplemental data of interest.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not concerned? You should be!

    No glaciers means no water. No water means crops fail, and countries go to war over resources.

  9. Anonymous says:

    CUC liked this post

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please report the temperature in deg.F so us old people can understand.

  11. Anonymous says:

    1934 was the hottest year on record

    CNS: Read the Antarctica Journal
    The year 1934 was a very hot year in the United States, ranking fourth behind 2012, 2006, and 1998. However, global warming takes into account temperatures over the entire planet. The U.S.’s land area accounts for only 2% of the earth’s total surface area. Despite the U.S. heat in 1934, the year was not so hot over the rest of the planet, and is barely holding onto a place in the hottest 50 years in the global rankings (today it ranks 49th).

    Climate change skeptics like to point to 1934 in the U.S. as proof that recent hot years are not unusual. However, this is another example of “cherry-picking” a single fact that supports a claim, while ignoring the rest of the data.

    Or this
    A common talking point aimed at refuting human-caused climate change is that the 1930s was the hottest decade in recorded history. This is true, but only for the United States during the era known as the Dust Bowl. It was far from true for the planet as a whole.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you CNS. Climate change deniers – why? What is their agenda? Do they just not to accept the facts that things are going to get very bad?
      Can we not all see the increased flooding on the island? The melting of the glaciers and the ice caps? The record temperatures including sea temperature?
      We’re older now, in our 50’s, but for the younger ones, those with kids too – OMG, be concerned enough to do something, educate yourselves!

    • Anonymous says:

      op is a fool. well done cns.

  12. Bird says:

    So hot the damn hurricanes got burn up !

  13. Anonymous says:

    past the tipping point globally…cayman may-oct is probably one of the most uncomfortable climates in the world with the combination of heat, humidity and rain


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