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| 09/09/2021 | 202 Comments
Cayman News Service
Cayman Islands Hospital

(CNS): The Health Services Authority (HSA) is awaiting the test result from a local resident who was admitted to the George Town Hospital on Wednesday evening with symptoms associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19). The patient has no travel history and conclusive results are expected to be returned later today. Officials said that the first responders who have come into contact with the person are being isolated. News of this suspected case comes after the health minister revealed yesterday that there were 54 breaches of isolation protocols last month.

In an early morning press release Premier Wayne Panton confirmed that all the necessary safety protocols were being implemented in connection with this suspect case.

“While we keenly await confirmation of the test results from the HSA, I’d like to reassure the public that all of the necessary testing, protective protocols, and precautions have been implemented,” he said. “As we have always done, we will be guided by the science and take the necessary steps to protect the safety of our people.”

Officials, who have not yet revealed the vaccination status of the patient, said that more information will be provided following the outcome of the testing.

During yesterday’s press briefing Health Minister Sabrina Turner said the Travel Cayman team dealt with 54 potential breaches of COVID-19 isolation protocols of varying degrees during the month of August, 20 of whom are being investigated by police. Turner was not able to say how many of the breaches were committed by people isolating on trust but many were related to deliveries.

Medical Officer of Health Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez said that in every case the HSA is undertaking tracing and testing. He told CNS that he did not believe the virus had leaked into the community, despite the high number of reported contacts between people in isolation and those in the community. However, those isolating on trust could have breached protocols without the knowledge of the authorities.

If this case proves positive, it will be Cayman’s first community transmission in more than 14 months and is almost certain to stall the 14 October target date to lift some quarantine requirements, which was already on shaky ground.

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Comments (202)

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  1. Tony Stank says:

    Imagine living in a society alongside people who actually believe that human suffering and death is necessary for a return to their idea of normalcy. Truly sociapathic and selfish.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone on this island is too busy fighting each other instead of looking at the big picture. I have no need to state what has been said many times already. Neither side of this argument has looked around to see they are merely being moved around like chess pieces.

    We can argue the vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers, the left vs the right, the religious vs the atheist, the expat vs the local. Argue amongst ourselves all we want, we are not changing anything. Our lives will continue down the same the path it’s always been going on while the movers and shakers of the world mold and shape the world and we hope to just make it another month so the bank doesn’t take your house ( Or if you’re like me, so the bank doesn’t take your land because who can afford lumber nowadays am I right?? )

    Keep chugging along waiting for Friday to come so we can wait til Monday to come around so we can’t wait for Friday again, meanwhile:

    – everyone in Cayman can have no respect for the RCIPS and know how little to nothing is done to make any meaningful change so that they can actually be of benefit for the community, but still choose to come on CNS and type some words instead of doing the hard work

    – people like KeeKee the Almighty can use government funds for his own personal lifestyle, get arrested in the US and assault people here on camera and get elected to office and retain the Speaker of the House position.

    – people are outraged for ridonkulousness that CPA does but alas, more comments and angry faces.

    More institutions, doing what they want, claiming they act on behalf of the people and do the opposite. They know how complacent we are and sedated we have become.

    Maybe we all deserve this. Collectively we have done nothing as our institutions lie to us over and over again. Even though we catch them red handed or on tape, with the evidence against them the elites of our society continue to fail upwards. Then we come onto CNS so that we can pretend we are doing something with our 100 word comments and punitive outrage, clicking on an angry face so that we can feel accomplished, just like this post.

    We are losing everything we worked for while those who always benefit from crises make off with the silverware. Another brilliant distraction. We always fall for it so I guess its just what we deserve. Those pulling the strings of this world deserve to do it. Maybe KeeKee deserves his position and the benefits that come with it. After all look at what we are choosing to do when we are afraid/angry, we just type angry words online, blame someone else and demand that someone else take care of us.

    “Well, someone should to do something!”, exclaimed the entire population.

    • Anahita says:

      Yes, someone should do something, but not the things they have been doing to help themselves and members of their family and friends get the people’s money like they have for years and years. Why has this been allowed? We have branches of the government that are supposed to be our “watchdogs”, but where are they? Wait!…. I know where they are! They are lined up with the others at the trough! DAMN!!!

  3. concernedcaymanian says:

    For the luv of God, please keep tis island loked down till summer 2022

    • Anonymous says:

      Why summer 2022? Do you know something we don’t? Most scientists seem to think this will be an ongoing situation for the next few years. If we don’t want any corona virus on the island then I think a more realistic date would be summer 2030!

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you insane?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why? So all businesses can tank? Cayman has had 723 cases of Covid. Follow Covid protocols. Get your vaccine. Wear masks in high traffic areas. Wash your hands. Covid is going to here for a long time- learn to live cautiously with it.

  4. Annie says:

    Thank you CNS for providing this valuable forum.

    • Anonymous says:

      There was a post somewhere that Dr Tomlinson was suggesting that people should opt for the Chinese anti-Covid vaccine.

      Personally I like Dr Tomlinson, a fine doctor, but there is information on the web from respected sources that can provide the information we need.

      Here is a link that indicates that many of the countries that have been using the Chinese vaccine are experiencing surges and are changing vaccine strategies. One such source is this article from the BBC:

      In any case, why would Dr Tomlinson be injecting himself into the conversation when the population doesn’t have access to the Chinese vaccine? Whatever he might think about the Pfizer, which is what we have, it has been around long enough for me and other more knowledgeable persons on the subject to assess that the benefits to far outweigh any rumoured downsides. I have yet to see any data that would persuade me not to take the Pfizer.

      I was among the first in January and I am now waiting for the booster.

      So I would think it not really worth the time to listen to someone who may be expert on many things but is not connected enough to make pronouncements on this subject.

      • Anonymous says:

        Word on the street is that Dr. Tomlinson got himself a supply of Chinese vaccine which he injected into himself and his family.

        A cynic might suggest that Dr. Tomlinson’s opinions might now be predicated upon profits that might accrue to him if he is allowed to administer the Chinese vaccine to others in Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        He has always been considered a quack by most people on island. Definitely wouldn’t be following him into taking a Chinese vaccine that’s already shown to be horribly ineffective!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    We have less than 70,000 people here, not a million. Our whole island couldn’t fit in the largest stadium. We are a very small community and any sickness spread here in the community will be deadly. Say what you want until it is your child sick or your elderly dead.

    Life goes on yes, but I am 100% okay with quarantine staying 14 days until January at least. Sorry but anyone with an autoimmune disease or health issues is being given a death sentence here. The island is too small.

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