Fire crews still at smouldering landfill

| 07/05/2021 | 6 Comments
George Town dump after fire contained, 6 May 2021

(CNS): The George Town landfill is still smouldering as temperatures inside the dump where the latest fire started remain hot. Fire crews returned yesterday afternoon and continued damping operations throughout the night around the initial area of concern after a new high temperature reading was taken at around 4pm. Officials said Friday that the Department of Environmental Health and firefighters are continuing operations and determining the necessary tactics to address the on going situation.

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Comments (6)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t the fire officers have some type of respirators?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was just pointing out that the dump is always on fire, but I am wondering since you brought it up, are the fires that are constantly burning now creating non-toxic material?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t live in the CI but love to visit. Question though, every time I read the news on this service the dump is on fire…just wondering why put it out, since it’s always burning wouldn’t it just be better to let it burn, then the dump is ashes and maybe CIG can figure out how to proceed…

    • Anonymous says:

      And when the rains begin ever thought where the toxic water (leachate) goes that has percolated through the ash? When you visit do swim in the North Sound? The dump is not constructed like modern landfills, it has no impermeable barrier beneath it so all that toxic leachate eventually ends up in the North Sound and surrounding coastal waters. This is why wholesale burning of the dump is a tantamount to a small catastrophe every Tim it happens. You still with me?

      • Anonymous says:

        Not sure, the dump is on fire all the time, so what’s the point again? Maybe since it’s always barely burning that makes the toxic material healthy…

        • Anonymous says:

          Did I imply the dump is on fire all the time? It sure could be underground and nobody would no. My point was to the original poster that dump fires are bad, in fact very bad. But if you’ve been here long enough you’d know that’s normal and it’s not about to change until the final curtain is laid over it.

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