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| 12/11/2020 | 131 Comments
Cayman News Service
Donovan Ebanks (left) and Ezzard Miller MP at the launch of the CIPP

(CNS): At the formal launch of the Cayman Islands People’s Party Thursday, Ezzard Miller MP, the movement’s interim leader, said it was about changing the way governance works in Cayman and opening it up to the people. Delayed some nine months due to the pandemic, the grassroots members now have just four months to recruit a slate of candidates to field in May and persuade the people that there is an alternative to the status quo.

However, the party is wasting no time and will begin district meetings on Monday to look for volunteers interested in establishing electoral district councils in each of the constituencies to find representatives to run on this platform.

Miller explained that the aim is to create a party that truly embraces participatory democracy and selects potential candidates on the basis of integrity and a desire to represent rather than promote hard and fast policy positions, special or self interest.

The member for North Side said the People’s Party had philosophical positions, such as the achievement of sustainable development, that provides a balance between economic growth, care for the environment, and social well-being for the majority. Miller added the policy agenda would be shaped by consensus and the needs of constituents who want to participate in shaping the way they are governed.

“We have to trust the people and stop trying to tell them what is good for them,” he said.

Formerly a supporter of independence from party politics, Miller noted the evolution of the political landscape in Cayman, which has been reduced to one party and independents, and said the people needed an alternative. He pointed out that while independents can function in government, they cannot form a government.

He explained that the participatory style of politics of this new party was designed to provide accountability to the people. The failure of successive governments to be accountable and transparent has fuelled the growing disparity in wealth, health and life chances for the average person living in the Cayman Islands.

Miller said that the heart of the CIPP Constitution was that every member, at all levels, will be a partner in governance.

“The party rests on a foundation of small neighbourhood groups that will share information across communities and upwards to Electoral District Committees (EDCs),” he explained. “The EDCs will in turn be represented in a national steering committee that will ensure that the people’s needs are understood and actioned. In the same way, information will travel down to and across communities and neighbourhoods.”

Miller said this was a meaningful way to ensure a truly democratic, free and just society.

While the People’s Party has been registered with the Elections Office as a formal political institution, Miller also revealed that it is registered as a non-profit, ensuring greater accountability for, and scrutiny of, the party’s finances, which is in direct contrast to the opaque situation currently relating to campaign financing.

Candidates are only required to disclose their politically related spending for the eight weeks between nomination day and election day, and only to reveal the source of donations over $5,000 in that period.

Miller said that he was not expecting big business donations and that the party would be relying on small donations from the grassroots, and he believes elections can be won on a shoestring by grassroots work.

“This election will be won in people’s living rooms,” Miller said, as he pointed to the need to knock on doors and listen to constituents.

Former deputy governor Donovan Ebanks, the party’s interim chairman, said it was obvious that the public needs to become more involved and assertive in governance. “We should not assume that someone else is looking out for our interests and those of our children,” he continued, adding, “It is time for far more of us to take our responsibilities seriously.”

He described the party as a “new plant in Cayman’s political landscape”, and warned that it may take time to grow. Both he and Miller accepted that they may not reach the goal of fielding 18 candidates in May but they would field as many as the could find who shared their philosophy.

Miller stressed that the creation of the party was not about him becoming premier. He said that if the election result was that the CIPP had only a small group of MPs that could only be a minority propping up another government, he would prefer to remain in opposition and develop the party from there.

The party has not recruited any incumbent MPs and has said any who are currently sitting in Parliament are welcome to engage in discussions with the CIPP. However, he saidt they would be subject to selection like all other members, including himself.

See the party’s draft constitutional document in the CNS Library

Click to enlarge flyer

The public meetings over the next week are as follows:

Monday, 16th November, Constitution Hall, George Town
Tuesday, 17th, East End Civic Centre
Monday, 23rd, Bodden Town Civic Centre
Tuesday, 24th, North Side Civic Centre

Additional meetings will be added when venues have been confirmed.

People interested in joining the People’s Party should email or call 327-5757 or visit the website for more information.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering what are the qualifications for becoming an MP? Can a “paper Caymanian” become an MP? Do you have to be born on the islands?

    CNS: See Cayman Islands Constitution, section 61

    • Y el liberty says:

      All of you Caymanian bredren who never believe in anything or anybody until you see crowd, aren’t you tired of belittling your own. Aren’t you aware that the foreign immigrants that we have welcomed here are laughing at all of us Caymanians every day as they see us fighting against and cussing each other. Isn’t it time we took stock and figure out how to support each other and band together against those who eat our bread and bite our hand.

      It’s time for Caymanians to truly unite, True Blue Caymanian leaders stand forth let’s take this country back, let’s wipe the sarcasm outa the mouth of our detractors and turn that into respect. That is what our forefathers worked for let’s honor them and create a better society for all.

      Good Bless these Cayman Islands

    • Anonymous says:

      If a Political Party does not have its foundation and the determination to advanced a cause that is right and that is moral ; then it is not a political party ; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.. (Do any of these strung up puppet local political parties pass muster?)

      Dwight Eisenhower

  2. Anonymous says:

    What did Ezzard ever do for Northside beside put up CCTV ON HIS ROAD FOR 20+ YEARS=HOPELESS!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can’t help Caymanians. I matter who puts them forward, Caymanians will only revert to their colonial mentality. Want change but fight it as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians with colonial mentality?

      You mean all the citizens running from their colonial ‘free’ countries that went independent after they gave up colonial leaders only to pass leadership to their descendants (but hey they still had accents so well integrated), and they still suffered and now they want Caymanians to adapt that type of colonial mentality?

      As Marcus Garvey tried to teach, free yourself from mental slavery, and that begins with people creating division here because they are still hanging on to their colonial masters’ control by fighting with each other.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tehran Iran and Russia number ONE!!!

    USA ZERO!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Watch the next PAC hearing for a taste of what this party will be like.

      Unfortunately lessons are never learned.

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik could really solve this problem bobo. They just need to capture one slammy or one belt bobo

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard can get us close ties with Cuba. His party structure is right out of the Cuban assembly, look at it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just let Dart take over. Prosperity for all that can work. There might be enough left over to feed the many helpless, hopeless, and unemployable that make up CIG.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The problem with Cayman is it’s run by Caymanians who pretend to be like expats to get the vote then revert back to being Caymanian. You get what you wanted. Just not what you needed. The law of Karma is what you have now. You are going to get what you deserve.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So… a “party” with no leader, no women, no policy platform and no ideology except the need for a Byzantine system of local committees to make decisions for them. 🙄

    Politicians are automatically accountable to their constituents. That’s what elections are for.

    What we need is politicians that are accountable to the nation rather than a tiny group of electors in one district.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think this is a bad horrow show think of this.

      Minister of Education. Bernie

      Minister of Health Ezzard

      Minister of Financial Services Johan

      Minister of Home Affairs Kenneth

      Minister of Community Affairs Alrick

      Minister of finance Saunders

      Minister of Employment Michael Myles

      Premier Arden

      Frightening stuff.

      Vote for persons who have a proven track of high performance and are successful business persons.

    • Hubert says:

      Good point 3:01. Real problem we have here is an educational system which turns out people who accept parties with no policy platforms and holds politicians totally unaccountable to the citizens of the Cayman Islands.

      The lack of accountability is what will eventually destroy our economy and society.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ci pee-pee….

  9. Anonymous says:

    Combined age of 250, where’s the new blood, energy, passion – we need to get rid of all these cranks.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow, are you kidding me! You all are a bunch of sour grapes. Because you didn’t get a visit, or parrots were eating mangoes or some other environmental objection. Ladies and gentlemen, whomever you pick will not be an angel but not the devil neither. Somewhere between would be perfect. Should we get someone like a Dart? Maybe someone like the Health Minister? We need to find young people around 40-50 years old minimum college or university. With a degree in law, finance, Accounting, Medical something that relates to what we need. But that said who will teach them? Well, you’ve got 2 with a lot of experience and higher education. Let’s start with them and get some younger people to say for Bodden Town East and West. I like Austin Harris, I can reach him by phone. The rest were hiding. I’m elderly he helped me during the pandemic. That is someone you need

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you seen the state of Prospect, Austin Harris has done nothing. I’m ashamed of the street I live on now, used to be quite nice 6 years ago.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder when society started to look to Government to resolve things. I read this comment and think- would the neighbours get together to ‘clean up’ their neighbourhood motivated by a sense of pride? As opposed to expecting someone (CIG) else to do it?

        Never outsource your happiness to anyone/anything else.

        • Prospect Anonymous says:

          To 10:58pm: Can the neighbors fix the potholes or the flooding side roads? Can the neighbors force property owners to show some pride by up keeping their property? How often can the neighbors report illegal dumping? In Prospect, as in the rest of the islands, the middle class is shrinking and that is a very important factor in whether neighborhoods thrive or not.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am so ashamed to admit this but I knew Austin would turn out to be an a$$ licker, so I voted for Matthew Leslie the last time around lmao. I just took two shots, sucked a lemon, and went for it. This time, I’ll simply enjoy the day off and let the chips fall where they may, unless someone worth an iota steps up. Politics are not my thing before anyone asks why I don’t run.

  11. t.Bobo says:

    Bring it Gilbert! We want you back in the spotlight!

  12. Anonymous says:

    They’re all at the same thing. To be Ministers, to get in on the finances…kickbacks…while the people suffer. Did any MLA take a reduction in pay during the pandemic??? They continue to spend..

    Its like the member from Newlands, he wants a multi-million dollar drainage system, whereas, they may just need to fill their yards or install drains. Sorry buddie cant support you this go-round. (speaking for 40 plus constituents)

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all I applaud Mr. Suckoo for trying to get the flooding issues in Newlands (North Sound Estates) resolved. The entire area was never filled before they sold the land for development and the area is so low that drains do not work. In fact, water comes up from the ground through the drains and we had to ask for some of them to be capped. The King tides are also an issue and Mr. Suckoo got some roadwork done which improved this issue tremendously. We are no longer getting salt water in our yards and under our vehicles (they were literally falling to pieces from rust). At least he is trying. He has asked for a proper drainage solution which is admirable because he recognizes that drains do not work in the low lying areas. Until this is done, we will have to endure the constant flooding. I for one support him and will continue to do so, so please remove me from the 40 plus imaginary constituents you claim to represent. Mr Suckoo will have me and my family support next year and we are a big family. You clearly are one of his opponents who prefers to criticize anonymously and spew fake news rather than identify yourself and be transparent. It’s really obvious what you are doing.

      • Anonymous says:

        9:46 pm, First of all, lowland should never get the O.K. for building homes….. or most anything else. It sounds like something a con artist would be interested in. Well….. we know who gives the o.k. for permission to build in the Caymans. It should be obvious to anyone that some sites are NOT suitable for building. Any way to make money seems to be O.K. in the Caymans!

  13. Dave says:

    Any young Caymanian looking at that bunch will despair. No wonder people don’t want to register to vote if this is the caliber of the people they have to vote for. They are dinosaurs, spouting the same old rhetoric.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I had a dream.
    Politics was driven by people that actually cared about their electorate.
    I saw as the poor and disenfranchised were given opportunities.
    I saw corruption exposed in the financial industry. Arrogant, dishonest foreigners were sent home, local criminals were locked up.
    Local industry flourished and joy reigned throughout the islands.
    Churches were full as sinners came to the Lord.
    Dishonest pastors were made manifest.
    The press exposed the criminal politicians for the thugs that they are.
    Then I woke up and it was just a dream.
    Then I cried, “Oh Lord, how long?”

    Until truth is revered, honest people will suffer.

    Let us all evaluate our lives. Do we have unforgiveness and bitterness? Is money our God? Will we go to heaven? Are we saved? Do we even care?

    If you do care, just ask Jesus to come into your heart and cleanse you. He has paid for all of our sins, a perfect sacrifice.

  15. Anon says:

    As an NS voter, I can assure everyone that EM has never “knocked on my door and listened”. Did not hear a cheep from him over lockdown, nor did anyone else i know in this district So, so much for him being a “representative” of local wishes … EM has strong, frequently- voiced antipathy to the National TRust, and has never previously, to my knowledge, shown any interest in environmental conservation. He got, if I remember correctly, 33% of the NS vote in the last election, so 67% went elsewhere. Come 2021, it would be no surprise if he lost his seat. I don’t see EM stopping “telling people what’s good for them” any time soon, despite his protestations to the contrary. NSiders will be looking elsewhere for someone actually interested in local problems and local development.

    • Anonymous says:

      To 1.30pm ” Did not hear a cheep from him over lockdown”. What did you want him to do , bring you a gift of covid-19 virus?

      • Anonymous says:

        Would complain about that too!! Man, can’t please these kind of people, ya nah. Always want too much and never enough!!

    • Anonymous says:

      good for you, just need 100 more

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would Miller even care? He makes loads of money and double dips. Why would he want to hear your miserable set of problems?
      You would not want him to have a headache at the cigar bar in West Shore would you? That is just inconsiderate.

    • Anonymous says:

      How many of Ezzard’s public meetings to discuss issues have you attended to make a contribution – NONE?
      He is the only elected member who has regular meetings to discuss matters with his constituents – name another that does.
      The last three uneducated stooges that ran against him especially the one now campaigning against him that did not finish high school does not even attend the meetings to earn how thing get done in Government.
      Too busy having parties making all the young people alcoholics and who knows what else is being served that they may get addicted to.

  16. Slacker says:

    The problem is, that people who would be really good and smart enough for office, are too smart to run for political office.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s the prevailing attitude problem that degrades modern democracies: it’s not supposed to be a cushy self-directed career/office for slippery donor side-deals and baksheesh; it’s supposed to be a community honour to serve as a representative of a collection of voting constituents. Many don’t understand that, and the title of “Honorable” gets tragically misapplied.

      • Anonymous says:

        Great comment 1:41pm

        And I wish Bo Miller was still around to take part in this. He is sorely missed.

        Miss you Bo!!

    • nauticalone345 says:

      And when some intelligent and accomplished like Wayne Panton and Marco Archer get in, silly constituents vote them out for much less!

  17. Anonymous says:

    CIPP. Say that out loud. I like Mr. Ezzard, but the acronym of his new party might have been better thought out.

  18. Anon says:

    Mango Sprout – the BTW candidate you are referring to has done more for BTW than any other candidate who previously held the position. He regularly interacts with residents via neighborhood watch groups and makes sure everyone is kept informed on current news and safety. He also does his best to rectify any issues residents have in the area and goes above and beyond. I know some residents in South Sound who don’t even know the name of their MLA as there is zero contact.

    • Anonymous says:

      I live BTW and only see him on tv and a few times on the road. But he was quick to have conversations with me when campaigning in 2017- so I take offense to your comment that he interacts with residents as he does NOT and agree with Mango poster that we need an alternative. And in regards to your comment about people in South Sound not knowing who their MLA is- I blame that squarely on those same residents you refer to.

      And finally- your comment in regards to him “doing more than any other candidate who previously held the position” would be logical IF there was a previous holder- So stop distorting facts. He IS the first person to be elected for BTW with the introduction of one man one vote and as such there was no previous candidate for BTW.

      • Anonymous says:

        There are wide differences between knowing the name of your MP(!), a willingness to take soundings, and/or hearing from them at all over 4 years. In WBS we know who she is, no published email or general delivery inquiry box, just a private invite-only Whatsapp noise machine which churns out random reposts of CIG press releases. Sadly still no good example or training manual on how to be a useful parliamentarian, and that seems to free up their schedule for other projects.

      • Anonymous says:

        You then must be the only person in BTW that is not on that group chat … I wonder why? I do not live in BTW and I am on the chat. It keeps me informed on what’s going on you have the direct ear of the member.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I do not believe in parties; they perpetuate the one hand washes the other way of doing politics. How about the people decide which of the many pending projects they want to see concluded in the next four years and those become the platform for independents to run on? We then hold them accountable for completing those projects within a fiscally responsible budget inside one term.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Lipstick on pig

    • Anonymous says:

      These guys are double dipping, pension + salary and just looking a path to premier. They might just have to only get one source come May

  21. Anonymous says:

    Okay, cool but let’s define sustainable development. Ezzard Miller wants to destroy and quarry the same forest as the Mastic trail, then open it up to development without doing any sort of environmental assessment.

    • Jotnar says:

      Same Ezzard that wanted to be allowed to kill Cayman parrots because they are his mangoes? I agree with the People Party message on sustainable development – but it would be a little more credible – as would the party – if being expressed by someone like Wayne Panton. Ezzard is encyclopedic on parliamentary procedure and governance – sustainable development, not so much.

    • Anonymous says:

      He also pushed to expand Caymanian spear fishing rights/predation gear importation/season. Mute on port, gay rights. Selectively angry as opposition leader, and overseeing years of PAC papers, but filing no legal objections. He is perhaps the most dangerous MLA of all, because he, of all of them, can’t say he didn’t put in the due diligence to know better, and yet, still insufficiently opposing.

      • nauticalone345 says:

        Mute on port and gay rights – Ezzard? You’re sorely uninformed if you believe that! The coup that unseated him as Leader of the opposition was largely due to his support, and others non-support, of civil unions.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Rick Finley said it years ago: we need electoral reform for non-conflicted representative candidates and fresh new qualified MLAs with less-ego – not just new party names for same ole self-aggrandizing career bureaucrats. This is the obvious part that Ezzard has always stopped short of helping with, because it would harm his own ambitions. There’s the same PPM/UDP self-interested calculation, stuffed into a different body shape. Ezzard has seen and signed off on years of Bills and PAC reports. One of the few that actually read it all and knows the pathways better than anyone on how the evil gets done. Sadly, he sat inert as Leader of Opposition and silent on many topics that might have earned him voter cachet and a shot at converting that later into a Premiership. I can’t recall the Opposition ever issuing an injunction to block maligned Cabinet actions/inactions under his watch, or him providing any legal testimony to prosecute the many years of ineptitude, thefts, conflict, and wrong-doing he reviewed. Maybe that makes him worse?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Mr Craddock must be turning over in his grave

    • Anonymous says:

      Watch yourself. Mr. Craddock has nothing to do with this. Maybe other candidates may be better than EM. But that’s exactly what this party is promoting. The “people” to decide who they want to represent them. The community and candidates need to be more involved collectively.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If old Caymanians was lazy like the young ones of today, Cayman would still be like some of the poor central America islands. Old Caymanians went to work on time, worked hard, never took sick leave, not like the young ones of today. Whom are always late to work, never wants to work, always calling in sick, complaining about everything, won’t even answer their work phones, yes Cayman are how Cayman is today because
    of the hard working old timers hard work an common sense

    • Anonymous says:

      Young and lazy Caymanians of today? Speak for yourself sellout… Any Country in the world will have employees who do the things you just mentioned regardless of their nationality. Self-hate is a real thing.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      When I arrived in 1968 I could not believe how hard people worked and supported each other’s families . Above all I recall many had two jobs. For example some of the ladies working in the financial centre in the day also worked in the restaurants at night.

      I do not see that same work ethic today.

      • Anonymous says:

        Those colonial days are gone my friend. Why should they have to work two jobs to make ends meet ? Did you have two jobs when you arrived in our paradise ? Give us what’s due to us and dispense with the work ethic speech

  25. Mango Sprout says:

    Please for the love of Country, put a candidate in Savannah that can be an alternative to who I am hearing is running here. And while you choosing candidates, do the same for BTW as the current representative has turned out to be a miserable and despondent failure.

  26. Anonymous says:

    So basically a bunch of washed up old politicians who devoid of any new ideas try to trick the voters by forming a new party with a catchy name. Surely we must be close to running out of Party names by now!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Same Ezzard who wants to blaze through the natural habitat so he can access his “farm land”, or a different one?

  28. Anonymous says:

    That’s it? A call for balance and just two candidates? No offense, but this is an underwhelming start to a party.

  29. Res Ipsa Loquitur says:

    The next government in 2021 will be a coalition government. A mixture of the old guard and new politicians who will win seven seats at this rate. The people cannot trust or support the PPM CDP or any new party that does not have clear policies which demonstrate what is the difference between the parties which are dominated by personality of its leader. Political parties in Cayman are immature with no clear ideology. It has to be more than a popularity contest and more of a measure of quality and high standards for its leaders. Cayman needs a NATIONAL voting system of seventeen MP’s maximum.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Nothing new about it. Same dog puppy. No thanks.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Donovan Ebanks? The person who signed off on all those nice fat payouts to the Operation Tempura team in 2008/9 and was instrumental in getting Dan Duguay sacked after he dared to question the costs of that fiasco? Interesting choice?

  32. Anonymous says:

    From their Constitution:-

    The name of the organisation will be the Cayman Islands People’s Party (hereinafter
    the “People’s Party”).
    An empowered and unified society inspired by a political movement responsive to
    the needs of all the people.

    This can be summed up with one word. Bollocks!
    They’ve had decades and these dinosaurs will never change their greedy, selfish, lying, faking ways.
    Real Caymanians, where are you?

  33. Anonymous says:

    More controlled opposition to fool Caymanian voters into thinking they have a choice. It is a vote for the Lodge or the Lodge.
    A group of non-compromised Caymanians need to get together and get all of these dinosaurs out.
    Alden McLaughlin, aided admirably by Roper has led Cayman into a champagne socialist regime where the rich get richer and the middle class get eliminated.
    Miller is quite happy playing his role as opposition leader as long as he collects his cheque. Fake politics has been the biggest scam of the last century and yet we are still fooled by it.
    What is needed is for some incumbents to get a conscience and expose the true horror show that is our modern “democracy”.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Cayman needs more Ezzard Millers in the house I don’t think anyone study the laws like him. I wish he was in my area so I could vote for him. He would accomplish a whole lot more for his district if the government would listen to him and stop being so bad minded. For example look how many years he been trying to get the government to save Kaibo Public Beach from further eroding the millions given to rich investors for concessions could had been put on this so well needed project and I could name more.

  35. Anonymous says:

    #Don’t believe the hype.
    “such as the achievement of sustainable development, that provides a balance between economic growth, care for the environment, and social well-being for the majority.”

    You don’t get my vote until I hear you will conserve our heritage, mastic trail and central mangrove wetlands from development.

  36. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to have smart people in political parties, but until we have a majority of the voters being smart people we are doomed.

  37. Anonymous says:

    We need alternatives so bring it on Ezzard. Wish CIPP success!

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t be foolish. This is not an alternative but only new wine in old bottles.

      Caymanians are so easily fooled by their old geezer politicians who should have been put out to pasture years ago, but remain on the wonderful gravy train.

  38. Anonymous says:

    So, younger people, step up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, please step up. And I hope you can find some honest representatives…. Some that are interested in the people and not just their own pocketbooks!

  39. Anonymous says:

    there is only one thing worse than the ppm…and that is the alternative/opposition.
    governor…please give us direct rule for 2 years….

    • Anonymous says:

      8.59pm If you would prefer the Boris way I have one word for you. REPATRIATION. We do not want direct rule. Only some Brits who like living here but no respect for locals are calling for it. (Usually some Johnny-come-latelies) Caymanians do not want it.

      • Anonymous says:

        4;18 pm. I agree with u 100 %. I went on a cruise and stopped at Grand Turk, when there was direct rule from U K, everyone I talk to told me that was the worst thing even happened to their Islands. So be careful of what of wishful thinking

        • Anonymous says:

          4:48, On Grand Turk some of the corrupt ones were cut off at the knees when Mother moved in. The gravy train stopped running. Direct rule was best thing that ever happened to T & C. Stopped the out of control corruption there. Good prescription for here too. Something has to change dramatically on this island.

  40. Anonymous says:

    we shall see. This is the same way the PPM started out

  41. Anonymous says:

    Another party, same faces.

    • Anonymous says:

      So uuuuuuuhhmmm you expected new faces? From where?

      • Anonymous says:

        9.49am They are looking for British expats to run. . The same ones crying for direct rule because they hate being governed by locals. Not happening this time

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Donovan is just the chairman of the party; and he has never ran before. Same faces how?

  42. Fair and Balanced says:

    Like Caymanian AOCs?

    • Anonymous says:

      Fair and balanced, one might disagree with AOC’s policies but at least she has policies. These guys have no policies. What jokers.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Remember old Caymanians are hard workers and that what made Cayman what it is today . Look what the old hard working seamen did , ofcourse you would not know about that or hard work

    • Anonymous says:

      And we thank them for that, now it’s time for them to retire and let the young Caymanians take over with new ideas.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Go mr. MILLER go and try to get good men in the party

  45. Anonymous says:

    Exactly what we do not need. Retire with dignity before it’s too late Ezzard

  46. Big Bobo In West Bay says:

    Wish the young people of Cayman would form a Green Party.

    Do we really need a political party that has no policies? You really want a Party that has no hard and fast policy positions? Intellectual nonsense.

    Let’s get the old geezers out. They have all been in long enough. They have nice big pensions so let younger people take over.

    • Hubert says:

      You jokin? These people are an alternative to the status quo?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure they have policies, Ezzard and Donnovan’s policies. One foot forward and two backward! Everybody wants to be the chief cook and no bottle washers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe you should be one of the bottle washers they need. People have so much to say on these posts, but when it the last time you tried to do all you can do for your community. Maybe they don’t have it all right, but having a party that is striving on involving the community more, is something we should give a chance. Or if you’re not at least come with another suggestion or something.

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy that’s radical. You talking environmental terrorists now Bo Bo

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s what we like, a political party with no policies. Why do you think THE DUMP has not been moved in 20 years of talking? Ezzard has not had a clear policy on the issue for 20 years. Probably still will not have one this time next year.

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