CIG denies uncooperative claims by UK crime agency

| 15/09/2018 | 85 Comments
National Crime Agency, Cayman News Service

The NCA investigates organised crime

(CNS): The premier’s office has denied allegations made by Donald Toon, Director Prosperity (Economic Crime and Cyber Crime) of the UK’s National Crime Agency, that the Cayman Islands Government has not been cooperative with the NCA’s investigations. In a BBC report on Saturday, Toon said NCA inquiries had led them to offshore firms registered in Cayman but the agency had been frustrated by authorities here after “asking for information we don’t get”. Toon said that usually when his officers ask overseas territories for help, they “generally get from them clear, unambiguous beneficial ownership information but we are having a difficulty with Cayman”. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office also raised concerns about changes made by the government here which are hindering cooperation.

But in a statement from his office, the premier refuted the claims and accused the British crime agency chief of entering into the politics of the beneficial ownership row between Cayman and the UK.

“There is absolutely no merit to Mr Toon’s allegation. His complaint is a gross misrepresentation of a single situation and is no basis on which to accuse the Cayman Islands of being uncooperative,” the premier’s office stated. “This baseless attack on Cayman’s economy and reputation appears to be due to our public criticism of and affirmation to challenge the recent attempt by the UK Parliament to legislate for Cayman and other British Overseas Territories, in areas that are a part of our devolved administration.

“The fact that the UK Parliament in May 2018 imposed an unjustifiable and inequitable requirement on the British Overseas Territories and not the Crown Dependencies is bad enough. Now it appears that in furtherance of that agenda the NCA has entered the political arena against what it has previously described as one of its most cooperative and excellent supporters. We hope we are wrong about this and look forward to the NCA correcting the public record,” the premier added through his office.

But Toon told the BBC that, “the Cayman government is entirely aware of the UK concerns”.

Despite the emphatic denials, the premier’s office did confirm that there was a case in May where a legal issue affected Cayman’s response time to a request.

“That issue was resolved and the information was, in accordance with our commitment to cooperation, provided to the NCA,” the office said, adding that the Cayman Islands would continue to cooperate and support the National Crime Agency and all other law enforcement agencies and tax authorities to combat money laundering, tax evasion and all other forms of crime.

But the FCO also raised concerns and indicated that cooperation was deteriorating.

In a statement released by the governor’s office, the FCO said that since the Cayman Islands Government withdrew from the ‘Exchange of Notes’ agreement after the UK’s Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act was passed, the local government had stopped the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service from being the authority to deal with beneficial ownership requests.

“Both of these steps make our cooperation on serious organised crime more difficult,” a spokesperson for the FCO stated. “We are working with the Cayman government to resolve these issues constructively, including through discussions between the FCO Minister for the Overseas Territories Lord Ahmad and the premier,” the officials added, indicating that the relationship with the UK appears to be fraying just as the Cayman Islands is seeking to set a date for constitutional talks.

CNS has contacted the National Crime Agency in London for a response to the denials by the CIG and we are awaiting a response.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I dunno about you all but I signing up for a thatch rope making class asap.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are more reasons appearing daily which shows that the Premier and electorate must accept that partial independence is on its way.
    The Looming financial crisis of loan paybacks in 2019, the healthcare deficit, the pension pot stealth raid and now Russian money is suspected to be present.
    The U.K., I am sure, will wish to gain a degree of separation and put distance between the CI’s and the U.K..
    Without any tangible or auditable records, the Islands are not in a position to refute this.
    If there was, the will to stand behind the wall of anonymity and pretend nothing is going to happen.
    The smart have left already ..that includes Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well…maybe without anything tangible but we do have sour tangie and thats highly tangible mate. Bt

  3. Anonymous says:

    Time we cast off the collar of slavery and go it alone.
    We nah need Uk, we got Dart.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If there is criminality involved, then best to be cooperative and hand over whatever information required so as to not give the UK or EU or whoever more excuses for ever increasing demands. And it appears the information requested was provided to the NCA,
    Other than that, its time the rest of the world, including the UK, respect Cayman’s laws and internal affairs.

  5. Ron Ebanks says:

    The answer to Leggy corruption rant , the bible say money is the root of all evils , and look what the subject is MONEY MONEY .

    • Observer says:

      After careful reading, I have discerned that Toon’s allegations surrounded one response with regard to one case that had, as the Premier said, been delayed because of legal reasons but the have since been resolved.

      Now Toon is saying that he fears for the future because of actions by the CIG but his agency and the Cayman Govt were working “to resolve [them]… constructively.”

      You know, it is galling that this man is complaining while admitted constructive talks are go progress, and gives not a thought that the UK has more than aggrieved the Caribbean Dependent Territories in actions with which even their own FCO top officials do not agree.

      Disturbing to say the least.

      While I do not always agree with the Premier, in this case publicity seeking Toon is playing to the gallery and in a most counter-productive if not destructive way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ron, if you are quoting the Bible do it correctly — “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

      But rather than go off on a tangent, let us discuss what has actually happened, not attribute motives to cloud the issue.

  6. Cayman's Financial Conscience says:

    As for you Mr 3:07pm dirty money Russian and moral compass please spare us the speil How did you get all that in one sentence? How is that any different than selling arms to a Regime and coalition who are systematically bombing innocent women and children to death in Yemen where is your moral compass and respect for international law and I wonder if the NCA are investigating that Blood money in Cayman too??? You people are the lowest form of hypocrites.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re probably bombing innocent men to death too in Yemen. Us men realize it’s easy for society to convenient forget our sacrifices. Perhaps we’d have great world peace if society didn’t.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Choudhury had lots to say to the UK?

    • Anonymous says:

      7:32 am: I am not sure what your point is, but I had sure that if Choudhury had been here he would be intervening on Cayman’s behalf in this storm in a tea cup that Toon has triggered, no doubt currying some favor.

      I leave Toon to Karma.

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      I think that Anonymous 7:32am has very valid point , In the investigation that Mr. Choudhury is going through , maybe he has a plea deal , so therefore expect the Apple cart to be tiped over along with the disrespectful act that got him removed , expect the worse to come out , it’s called karma , or what goes around comes around .

    • Mike says:

      Yes 7.32 and probably did not sing from the hymn sheet provided because he is not one of those FCO clones who are routinely sent here for their final assignment. Somehow, I do not think that he will make it back to Cayman. Tower of London maybe? LOL.

  8. FreeAtLast says:

    Come on people time for the slave master and slave mentality to be burned, banished , whatever can rid us of them.

    This is the 21st century, UK needs to bully those fake Benificial Ownership records in London and give Cayman and OTs a break. Do African/Arab countries get the prompt response when they investigate London financial crimes?

    It’s time for some mutual respect and stop being disingenuous and bullying the OTs because some of the slavery wealth is returning.

    We are all in the wicked Capitslism and Globalisation. Pointing fingers is self-righteousness and trying to undermine for own gain.

    Leave the OTs alone and go focus on the Romanians as Brexit gets closer.

  9. V says:

    This release coincided with the release of The Spiders Web. Saw it on YouTube. They are playing a multi platform game. Socialist are attempting to take advantage of some of the political chaos in the UK.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Now they know what locals go through. Its always a circus when dealing with CIG, even for the simplest of things.

  11. Anonymous says:

    For those that can’t read the article: the NCA, under the “Unexplained Wealth Orders”, which came into effect Jan 31, 2018, is trying to identify the “couple dozen” expat lawyers and accountants playing a key role in facilitating the continuance of Oligarch lifestyles through their roles at Cayman Islands financial center firms. The sooner they are weeded out and arrested/debarred, the better for all. We don’t want to protect anyone in that business, or we become the target, Alden.

    • Anonymous says:

      1:08 pm: when The Premier said that the case back in May, which I am assuming is the one you referred to, has been resolved, did he not?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well the expat cayman haters are out in full force. I dont understand why they will do anything to stay here.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sadly I just don’t believe any words coming put of the premiers mouth these days. He has proven over and over again he is just looking after his buddies and does not have the people or Cayman at heart.

  14. Anonymous says:

    They also need to check into the French – AMF as well they are forcing Crypto startups to ban Cayman residents from participating,with the claim that the islands are a Tax Havens, there is a lot of underhanded stuff going on with the EU even after Cayman has signed the taxed sharing agreements, can’t they find some lawyers and sue these countries for not sticking to these agreements as well for non harassment?

  15. nickcayman says:

    We’re blind to the system destroying us – Jonathan Cook

    We have well-known sayings about power: “Knowledge is power”, and “Power corrupts, while absolute power corrupts absolutely.” These aphorisms resonate because they say something true about how we experience the world. People who have power – even very limited power they hold on licence from someone else – tend to abuse it, sometimes subtly and unconsciously, and sometimes overtly and wilfully.

    If we are reasonably self-aware, we can sense the tendency in ourselves to exploit to our advantage whatever power we enjoy, whether it is in our dealings with a spouse, our children, a friend, an employee, or just by the general use of our status to get ahead.

    This isn’t usually done maliciously or even consciously. By definition, the hardest thing to recognise are our own psychological, emotional and mental blind spots – and the biggest, at least for those born with class, gender or race privileges, is realising that these too are forms of power.

    Nonetheless, these are all minor forms of power compared to the power wielded collectively by the structures that dominate our societies: the financial sector, the corporations, the media, the political class, and the security services.

    But strangely most of us are much readier to concede the corrupting influence of the relatively small power of individuals than we are the rottenness of vastly more powerful institutions and structures.

    We blame the school teacher or the politician for abusing his or her power, while showing a reluctance to do the same about either the education or political systems in which they have to operate.

  16. Elvis says:

    Hehe quick, under the floor boards

    • Anonymous says:

      Why should the police service be the authority in dealing with the beneficial ownership. I agree eith the Premier on that.

  17. Anonymous says:

    shut up alden…the more you talk the worse you make us look.

  18. Anonymous says:

    cayman..a great christian nation…built on money laundering and tax evasion

    • Anonymous says:

      Ship wrecking, privateering, marine insurance fraud, and turtling pre-date those more recent submissions, but they are all similarly part of the historical record. The only tax advantages that remain, under a Global Common Reporting Standard, are those engrained in tax codes authored by foreign gov’ts, which we are powerless to influence.

      • Anonymous says:

        And you country was built on the genocide of the indigenous people and slavery. Just sayin!

        • Anonymous says:

          Like everywhere else in the world. Its only until we wake up…truly get up and FIGHT. #civilwar2020

        • Anonymous says:

          And yours was built off the backs of the British financial services industry and an amateur tourism product, (based on the environment you are hell bent on destroying) from the 60’s onwards. Sadly upwards of 120 different foreign nationalities have worked for below acceptable minimum wages, zero employment protection and are forced to live in rotten accommodation for years, and how do you repay them?
          Oh yea, you throw them out or abuse them as lesser beings when they gain international rights of citizenship.
          And you think that’s not exploitation, racism or endentured slavery?

          You are no better than any other exploitative small country that has nothing to offer through their own talent and relies on others to give themselves a quality of life they could never attain on their own.
          Before you mouth off about others, sort your own shit out, educate your kids, train your workforce, stop beating your women, give guidance to your kids and do try to stop beating yourself up for being hopelessly ignorant of how the real world works.

      • Anonymous says:

        Come, on, 12:56 pm: and what do you think British history is built on? Shameful exploitation of nations around the world who eventually had to throw them out and are still suffering from the effects today.

        Check what you are throwing in our face:

        Wrecking: essentially that was salvaging wrecked ships

        Privateering: maurading pirates from countries as Britain, Spain, Holland, etc, came ashore — until mosquitoes drove them back to their ships.

        Marine insurance fraud: U will have to enlighten me

        Turtling: people trying to make a living.

        So sad!

    • Anonymous says:

      All of you who have a problem with Christians just need to get over yourselves. You will never stamp out Christianity, greater than you have tried to no avail. Stop getting yourselves in a twist and chill. Everywhere ion the map you will find Christians and sinners so if you are going to have any kind of life just get over it. You are wasting your precious time. Go adopt a pet or something.

  19. Ron Ebanks says:

    Now this really shows me how thick the bullying is in Cayman , why people are scard to open their mouth about certain issues and sign their names . People this is sad and pathetic , but ask yourself , who is to be blamed for letting a bully rule your life ?

    I wonder if it would be stopped by the NCA , National Crime Agency .

  20. Anonymous says:

    It seems someone is not telling the truth….

  21. Anonymous says:

    The super rich hide their money in the Cayman Islands.
    Lets get over it, ok ?

  22. Anonymous says:

    So CIG removed the RCIPS from dealing with requests from the NCA which are effectively criminal investigations and possibly resulting in criminal investigations in this jurisdication and given the responsibility to a government body.
    Hmmmmm that is a real concern and has all the makings of a cove up.

    • Anonymous says:

      It would be interesting to see how the suspicious activity reports are now generated and what is finally received by law enforcement.

      This may be of more interest to the NCA than anything else.

  23. Anonymous says:

    So if RCIPS have been shut out of the process exactly who is making the decisions on what can, and cannot, be handed over to the NCA?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully Britain will step in and clean up this fiasco soon. Our leaders seem to be drunk with power.

    • Anonymous says:

      Leave our great leaders alone. The Unity Team are doing what is best for Cayman. Once we have the port going along with CHEC and Decco nothing can stop us!

      • Nodock says:

        “Great leaders?” “Best for Cayman?” Hey, CNS!!! Is there any way you can prevent lying, greedy hogs from making ridiculous comments like the above?

      • Anonymous says:

        Poor you 3:13 .remember that dude with the titanic ? What a statement bout nothing can stop unna , another Ivan will show ye something .

  25. Anonymous says:

    No need to worry when mama see it is the right time to deal with you for not behaving she will. Just do not get her too upset. Because if she have to whip you she will not be afraid to do it. Even if she have to whip in front of people.

  26. Anonymous says:

    CNS please correct your article.

    Toon is director of….. within the Agency.

    There is possible at least 2 layers above him.

    It’s important that your readership have that clear.

    In the UK we call this move by Toon a “whispering campaign” and when his “higher-ups” join in then Cayman has real problems.

    CNS: You’re right. He is “a” director, not “the” director. I’ve updated the article.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The Caymans are a disgrace. There is no point in negotiating reform with those that have become rich as parasites helping the rich dodge taxes. Impose UK controlled beneficial ownership regime without delay. You cannot trust these people to do anything other than the minimum that will let them sift off their immoral profits.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s impossible to engage with such ignorance.

      • Anonymous says:

        The comment seems very accurate. Cayman does the minimum so it can offer the maximum benefit to tax dodgers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cretinous comment. The UK BOR is a joke. Impose it if you want.

    • Anonymous says:

      Regardless of the accuracy or inaccuracy of this comment, this is the common public perception by those outside of our jurisdiction. This is the media war Cayman is currently fighting, and losing. The premiere’s response does nothing to alter this perception. Cayman definitely looks like the bad guy in this story, and that is exactly the way the UK wants us to look.

      There needs to be some kind of education campaign or proactive and consistent media strategy, but even then I’m not sure how effective that would be, fact is, UK has far more resources in that arena than we do.

  28. PPm no# 1supporter says:

    Just Say No! Its time Cayman to put a stop to this foolishness can’t get and answer on what is happening to our governor but they can demand information on a whim and when its not forth coming go crying to the BBC . Them and their proxies from elsewhere are deliberately ruining this little island. Wake up Cayman time to send them whence they came big up Alden and crew for standing up against our biggest bully da UK!

  29. Ron Ebanks says:

    Can anyone see what the government is doing with this Off Shore money racket ?

  30. Ron Ebanks says:

    I wonder what the Constitutional talk are all going to be about ? Can anyone make a wild guess. But the relationship don’t sound too good . Maybe the Premier husband wants divorce .

  31. Anonymous says:

    Where is the FB’s to deal with these stubborn and hard headed politicians of ours. Would they be on their next.flight to cayman. Let me know Auntie.

  32. Say it like it is says:

    It is bad enough that we are not co-operating with the British authorities in pursuing documented use of Cayman companies receiving laundered funds, but it is far worse to have our Premier calling the Head of the U.K’s National Crime Agency, a liar.
    Hardly the way to enhance our claim to be a clean jurisdiction.

    • Anonymous says:

      Say it like it is says: you have apparently decided (on the basis of this article) that the NCA is right and the Premier is wrong.I would suggest that you broaden your outlook by researching ” Operation Tempura”.

      • Say it like it is says:

        11.32pm You are wrong, my comments are based on reporting in the UK which states that they have evidence of laundered funds transferred to Cayman companies, in which case we should allow access to these entities’ records. Tempura has nothing to do with this. I suggest you broaden your outlook by researching all the many articles in the International press concerning our reputation for involvement in money laundering, which in now enhanced.

      • Anonymous says:

        11:32 We’re dealing with the NCA here not the Met – they were the real problem with Tempura not the FCO or the Governor’s office.

      • Anonymous says:

        Grow up, Tempura was nothing to do with the NCA and directors of prestigious criminal investigation agencies don’t put their head on a very public block without good reason. London and Cayman have a serious problem with Russian dirty money and Cayman better join the fight or become a very poor loser.
        If you think this doesn’t concern you, remember the British citizens who were poisoned, one of whom died, because of Russia’s lack of a moral compass and respect for international law. Cayman could become a victim too if it is found that Russia is using her to launder it’s stolen money, because the world backs the UK against Russian aggression. It won’t back Cayman, who already has the international reputation for cashing in on criminal gain.
        So I’m inclined to believe a respected law enforcer before a small time politician who places money before his moral duty.

        • Anonymous says:

          3:07 There’s an old saying that goes along the lines of, “If you get in bed with the Russians don’t waste time washing the sheets.” If this is dirty Russian money they’re after (and news reports in the UK suggest it is) we don’t want it on these islands. The harsh reality of life is that sooner or later basing a section of your financial system on the proceeds of criminal activity will turn round and bite you. Look what happened to HSBC.

          • Anonymous says:

            6:10 pm: the Premier is not saying he has any problem with “dirty Russian” money being reported on, what he is speaking to is a matter of principle.

            Ans there is obviously some gamesmanship going on here, but protecting their own while targeting us is plain nasty. But I don’t expect any better. Historically that Has been the pattern.

    • Anonymous says:

      Face it. You’re not a clean jurisdiction. Thus the push back.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have proof then that it really is Cayman that is the liar in this? If so please share it. This is a serious matter.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry – Our campaign is all about innuendo and rumour spread by low level bureaucrats not proof or truth. BTW – thanks to those who move our narrative along.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with the second part of your comment. The manner in which the premiere responded does nothing to quell any suspicions of guilt on the Cayman Islands’ part. Although it feels good for us locally to see the premiere stand up to those in the UK, a more tactful response might have been called for. I feel like he’s played right into their hands. I believe that he’s right about this being a politically motivated smear-campaign, and as such, he should have found a way to play the game too.

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