Beach thief suspect adopts ‘CaymanKind’ approach

| 25/07/2018 | 37 Comments
Cayman News Service

West Bay Public Beach

(CNS): The recent spate of thefts on beaches around Grand Cayman could be down to just one young man, who people say is taking a ‘CaymanKind’ approach to his crimes. However, he appears to have been caught on camera by visitors at Boggy Sands Beach this week, and the community is on to him after stories were shared of how the suspected thief has chatted and engaged with visitors who are enjoying the beach. He is understood to have made restaurant recommendations and talked about the Cayman Islands before making off with phones, wallets and other personal possessions.

However, the crafty but chatty thief raised the suspicions of one couple who had been in conversation with him, and when they were in the water on paddle boards, having taken their valuables with them in waterproof packs, they took photos of the young man as he rifled through their bags.

Morne Botes, a resident and local developer in the Boggy Sands community, said that the police are investigating and that the young man has been identified, so it’s just a matter of time before he is rounded up. With residents and visitors in the area alerted and on the look-out for him, the problem of the thefts on beaches that have caused considerable concern among stakeholders in the tourism sector could soon be over.

Anyone who has information about beach thefts is asked to call community officer PC Eugene Myles ‭on 938-1382‬ or email

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  1. Nah says:

    $10 says most of these idiotic comments are made by people in positions of power in Cayman. You know, the kind of people who couldn’t get a job sweeping streets in an ordinary country, but end up being Prime Minister on the Rock.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It should be Boggy Sand (beach) not Boggy Sands i.e. as per Boggy Sand Road. All the journalists appear to have renamed the road after Morne Boates private beach access development.

  3. Anonymous says:

    cant even go beach without people thinking you going take something from them

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bleeding-heart Judges issuing ‘slap-on-the-wrist’ sentences will only serve to encourage this type of criminal behavior. What we need are DRACONIAN LAWS & PUNISHMENT that are enforced … Laws that tell our youth, CAYMAN ISLANDS don’t joke when you mess with our tourists!

  5. Anony says:

    Just need a few dollars. Better than working, crime pays.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting we do not learn from a neighbor island. Soon will be all inclusive hotels, blocked beach access and do not leave the resort or else! Public beach already the wild west having vendors without license, motorized rentals without insurance racing between people in the water, beach front claimed as private property for ‘their’ rental chairs. Best have another meeting and conclude that yes, it is not very positive situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those vendors should not be on the beach. Whatever is done overseas is bring allowed to be fine here. Stop the madness and get the lady one off of the beach.

      • Anonymous says:

        The police should wait until the vendors are out in force and converge on the beach and check for T & B’s and arrest the offenders and impound the means of selling and if they are not up to certain standards, destroy them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We just need to remind all visitors to wear a plastic bag to place their wallets and cellphones when they go swimming. Ahhhh…the quality and experience just keeps getting better and more care-free.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sombody out there somewhere should be able to help this young man out show some compassion to him he has no job and must be hungry he needs help to get on right road cayman kind !!! Or social services

    • Anonymous says:

      What if he just wants to steal instead of work? Do you know him personally? He sounds too manipulative to just be hungry.

    • Anonymous says:

      What about his victims. Rich people need to rationalize his acts so the rich do not feel guilty. All the rest of us have a simple solution. Dont do that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Having a wallet and a smart phone makes you ‘rich people’?
        Ahhh You’re a Socialist aren’t you! (Google it if you’re not sure)

        • Anonymous says:

          Socialism Vs Capitalism. A tired debate where everybody knows a hybrid of the two is the reality. Whatever. Being an “issueist” means you take good ideas on their own merit and not based upon political tinted glasses. The issue here is simple, we don’t need the rich or liberals to foist thier cozy rationizations of crime so all the rest have to just live with it.

    • annonymous says:

      A clobber over his damn head is the only compassion he deserves.

      As a Caymanian, growing up I was always taught to beg first but you must never ever steal.

      Find work somehow, even if far from your ideal job…you must make every effort to earn an honest living.

      Cleaning, pulling bush, stacking shelves…anything that is honest is surely better than being a thief.

      It’s a real disgrace what is taking place on our island!

    • Anonymous says:

      1:45pm, let him haul his lazy butt out and look for a job, it is easier fir him to chat up people and steal. Someone need to set atrophy for him.

    • Ron Ebanks says:

      1:45 pm , I know you don’t know when Cayman was the place where if you didn’t work you didn’t eat , because the government didn’t give handout back then , but we didn’t steal to get something to eat . That’s the problem today people is gotten too use to the free stuff , so when you can’t get it free then your next recourse would be steal because you didn’t learn the responsibility of working for it .

  9. Anonymous says:

    Quick ! Someone check to see where Canover Watson is !!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dog eatin’ ya suppa!

  11. Anonymous says:

    We can disband the police now, all problems have been solved,

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. West Bay Premier says:

    Where’s the Police if scumbags can do this sort of thing . The government has to get serious about the crime problem on the Islands . I will have to believe that bringing in 12 undercover cops and putting them at these popular beaches, and one day he look like himself and the next day the same guy looks like a rasta man , but would lock you up in heart beat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s follow your suggestion down the road a little bit. Next headline: “Police introducing undercover beach officers in response to recent thefts.” Body of the article: “The undercover officers will act, as much as possible, “as if they are fellow tourists essentially, as this is crucial to keep the thieves’ guards’ down so they can be caught in the act”, Chief Superintendent Bloggs said at yesterday’s press briefing. When asked how the officers could convincingly pretend to be tourists enjoying the beaches while also watching for thefts, the Chief Superintendent stated that, given the nature of the operation, he was not able to discuss specific strategies the officers would adopt.”

      Comments: “OMG they are paid to get a tan now while looking left and right every few minutes?! Is this a joke?! ONLY in Cayman SMH. Where do I sign up? I will be a Special Beach Constable.”

      “Well that’s smart, announce you’re putting undercover cops on the beaches before you do it. They won’t be catching anyone because now the thieves know there will be cops. Idiots.”

      “It sounds like what we really need is a Lifeguard Division that will combine safety and policing duties across the popular beaches. Too many elderly visitors die in our waters in high season. Having a taller location to monitor behaviour from will be an advantage as well.” Comment to this comment: “Whatever you’re smoking it sounds like you shouldn’t do it on the beaches anymore if you don’t want to get caught. The first hurricane will knock all those lifeguard posts down. Think before you post next time.”

      Note: this all happens whether they announce it in advance or after one or even a few succcessful red-handed arrests.

      And so it goes on…

      • West Bay Premier says:

        2:13pm , see you don’t understand how the undercover cops would be doing it . If the Chief of Police don’t know how it works, tell him to contact me . It has to be done smart and intelligently . But the thieves won’t know a thing until they are in the back seat of a real Police car .
        So wouldn’t the thieves know that life guard are watching them ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Absolutely brilliant comment that demonstrates that the police are ALWAYS damned if they do, damned if they don’t, in this place. Five stars.

      • Anonymous says:

        *slow clap* beautiful

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cheeky bastard!


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