Consultants reveal safety fears at port

| 18/05/2018 | 29 Comments
Cayman News Service

Port Authority of the Cayman Islands security

(CNS): A report by consultants Deloitte commissioned by the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands (PACI) to examine the organisational structure and perceived dysfunction at the authority identified a number of worrying problems, including safety issues. The organisational review was completed in March and is one of a number of documents that have now been released by the authority in the face of the damning findings in a report by the Office of the Auditor General on the actions of the director.

The consultants found poor morale among the rank and file staff, who felt ignored, undervalued and underpaid, supervisors scared to make decisions because they did not want to be held accountable, poor communication and a lack of clear direction.

But the report also highlights issues about safety. Staff reported several concerns about a lack of the right tools and space to do the job properly and machinery that was out of date or worn out, posing real risk to workers.

The consultants offered several recommendations for rearranging and simplifying the structure of the port as well as dealing with the skill gaps and safety issues. The report also advised that an apparently very badly managed authority should address the culture of one-over-one supervision, where a supervisor is given responsibility for just one subordinate. The consultants recommended reducing the line of command to the boss. Despite industry standards suggesting there should never be any more than five lines of supervision, the port was in some cases running with six.

The review further notes that some people are doing too many different jobs and and that the “span of interests” for some employees in management was too wide, which is also undermining safety.

See the Deloitte report in the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “OAG, ACC and RCIPS reveal joint sting operation into conspiracy over broken latch in Men’s South Terminal left bathroom stall, inquiries ongoing”

  2. Anonymous says:

    The public authorities law gives Ministers more control over the SAGC’s. When are they going to exercise that authority.

    • Anonymous says:


      The Public Authorities Bill does the exact opposite – Ministers have been reduced to mere clerks for their respective Authorities as compared to the past.

      Not saying that there is anything wrong with being a “clerk” – it takes all types to build a country.

    • Anonymous says:

      1:39pm Unna going at Moses now after beating up on Clement and Errol for the past 2 weeks. By midweek you’all will be beating up on Stran.

      Final another story nah. This one done.

      The Cargo Distribution Centre project continues and so does the Port Development Project.

      Lump it or leave it!

      • Anonymous says:


        Okay, great!

        Straight out of the gate we have the 10 Cayman Haters giving thumbs down.

        Waiting now on the other 50 thumbs down – these are not Cayman Haters but just plain downright hateful!

      • Anonymous says:

        If Mr. Stran was doing what he is paid to do by sitting on the Port Authority’s board maybe this would have been brought to light sooner as you may have or not have read as he sat in every board meeting up to this point he has not don’t a single thing regarding the information he had in front of him so yes he should be beat up about that too. His job is to report to the minister as he is also a part of this whole fiasco. Check out the report in which the Board has questions Clement, Stran never asked one single question regarding anything at all, so my guess is what really is his Job on the Board or is it just to sit and collect money from every meeting which he attends… Try go read those minutes of those meetings and all the reports and ask your self why people will be beating up on Stran…. Get that Lump straight..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very surprised the opposition has not made any comments or demand further inquiries. Ezzard, Saunders, your silencing on the matter is concerning. Why would the HSA matter (care pay and hr boss) an old matter be in the forefront of the opposition’s agenda yet a current matter they make no statement. I hope the AG investigates this too! What’s the point of having an opposition?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Deedle Dumb was put in charge of the Port. And somehow we expect miracles.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is unbelievable in just 3 years since 2015 the Port went from an efficient organization to low morale etc. At one time people were lining up to work at the port because of the great work atmosphere. But this is now confusing as Deloitte was hired in 2014 to review the organization and found nothing fundamentally wrong: but had to tinker with the structure of the organization to justify their huge fees. So they created this monester with up to 5 deputies and many more manage positions. Now they are saying the port is top heavy? Thanks to the Board of Diectors they have succeeding in ruining the Port Authority. It’s now being run now just like pre 2001. A disaster!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    They’ll be tearing up a marine park and marine parks are protected zones. Why doesn’t the law pertain to everything and everybody? Guess this government is above the law. Meanwhile you can go to prison for taking one conch out of season. What a bunch of self serving hyprocrites huh?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Think the PM summed up this country whilst in the UK, straw hats and rope making

  8. @ Unity HQ says:

    Moses: Guys I have an idea to help the our key supporters before they sell bay shore plaza to dart. Let’s spend 300million on a cruise dock. Let’s keep it all really quite. We’ll go into crippling long term debt to Royal Caribbean and Carnival and have it managed by an incompetent port authority and board of directors! Dart can then bail us out. What you think Big Mac?

    Big Mac: I like it but we can get more out of CHEC

    Joey: How much more can we get?

    Big Mac: Who?

    Joey: All of us

    Big Mac: Who you think you is Mr. Who?

    Alden: Will I still get my knighthood?

  9. Mr. D says:

    Please let me know why we are cutting down plan after plan as a country. Spending on consultants over and over. Stick to something Cayman Islands and pray it works for our best intrest.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    I finally understand this Cayman circus (or animal farm) we are witnessing. The hickatee blames the agooti, the agooti blames the iguana and the iguana blames the hickatee. While the parrot sits in the almond tree laughing and telling them to keep the noise down. Ironic that the parrot makes the most noise. But the last laugh goes to the vulture rummaging through the parrots nest, destroying all that he has worked for his generations. That’s what I take from it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You definitely don’t want to be picnicking below the Range Rover containers.

    • West Bay Premier says:

      I guess that “Time For Heads To Roll” comments must have started Rolling Some Heads . But it’s time that we start taking matters in our hands and roll some heads .

      • Anonymous says:

        We cannot laugh at this. Safety concerns at the Port but some people paid 60 to 80 per cent over the normal salary for the job. A Port Director who will push his HR manager, his CFO under the bus to save his skin. How will any employee trust him in the future? How can anyone work effectively in such an environment?

        • JOe Fart says:

          And safety is of no concern to the port management. I work there and the man who is supposed to be safety is an ex RCIPS officer with no experience. Also the morale is low, employees who are not muppets of the PD are scorned at and those of us who bust our backsides working long nights, weekends and public holidays are frowned on. Can’t treat them lower workers correctly but can give senior employees a salary that exceeds the advertisement of the job. Maybe us lower end good for nothing employees should strike! Just a thought

        • All Chiefs no Indians says:

          I have a few friends that work at the port authority and since all these articles are just now being published on these matters Which have taken place in February and March has put those employees very much on edge. There were positions like the truck drivers, port security officer and the people that are 60 whom is on contract that Reid wanted to get rid of so that he could try to save money or reduce that 1.7 million dollar salary hike over the norm. But what he was told to do by the board and the AG was that he needed to reduce the salary of all those people that he hired that very much over paid way above their salary bands and to this day I honestly don’t believe he has. What is he waiting for to do this? Seems like not even the board has said what was done yet to all the requirements or stipulations they have asked him to do or undo. Seems like no ones salaries were cut or positions redundant for any of them. What is taking him so long to do this. If he has made a mistake as he has said so many times in his report to the board when questioned then why can’t he just tell them he made a mistake by hiring them and make their posts redundant and call it a day. According to those reports the port Can not sustain it self like this. So why hasn’t he started to do what needs to be done to stop all this foolishness. If it’s gonna hurt his pride then he should have thought twice or asked for assistance when he was doing all this hiring like it was out of style. Now the staff that he should have looked out for have to sit in fear of wether their jobs will be taken away because of this arrogant egotistic incompetent man.. The board gave him time to complete these tasks and all now it does not seem to be done and what has the board been sitting down doing 3 to 5 times or so weeks at these board meetings? Is it that they have more important things to do like what?? What they need to be doing is finding out what they going to do about the port authorities money issue.. ???

          • Anonymous says:

            I totally agree with you on this. Why is it that in the boards report or warning letter to Clement they gave him 30 days to fix his mess and that was when in February. We are now entering the month of June and has there been any reports from the Board or The AG or whomever that says these positions we made redundant or they were demoted or their salary was cut. How can the Port continue on this road. I guess Mr. Errol must have a way to get this stuff done as he stated in that warning letter to Clement and I quote “Undertake an organizational restructuring by reducing the number of Deputies and/or other staff members and where required, giving consideration to amalgamating certain positions and/or making certain positions redundant”. So how hard can that actually be. But it also states to reduce other staff how can this man be real when all that has happened was because he hired all those unnecessary people because of what?

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