Irma now monster cat 5 storm

| 05/09/2017 | 38 Comments

(CNS): As Cayman continues to track the path of Irma as it heads towards the northeastern Leeward Islands, the National Hurricane Center in the US issued a special advisory this morning to warn that the storm is now an extremely dangerous category 5 hurricane with wind speeds up to 175mph. Some additional strengthening is still possible, but fluctuations in intensity are likely during the next couple of days, the NHC said.

Irma is expected to hit the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico Wednesday into early Thursday, and the storm’s probable path will take it to the Bahamas, and Cuba as a category 4 late this week.

Cayman News Service

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Praying for all the people who live in the Carribbean

  2. Anonymous says:

    Us ex residents of Cayman are monitoring and praying for you all from the UK. Unfortunately, other Caribbean islands have not been so lucky. I’ll be back on your beautiful island end of the month to see all my old friends. Hopefully, no hurricanes will be greeting me. Take care all you lovely people. X

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cayman WILL get a lot of weather from this; beware.

    This is no joke. Be prepared people!

  4. Anonymous says:

    My god is cruel and unjust god

    • Unison says:

      My G’d is wise and put many to the TEST, and exposes those who are not fit.

      Still … a Just G’d ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Our God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is full of mercy and Love but the first thing we do is throw our fist in the air a blame god. Ask yourself what have you done for God have you layed down your life for someone. Not to be so harsh on you but my prayer for you is I pray that Gods goodness will pass by you like he did with Moses. I pray you will truly experence the goodness and kindness of God in your life. Don’t blame God cry out to him for your Salvation is at hand.

  5. Anonymous says:

    She should come! The residents need a wake up call again…been playing with nature too long.

  6. Unison says:


    Category 4

    Eye off 20 miles from South Sound

    And look at the damage :/

    Now ….


    Category 5

    Eye is projected to hit land

    Now …

    Don’t tell me that no one on the Leeward islands, is going to get hurt!



  7. Bertie:B says:

    God be with all the people that are now in great danger , this is supposed to be the strongest hurricane to EVER hit the islands , my prayers are with all of you , Peace.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only homosexuals will die.
      And only christians will be saved.
      These comments are really annoying.

      • Fred the Piemaker says:

        Get off your high horse. This is serious. People’s livelihoods and even lives are at risk. I don’t give a crap if you a Christian or An atheist Have some compassion and sympathy for those in harms way – it’s not a subject for scoring points on. The comments are annoying? I will reserve that comment for when YOU are in centre of a Cat 5.

      • Unison says:

        Hey … at least have respect for the topic and the people of the Leeward Islands …

        You seem to be caught up on gay ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Burn fish

      • Michel Lemay says:

        You got issues. Your record is stuck on gay or wah. Boy the people we have living here now.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m a christian and I don’t like how we as believers get hit with these kinds of comments. My prayer is that everyone would experence the goodness of god in there lifes. To feel the intense love he has for everyone this is what will truly change the lifes of all man kind. Love unbelieveable Love.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Worried about my friends in Havana.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It just needs to go a little south and will hit Cayman. Don’t count your chickens till they have hatched. That is what everyone did with Ivan when it suddenly changed course and the eye was over us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not quite true. We knew Ivan would hit 3 to 4 days prior. We didn’t know the severity and damage it would cause. This track shows that it should pass well north of us so my prayers are for the northern Caribbean islands and of course Florida.

      • Unison says:

        Ivan’s eye came about 20 miles off South Sound side of the island …

        And Ivan was a CATEGORY 4 HURRICANE !

        Irma is a CATEGORY 5 and the eye is headed for land.

        So my prayers for these islanders. ?

      • Anonymous says:

        It was a crazy time, but I think all of the forecasts had it tracking north, towards Cuba and the Brac…if I remember correctly. I do not recall having 3 or 4 days notice of a path putting Grand Cayman with a bulls eye on its shores. I could be mistaken, but a think the jog in Ivan’s path was not predicted by the models.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are right sir. I was supposed to cross JMaica but it ‘bounced’ a bit South, (Friday night I believe) and we got it.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are no forces powerful enough to push this large rotational system southward. It will go where it wants to go, replacing its eyewall and interacting with land, but obeying the laws of gravity and physics. When the northerly gap allows, it will make its turn. We should be getting steady westerlies on the suction side by Saturday. This is going to be an excellent surf weekend on SMB. Wax ’em up if you got ’em!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Irma isn’t coming here. Watch out for the tropical wave behind her tho!

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