US suspect in gun case bailed on tag

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(CNS): David Meadors (54), an American citizen who was arrested by customs officers after ammunition was found in a shipping container with his personal belongings and a search of his Brac residence led to the discovery of two unlicensed guns, has been bailed on an electronic tag. He appeared in court yesterday facing charges relating to 250 rounds of ammunition, a 9mm Glock handgun and a Smith & Wesson BB gun. Meadors, who is from Florida, landed in Cayman as a tourist but is currently building a house on Cayman Brac.

Meadors was bailed after he offered his property up as a $100,000 surety, along with a $5,000 cash bond and three other sureties totaling $23,000. Described as a flight risk by the crown, he has been ordered to surrender his passport and remain on Grand Cayman at a local hotel under 24-hour curfew until his next appearance in court, while the investigation into the case continues.

The court heard Monday that the wealthy businessman claims he was unaware of the laws in Cayman regarding firearms and he had the weapons here because he travels frequently to the Bahamas on his boat. However, the court heard that the authorities had asked him twice if he had any firearms and he had said no twice, before customs and police found the weapons.

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