Second local inmate sent to UK jail

| 29/06/2017 | 116 Comments

Justin Ramoon

(CNS): Exactly one week after his brother and co-conspirator was transferred to a British prison, Justin Ramoon (26) has now become the second prisoner to be shipped to a UK jail from HMP Northward. CNS was informed by family members after they learned from other inmates that he had been taken from the prison under guard Thursday afternoon. Shortly after the British Airways flight departed this evening, officials confirmed that he had been moved.

Ramoon is serving 35 years for the murder of Jason Powery outside a bar in George Town in July 2015. He was convicted alongside his brother Osbourne Douglas, but according to prosecutors, Ramoon was the one who pulled the trigger.

Cayman News Service

BA flight that Justin Ramoon was on as he headed for the UK

CNS has been able to confirm that Douglas was sent to HMP Belmarsh, a category A facility in South London. While Ramoon has been transferred under the same colonial legislation from the 19th century as Douglas, officials have not yet confirmed if he is heading to the same prison. The authorities have, however, confirmed that he was moved on the same grounds that he posed a risk to national security and public safety.

A number of questions remain unanswered about the transportation of the two prisoners. Both men had appealed their murder conviction and it is not clear how that case will now proceed, whether they will be forced to consult with lawyers to prepare and appear for the hearings via video link or whether they will need to be returned to Cayman for that case.

Both men are also fathers and have close ties to their wider families that live in central George Town. It is not clear how the local authorities plan to assist the family members in keeping their connections to the brothers, who are now more than 3,500 miles away.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hear the human rights lawyers are already preparing complaints under ECHR Article 8, right to family life. Simple solution to that – move the family to the UK. LOL, they’ll love the weather there when Winter kicks in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The inmates at Belmarsh will look after them well. They’ll have them converted to islam and reciting the koran in no time at all, then Cayman’s will have it’s first islamic extremists on their return.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So much joy by this transfer. As a UK citizen I object to you shipping your criminals to my country. Perhaps we could rganise an exchange. Thought not!

    • anonymous says:

      That’s funny, you didn’t seem to have a problem shipping “criminals” to Australia a while back. Let’s face it, half the glorious building in the UK – and a good bit of its extensive wealth – were built with slave-trade money. Now it’s time to open them up to the use of some of that trade’s descendants. Seems entirely reasonable to me,particularly as I live here rather than there (weather so often deplorable!),and we need to cage some criminals elsewhere, so quit moaning and have another lukewarm pint!

    • Cheech n Chong says:

      Your Country??? UK owns many OVERSEAS TERRITORIES which makes those BRITISH OVERSEAS NATIONALS also BRITISH. This transfer of BOTC inmates to the Mother Country.

    • Anonymous says:

      No! No more exchanging! We have enough British criminals here now!!!! The scale is seriously off-balanced!

      And if you’re on CNS you have a Caymanian investment – it’s ok for you to reap the benefits, contribute to the socio-economic imbalance but not help solve the issues…yeah we need to start shipping out, yeah. British thugs back to Britain. That way we will have lots of jobs to give away to the young men and help keep them occupied positively and avoiding much of the behaviour that brought us to this point.

      Save us the expense and leave. No missing here.

  4. RIP Jason Powery says:

    RIP Jason! ?

  5. anonymous says:

    Three and a half thousand miles away from us for over thirty years? Sweet bliss! Finally feels, at long last, like some form of real justice has been dished out. My hope is that more of their type that are such a scourge on our society, and a deadly threat to all of us, will be sent to face a similar fate. So awful for them, and so wonderful for us. Please keep draining the prison of these killers.


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