Gunman has hostage after West Bay killing

| 28/01/2017 | 26 Comments
Cayman News Service

Scene at hostage situation in West Bay, Grand Cayman 28 Jan 2017

(CNS): Armed police are swarming the Watercourse Road and Boatswain Bay Road area in West Bay by Super C’s restaurant after a local man was shot and killed. At around 5pm, CNS received unofficial reports from the scene that the gunman was believed to be inside a nearby house with one female hostage. Police have said that there is currently an ongoing situation at Watercourse Road in the vicinity of Duxies Lane, and warned that this is a live and dangerous operation.

“The area is contained and cordoned off by police. The public and media are asked to stay away from the area until further notice. Those living in the area are asked to stay indoors,” police said.

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne, senior officers in plain clothes and in uniform, as well as armed officers are still at the scene, which has attracted dozens of onlookers.

According to the RCIPS, at about 3:20 this afternoon shots were fired in the vicinity of Super C’s restaurant on Watercourse Road. One man has been shot and transported to hospital. Unofficial sources indicate that the victim has died.
The RCIPS said that updates would be forthcoming.
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Comments (26)

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  1. Absentee Candidate says:

    Tara Tara she don’t even know where this place is in West bay if it ain’t the Shores or Cammana Bay

    • MM says:

      She was busy at the big festival with other “dignitaries” – no time for her voters when VIP entries are up for grabs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The place has nothing to do with what is going on so why call for it to shut down

    • Anonymous says:

      Right. Maybe police could make a presence there since this is obviously a hang out for these types. If you shut down this place they will just go to a new hang out spot.

  3. jimmy says:

    Cayman is too small for the police not able to get a hold of this situation far too long now
    ..especially at that location…..crazy

    • MM says:

      There was a hostage involved; you cannot just storm in and grab him when hostages are involved. That is why criminals take hostages…

  4. Lodge Pimp says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with political figures or the current Commissioner of Police.This has been the legacy left by others who have done absolutely nothing to stem the flow of drugs and Guns to this little island.They are even responsible for importing foreign criminal elements in or Police Service bringing very dangerous criminal Dynamics to our little island’s already criminal local diaspora.Who instead of being fired or terminated from their positions have now move on to even more crucial positions to continue the terrible hemorrhaging of law enforcement we now see. Yet they have some of our lodge minded high government and political figures believing they are doing such a good job. This is your mess Patna you and your little scare dem crew running around here talking bout we run tings.You ain’t nothing but a corrupt little lodge minion with blood on your hands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Think you will find that responsibility for illegal goods and contraband smuggling is customs, and border security as far as people is Immigration. But hey, blame the police for not gripping it when neither Customs or Immigration are effective.

    • MtZion says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    That place need shut down and remove the building…It is a breeding ground for gang shootings….

  6. Fed up says:

    Any comments Mc , Bernie and Capt Eugene? No? Didn’t figure you’d have one. Do us, and these people a favour – disappear from politics.

    • Anonymous says:

      What about Tara..did you forget her???

      • Anonymous says:

        She better be forgotten this next political round. She has been utterly useless.

        Honestly what does Captain Eugene do?! He gets elected in year after year. To collect a nice pay cheque.

      • Bobo says:

        Her too gotta goooooo!!! a true natural sell out. Mrs. was once for west bay is now only for her natural hair and pockets!

    • Plato says:

      You stupid fools, is this politicians problem? NO!!! It is a mother, father, brother, sister problem. You all show who your gunman and gunwoman family members are, and way too damn stupid to report them to police, now you want to put the blame on these people. Why don’t you start to blame yourself???

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course it is a politicians problem. Who oversaw the collapse of our education system? Who permitted drugs and guns into our community by being lax? Who did not ensure adequate intervention and training programs are in place? Who imported large numbers of people displacing Caymanians from opportunity in their own land?

    • Hurt says:

      Close this place down how many more lives hss to be lost before this hsppen, I say agsin shut this friggin place down.

      Born west bayer

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish some of unna would grow a pair, all unna do is sit and blame the this one and that one when, its your children, their friends and even you that are involved in the crime on the island. You see what is happening to our Island yet u sit and point fingers. I wish most of u would get a life and some proper education before you sit and blame others. Get up and help the Police and give them a chance to turn Cayman back to the Island it once was.

      I am a born Caymanian who was tired of the stupid wannabe thugs forcing me to leave my roots. Because I was a coward like all of unna on this site. Just grow a pair and Say enough is enough.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the UDP and PPM’s Cayman. Paradise lost.

  9. Allar says:

    PLEASE I BEG THE LAW TO SHUT DON’T THIS ESTABLISHMENT PLEASE PLEASE. This place is a breading ground for crime and some poor innocent person is going to get killed.

    • Anonymous says:

      What kind of bread so they have there, I didnt know it was a bakery as well. I’ll have to go and check out the new addition to the menu.

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