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| 30/06/2017 | 23 Comments

(CNS): With crime high on everyone’s radar at the moment, what turned out to be a fake report of a possible scam foreshadowing a home invasion unnerved many people yesterday. The false “suspicious activity” report about a supposed incident in Newlands circulated widely on social media Thursday. The posts claimed that a woman had knocked on the door of a house in the early morning hours and tried to gain access by claiming she was fleeing a violent boyfriend, but when the resident went to call 911, the woman fled and sped off in a waiting car.

There were no details of where in Newlands this occurred, at what time or what date, but the post raised concerns for many people because it implied this was a trick for robbers to gain access to the house.

Police said Thursday (28 June) that no such reports had been made to any officers recently. The RCIPS conducted a search of calls and reports over the last week and found nothing that corresponded to the circumstances described.

“We would like to reassure the public that by all indications this appears to be a hoax, ” a spokesperson for the RCIPS stated, but asked if anyone could substantiate it to call the police right away. “It is regrettable that irresponsible posts on social media, as this appears to be, can circulate so quickly and cause such alarm. It is always our objective to substantiate or disprove such claims as soon as possible, and advise the public in a timely manner.”

The police also advised the public to remain aware of their surroundings and take sensible precautions for their safety and to report all suspicious activity to the 911 Communications Centre or directly to the RCIPS at the George Town Police Station on 949-4222.

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  1. Hunter says:

    Fake news has finally arrived at our shores. What is sad is that the person doing this are intelligent people. Sad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brexit. Trump. Now this. Fake news has a lot to answer for.

  3. Cyril says:

    We are so quick to repost, forward, cut and paste bad news that we don’t stop to think.

    I am stunned so many people still believed it was true when the police said it wasn’t.

    Oh if you repost this comment Apple Microsoft and Google will give you $4million.

    • Educated Fools says:

      Who do you belive…the teacher or your own observation.

      Then, at what point do you become qualified to trust your own…???

      Believe whatever you choose but dont allow it shape others who you dont control by spreading the mess.

  4. Runner says:

    If it was a make-up story or not, I am thankful. These things can happen and caring people will open their doors not knowing if the person who appears to be in distress, is a real case or a robber. Therefore, readers, just be careful. Situations like these really do exist. Just, do not open your doors, but call for help.

  5. Sharkey says:

    How do we expect the Police to come when we really do need them , doing this kind of disgusting s++t. Stop it you notsosmart one, because you’re going to mess it up for us smart people.

    If you want to do more fake news , get a fresh cow head and take it down to the 12 mile bank and jump in with it, then put that on face book.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Ask Trump.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Please ppl. Don’t be fool by everything you read. God gave us common sense so please use it wisely. This did happen but not as it was reported.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to discern what the crime is here if nothing was actually stolen. If 9-1-1, in their subjective opinion as intake dispatchers, don’t understand or recognize an applicable offense, there may not be additional time and resources wasted opening a file with the RCIPS. 9-1-1 should have a record of the call, if it happened. RCIPS on the other hand, might not have any record – and why should they? Maybe this was just a paranoid “deduction of motive”, rather than necessarily a false report?

  10. Co. Nundrum says:

    How are we to know that this news story is itself not fake news?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Just because it wasn’t reported to police doesn’t mean it didn’t happen but either way, it’s still good advice to not open your doors for strangers. Regardless of time of day, and even if it’s a woman reporting distress, you can always call 911 to help someone without opening the door.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I believe this story has its origins in an actual event. I am unsure of the reason. One possible scenario is that an abuser chased his wife/girlfriend who escaped by being let in to someone’s home. He then puts out this story to discourage her from trying this again or to make it harder for her to get help next time.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Just because it wasn’t reported to the police means it didn’t happen. Police is struggling to deal with actual crimes, never mind trying to report a potential crime.

    Either way, it is good that people have been reminded to not let ANYONE they don’t know if their house. Criminals in Cayman have become very sophisticated

  14. Anonymous says:

    People are so gullible.

  15. Edgar A. Poe says:

    Hmm. There is more than enough crime being committed without making things up.


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